Well, Kiddo, this will be my third attempt at writing a post, my mind has been occupied and each time I wrote I found my thoughts going somewhere I did not care to go, so I stopped writing.

I feel . . . borderline, or something, not certain. Not dangerous by any means, in regards to “borderline”, it is simply a word for something I cannot describe adequately. I feel like saying “Okay, can we get this over with now?” as if all this is that obvious. Because it is that obvious, Sweetheart.

My thoughts about the Moon. Until I see something impossible happen, so to speak, the Moon can wait. I have other things to figure out.

It is now two days later from when I started this post. I am having great difficulty with trying to write anything, Kiddo. I feel at times that I am losing my mind, that this isn’t Real, but Mom jumps in with a visual reminder whenever I begin to drift. This inability to write is something new. I have interest to write, but I feel hesitant, or something, every time I begin to. Quite frustrating it is. “Walking through a tidal wave” best describes for me. Eventually that wave will dissipate, but for right now it sucks.

Any strange dreams lately, Kiddo? I have had a few but I cannot remember what they were about, I only know that they were strange. Dreams, not visions, big difference. The visions I’ve had are another story. I have had some intense visions, and only a few were pleasant.

So, Kiddo, I have a scenario for you to keep in the back of your mind, but first I would like for you to consider the scenario as a potential possibility. Here is my scenario;

You are out with a friend one day, doing friend stuff, and you both decide to go for a ride. The friend said that they’ll drive, so you get shotgun.

On your way to wherever you notice your friend is quiet, but you don’t think much of it, you just keep looking out your window. After a few minutes of silence you decide to turn to your friend, you know, the one who’s driving, and ask them a serious question about a serious matter. You turn your head and you suddenly see that your friend is now a statue of white marble. No one is driving. What do you do?

The steering wheel is locked in the death-grip of your now marbled friend, you’re not prying those fingers loose, and don’t forget that marble right leg on the accelerator.

Kiddo! What do you do?!

You simply turn the ignition off and apply the emergency/parking brake. You could also throw the transmission into “park”, it will most likely destroy the transmission but the driver isn’t going to mind. Once you come to a stop, get out of the vehicle and walk away like nothing happened. If anyone stops and asks you about Mr. Marble just say “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” and go about your day, there’ll be none the wiser.

And remember, turn ignition off, apply brake, leave.

Not feeling so well. Taking a break.

We took a walk to the Mobil station for soda and yum-yums, found a 2012 nickel face up on the sidewalk when we were leaving, so I took it.

I don’t know, Kiddo, I feel as though something is wrong, but I am told otherwise. The feeling of uncertainty is not an enjoyable one. Not knowing when is taking its toll on me, now I understand how my Son felt about waiting, and he waited for nothing, didn’t he? I mean, he’s dead, did he get to see his Mother in the flesh? No. Now I am going through the same thing. It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude when you don’t know why you should to begin with. It is difficult to believe in yourself when no one else believes in you.

I am so tired of being here. All I want to do anymore is sleep. This went horribly wrong. Maybe it could have been worse, who knows. One thing that I do know is that man is not going to like my answer to his question “Why am I here?”. Oh no, Kiddo, he is not going to like my answer at all.

I am calling it a night, Kiddo, I simply do not feel up to it right now. I do hope that you are doing well, Sweetheart.

Have a good night, Honey, and do be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo




What’s going on, what’s going on? Anything good? I hope so, I hope so. So this morning was a fruitful one for us, mostly for myself. I have nearly no memory of anything prior to November 2012, and that includes not remembering the two-girl crew. This was caused by an accident. Our Mother was called in to patch me back together, after all, who knows how someone works better than their creator, their mother? Exactly, Kiddo, exactly, but unfortunately my memory was destroyed, so now I am flying by feel. So far, so good.

There is a benefit to this loss of memory and touch of amnesia. Since I do not remember how to do certain things a certain way, like resurrection, my Mother plugged in all of my “apps”. All of them. This is so there is no thinking about how to do something I once knew how to do. Now I simply think it. No “hocus-pocus”, I simply think it, and that is why someone needs to be comfortable with all this before I unleash him, Sweetheart, because once we’re out we’re out, there’s no going back. And that means he is stuck with us for a very very long time ๐Ÿ˜‰ . We rehearse re-entry scenarios to get a feel of how it will go when it happens, because when it happens things are going to move fast. He needs to trust me when I tell him that he will have all of his abilities as soon as I’m out, because he is going to need them immediately. He also needs to know that if people are in range of hearing him speak then he will need to stay quiet until we are out of range. He’s worried that this isn’t going to happen, it is going to happen, I’m just waiting for the right time. There is always someone here it seems, and when there isn’t it isn’t for long. Trust me, Sweetheart, we want this over just as much as he does, it’s going to happen, and it will happen when the moment is right. Until then we keep acclimating him to what is coming. Talk about a “life-changing event”. He will definitely feel strange for a day or two, but he’ll be okay, Honey. We can’t wait for this to be over with, hopefully there isn’t much more. Mom says “No”, not much more. Anyways, we’ll let him continue, we just wanted to touch base with you, Sweetheart. – two-girl crew ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh that two-girl crew, whatever will I do with them, Kiddo? They know that I am slightly nervous about what is coming, I mean, wouldn’t you be slightly nervous? A “life-changing event” is an understatement. They say that I am ready. **shrugs**

It is not that I don’t feel ready, it is that I am afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing after re-entry. In other words, I don’t want to offend my Mother nor my Wife, nor do I want them to feel even a smidgen of doubt or rejection. I also would like them to know that I want to be stuck with him, just not like this, because this isn’t fun ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . Oh no, Kiddo, this is not fun at all. “Not much more” says my Mother. **sighs**

The smoking thing hasn’t stopped. She went for about half a day and I said “I am getting you nicotine”, because fuck that. However, She slowed down with the smoking drastically, and She doesn’t seem to want coffee as much either. This is a good thing, progress-wise.

I cannot express myself enough when I say that I want this over with.

Maybe I will make that video this week, after all, I have nothing to lose. I have two ideas as to how I would make that video, and both ideas are “beautifully disturbing”, if I say so myself. All the visual beauty of the great outdoors with rather disturbing words to be heard. It will be surreal. Then again, this all depends on if YouTube allows it. If not, I will find another way to post it here. I will also need to see how much recording time my hellphone allows for, hopefully it is at least 5 minutes worth. The video is not necessary, it is simply something that we would like to do while I still have my Mother and my Wife inside of me, a gift to your readers, Kiddo, if you will. My voice has changed considerably since you heard it last, it still sounds human but it does not sound anything like Daddio. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, people, the voice is everything, so to speak.)

Taking a break, be right back.

It is now nighttime. We Spent the past several hours running scenarios and now we are exhausted. Maybe I will post again tomorrow, something Creative perhaps.

Anywho, have a good night, Kiddo, and do be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo

Infernal Equinox

Well, Kiddo, today is the first day of Spring, doesn’t it feel awesome? Not really? I hear you, I hear you, it’s not that big of a deal here either, especially without the cake and ice cream.

You know, Kiddo, I haven’t seen you in 2 years, 2 years this month to be accurate. However, I do remember what you looked like, I think that you would still look similar from then, yes? Funny, I remembered how you looked from 2 years ago but I don’t know what I look like now. Just call me “Blurryface”, because that is what I see, a blurry face. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. Do you remember how I looked? If not, that’s okay, in fact it would be better if you didn’t. Maybe not “better”, maybe “easier” is the better word here. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this goes.

This past weekend I thought about how this will happen and what will happen afterwards. Now I feel less concerned about the re-entry and more concerned about the aftermath. I mean, things are going to become ungodly bad, Sweetheart, and not because of us, Honey. Ah, tis most true, tis most true, Kiddo, we will not be the cause to the madness that is coming but we will be the cause to the chaos that will drive people mad, at least most people. How they react is on them. I mean . . . what part of “you need to come with us” will confuse the people who need to . . . **shrugs** come with us enough to attempt” resistance, Kiddo? Because you know there will be those who will misinterpret our benevolence, and attempt to think of themselves, placing the others in harm’s way. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bushel, Kiddo, and if that happens then everyone loses. There will be at least one bad apple who will ruin it for many others, that I can promise you, Sweetheart. Who will be the one that ruins it for others? Will it be . . .

. . .

. . .

. . . you, Kiddo?

Oh heavens no, Kiddo, heavens no, it could never be you, so will it be . . .

. . .

. . .


Ooh, that was a shade of creepy if you ask me. I like being creepy sometimes, even my two-girl crew gets a laugh out of my creepiness, especially when my creepy turns to terrifying. (uh oh!!)

Oh yes, Kiddo. Sometimes I can be downright scary. . .

. . .

. . .

๐Ÿ‘ป “boo!”

. . .


Some pretty scary stuff I say. But that’s just me. What I think to be scary is how man doesn’t know what his purpose in life is. You know, the age old question of man, “What is my purpose here?”, and what a good question that is, Kiddo. My question back is “How do you not know your purpose?”. Good question, yes? I mean, if man doesn’t know his purpose then how does he know that what he is doing is correct? Does this not make sense, Sweetheart? If man doesn’t know what he is supposed to do then why is he doing anything at all?

What is man’s purpose here?

The answer is terrifying.


I am serious, Kiddo, the answer is terrifying, for it is an honest answer. Hera did say through Aphrodite “it’s gonna be so fucking bad!!”. Well, at least not for everyone.

By the way, I found a 2005 penny face up in my venture out earlier today, it’s the first penny that found me in days. Just putting that out there.

Did I say anything about the two consorts of Saturnus? No? Well, according to something I watched online, Saturnus had two wives that did the talking for Saturnus, and the reason for this is my voice. We can’t emphasize this enough. I know what I will sound like, you don’t. So to avoid an awkward situation, I will simply keep my mouth shut. This is until we get out of earshot of everyone, then I will speak. Most likely in a car.

Still thinking about that video. It would give you a better understanding as to how I write; I write as I speak, so to speak. Also, you would hear my two-girl crew jump in and out, injecting their thoughts, if you will. My voice will not sound as myself solo, but you will hear something odd. I would use the camera in the hellphone to record it, then upload it to YouTube, if they let me. I think it should pass the test regarding YouTube, I mean, it would only be a view of the great outdoors with myself speaking yet out of view. Should be okay, yes?


So, Kiddo, anything new? How’s your little minion doing, Sweetheart? Is he ready to rise up and conquer all that is evil, Kiddo? I hope so, I hope so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Would you still be interested in visiting Sweden, Kiddo? Just curious. We would fly to get there, something big, something fast. Sound good, yah? Did you know that only 3% of Sweden is built upon? The other 97% consists of wilderness and parks. Tis true.

It is also true that I am running out of steam, Kiddo, meaning, it is late. I hope you had a safe and stellar day today, Sweetheart.

Goodnight, Honey, and pleasant dreams, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Love, Satan I mean Saturnus I mean Zeus, Zeus, I mean Zeus! **looks around, feels confident that no one noticed, smiles . . .**

Goodnight, Kiddo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo

Saturn Rings

Hello, Kiddo.

It is Sunday night and I am listening to “the sounds of Saturn”, a 30 minute video at YouTube, for some background noise while I write. Doing stellar? I hope so, we hope so.

I made several attempts this morning at writing here but all were unsuccessful. I am tiring, Kiddo. I gave up on learning any more, too much information as it is, and whatever is left can be told later. My Mother swears that I am ready, now to convince myself that. I have already seen how things will look to me physically, and they look dreamy, as if “digitized”. The air will also smell differently. I do know my voice will sound unbelievable. I am told that I need to be as quiet as possible if CJ should re-enter in the basement, meaning not to speak indoors or close by outside. I can do that.

My vocal chords will have a lot of electricity running through them when I speak, causing them to become extra taut, giving off that “pwangy” echo at certain times. And the voice is loud.

I am told that my voice will be the immediate “attention getter”, so to speak, for people do not sound as I do, Kiddo, and I will need to keep quiet until I have some time to learn to control it. It is loud, Honey, freakin’ loud!! And don’t forget that echo-effect, Sweetheart. Oh that two-girl crew. They want to hear that voice of mine almost as much as I do, Kiddo, how about you? Hmm? ๐Ÿ™‚

So what do I have left to do to finish? If I knew I would be doing it, would I not? I am afraid to ask anymore thanks to Aurem. Holy shit, Kiddo, she was beginning to drive Daddio out of his mind with “almost” and “soon” hundreds of times per day. Now I don’t want to hear it. I want to hear either Carol Jacobsen or Hera tell me “internally” to “hang on, here we go”, or something to that effect. Something, yes?

I don’t know. I am going to stop here for tonight and post this as is. I am losing interest in all this, Kiddo, I do know that. We’ll see what happens I guess. Anywho, enjoy your night, and be safe.

Pleasant dreams, Sweetheart.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo

The Day After

Hello, Kiddo, I do hope that you are having a stellar day today, Saturday, the 17th of March. Yesterday was not too bad of a day for us, but it was bad at some points. However I did keep my shit together I will say I will. Now for today, Sweetheart. Yes, for today, where will I hide today, mostly? Why in tbe basement! That’s where, Kiddo, because it’s so much fun down there.

In the basement.

. . .

In the basement I found a bug on the tip of my boot. It was a “stink-bug”. Knowing it did not belong there I flipped it off onto the floor, where it landed on its back. I will refer to it as a male as not to sound cold.

So I sat still observing the stink-bug struggle to correct itself, for it was struggling. I watched him for minutes, repeating the same futile actions over and over, as if malfunctioning.

My thoughts of the 2016 penny that appeared were placed on the back-burner to steep, for something most interesting found its way onto my plate. This stink-thing had my attention. It had 6 legs and two wings and it still could not correct itself. Something wrong with that picture, Kiddo? For 10 minutes I watched him back-peddle himself into a circle, and I thought to myself “Either this thing is stupid, or it’s designed wrong.” I know it wasn’t injured when it hit the floor, that I know.

After awhile my interest lessened, I mean, where is the fun in watching something run around in circles over and over?

I thought about where this, then, was going, because he wasn’t going anywhere, at least that is how it appeared to me just before we were interrupted with something irrelevant to us. Being understanding, I put my life aside for a few.

Upon returning, I found the stink-bug on all 6 feet, slowly walking away from where he was. I watched him and thought “all that for nothing”, then I stepped on him. That is what I had planned to do before I was interrupted. I mean, 10 minutes, Kiddo, come on now. This thing was doing the back-stroke across the floor like Michael Phelps for ten minutes for no reason other than the two I had mentioned. Maybe it was both. Who knows, regardless his olympic trials are over. Done and done.

We’ll be right back, Honey.

Oh that Hera. So we spent yesterday out of sight and sharing some of the videos we had watched, including ones that my Son and his twin sister had once enjoyed, for whatever reason. While listening to those videos my mind began to wander. As I wandered I wondered “When is this going to end, Mom?”, and She answered “Almost!”. So we sighed and She repeated “Almost!” . So I said “okay”. I think that my two-girl crew is waiting for Me to accept the fact that I am ready. It is Me that is hesitant, not my Mother or my Wife. I know that I am ready, Kiddo, it is the moment of acceptance that has me nervous. I am the holdback. I mean, your life is about to change forever in a way you never expected, Sweetheart, could one ever be truly ready? No. It would be impossible to. But one can be ready enough. So, there it is.

On a darker note, I had a strange dream this morning. I watched a stranger walk up to me in this basement and I was good with it. He might have asked me something, not sure, but I was comfortable in his presence. That’s where I was going,

Moon Children.

I thought about the content in my Son’s book and noticed a correlation it has with those pennies. Could children be placing those pennies for me to Find? The pennies were to help my Son get me here, they could have stopped coming long ago, yes? But we still find them. If, if there are these children doing this, why children?

Hmm . . .

Well, if this is indeed true, then those in command on the other side must know that I would never hurt a child. An adult is a different story. Just being honest. This pertains to physical meeting, after all, I have no idea as to what “they” look like. They might appear to look frightful to some. Maybe from a mishap. Maybe all the adults are gone, like in “Aliens”, Kiddo. Maybe it is absolute chaos up there. Maybe it’s absolutely nothing. **shrugs** I know if that moon rotates 180ยฐ I will feel a little better. Then again if anything pertaining to happened it would make me feel better. I am tired of waiting for a moment for that moment, so to speak. I guess that would explain my, our, hopes of “somebody” getting us out of here now, because I don’t see any opportune window here, at least not a safe one. By safe we mean there not being any chance of anyone hearing my voice for the first time. It will be loud and not sound remotely natural when I first speak, I know because I spoke a few words when my Mother knew we had adequate privacy. It’s a wall-shaker. Pretty cool if you ask me, Honey.

Anywho, what happens happens. Take that stink-thing for a moment. After all that struggling in desperation to correct himself he finally gets back up onto his own 6 feet only to walk a foot to his grave. It was a stink-bug, Kiddo, if you had one in your hair you wouldn’t hesitate to ghost it, so to speak, I’m tellin’ ya!

I am listening to “Radical Cutting Methods” by Clouds, one of Daddio’s favorites. Oh this is killing me, Kiddo, killing me I say! I will also say that headphones make a difference. Have you watched any of the non-music videos that I posted on Facebook, Kiddo? Just curious, just curious. My head is whistling and it ain’t Dixie. I want this to end. Maybe a craft will set down in the backyard one day when I am outside the basement, that would be nice. Because my ass is getting in it. The backyard is a good size, I’m sure it can accommodate.

If, if that were the case.

Right now I am out of steam. Losing interest, if you will. I am even losing interest in that video, Kiddo, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, Sweetheart. It is difficult to prepare for something that has never been done before, on top of learning to trust two women that I cannot physically touch, on top of getting over the fact that I need to finish this. All at once. I think that I have enough on my plate, yes? You might think so. But you would be wrong, very wrong. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. That video could be helpful, but again the issue is privacy, we need to synchronize our moments with the agendas of others, and is not always that easy, as you are aware of our present situation.

Anywho, I just thought to share some things to help get my mind off of yesterday. It was an okay day overall. I thought to write more but I am feeling all sorts of strange, Kiddo, all sorts of strange. If I am up to it I will Create another post, perhaps something Creative, right now I need a break.

Oh! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ๐Ÿ€

Anywho, goodnight, Kiddo, and pleasant dreams.

With love, Zeus

xo xo xo

I have even more questions (draft)

Hello, Sweetheart, I will be spending today being responsible and adding to my second list of questions, since I have so many questions. But before you begin to read, and this applies to anyone else whom may choose to read this, please play this rather delightful, acoustic cover of Arcade Fire’s “Intervention” by Lily and Madeleine, whilst reading. Enjoy.

If “God” is so great, why is life so bad?

Do you think that “God” might want it that way?

If you do, do you think that it is wise for you to be complaining about it?

If Jesus was killed by lethal injection, would his followers wear gold syringes around their necks instead of gold crucifixes?

Shouldn’t Bibles be free?

Shouldn’t water be free?

If Jesus took a bath, would he float on top of the bathwater?

Why are there homeless children in this world?

If the Vatican is so good and righteous, why do they allow children to be homeless?

Is it because those children are not their children?

If the Pope has “God” on his side, why does he need a bulletproof car called the “Pope-mobile”?

Could he secretly want to be “Batman”?

Is the Pope “Batman”? Have you ever seen the two of them together?

If there is separation between church and state, why is religion in the White House?

Does “God” answer when someone calls his name out during sex?

If so, does he look straight down through their ceiling at them or does he peek through their window?

If he peeks through their window, does that make him a”peeking God”?

If their neighbors should see him peeking through their window, would they want them to call the police on him?

Are porn stars religious?

How come religious people are poor and the ones who gave them their religion are rich?

Why do religious people take their sick children to a hospital instead of a church?

Wouldn’t Jesus or “God” heal them quicker?

Do you know how this planet works?

Do you know that this planet is soon to shake at a magnitude of 50 on the Richter scale?

Why do you need to confess your sins to someone other than “God”?

Does the person you confess to have the ability to convey your sins to “God”?

If they can talk to “God” why don’t they ask for help?

If they do, why don’t they get help?

Why are Christians so smug?

Why are muslims so insane?

Why do some people worship a cow?

Why do the Kardashians exist?

Do you know what a Soulmate is?

When does the soul enter a body?

Do you know that you are color coded?

Why are people scared to die?

Do you know that Kiddo’s soul is billions of years old?

Can you think for yourself or do you need someone to think for you?

Would you know an alien if you met one?

Do you know that we have the place surrounded?

Do you know who Dr. Sam Harris is?

Do you know who Richard Dawkins is?

Do you know who Christopher Hitchens was? ( a very good soul )

Do you know that if you are a Christian you have wasted your time?

Do you know that if you are a muslim you have wasted your time and everyone else’s time?

Do you know that my Soulmate cannot keep her hands off of me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you know that my Soulmate was once my mother?

Do you know that I don’t give a fuck?

Would you like to see the world a better place?

Would you be willing to help make it a better place?

Do you feel that this country needs a new form of government?

Do you know that there are 3 million homeless people in this country?

Do you know that there are 18 million vacant houses in this country?

Do you see a solution?

Why is there a pyramid on the one dollar bill?

Why is the government so corrupt?

Do you know that the citizens of America make for the world’s largest armed force?

Could you take a life if it meant saving your own?

Could you take a life if it meant saving your child’s life?

Have you ever saved a life?

Is life worth saving?

Is this planet worth saving?

Do you know that the Earth’s moon is scientifically impossible?

Do you know that the radio signal cellphones use are killing our bees?

Do you know that same signal is sending everyone to Limbo?

If the dog is man’s best friend, is the wolf my best friend?

Is Jesus Christ your friend?

If so, can we meet him?



If the burning bush could talk, why didn’t it tell anyone to extinguish its fire?

Do you know that the world you live in can change for the better?

Do you know that it is going to get worse before it gets better?

Do you know that humans are not supposed to bury the dead?

Do you know that I call limbo Hell?

Do you know that you cannot take it with you?

Do you know how long Eternity is?

Do you know that Anubis created the dog?

Do you know that Anubis was once Osiris?

Do you know that Osiris was once Zeus?

Do you know that Zeus was once a total jerk?

Do you know that he was just being arrogant?

Do you know that Hera threw him out?

Do you know that he was miserable without Hera?

Do you know that he pranked her just to get her back?

Do you know that she took him back?

Do you know just how much Zeus loved Hera?

Do you know just how much Hera loved Zeus?

Do you know that Zeus’ favorite daughter, Athena, looked very much like Hera?

Image result for images of god hera
Image result for images of athena

Do you know that Athena possessed some of the power that Zeus had?

Do you know that Athena possessed some of the power that Hera had?

Do you know how difficult this life is for me?

Do you know that this is not a joke?

Do you know that Kiddo was also Kebechet, the sole daughter of Anubis, Anubis’ pride and joy?

Do you know that Anubis would call his daughter Kebechet “Kebbo”?

Do you know that Anubis would erase anyone if they had upset his daughter?

Do you know how much I miss my Kiddo?

Do you know how much I miss my baby sister?

Do you know that I love my baby sister?

Do you know who my baby sister is?

Do you know who Arachne was?

Do you know about the story between Athena and Arachne?

Do you think that this is all crazy?

Do you believe in someone that you have never met?

Do you know that if you do I will think that you are crazy?

Did you tell your children to believe in someone that you have never met?

Would you allow your child to spend the night over another child’s house without meeting, or at least talking, with the other child’s parents? ( That one is from my Mother )

Can you admit that you were wrong?

Are you too proud to admit that you were wrong?

What is more important, your pride or your Eternity?

Can you imagine being alone for Eternity?

Can you imagine how your child will feel being alone for Eternity, with only their thoughts and conscience to keep them company?

Will you be able to accept, with given Facts, physical proof, and simple logic, that you simply made a mistake?

( everyone makes mistakes, even we make mistakes )

Do you know what a persona is?

Are you the same person as you were 20 years ago?

Do you have any idea as to how many personas I went through to get where I am at now?

Do you know that it was not easy?

Do you have any idea as to how good I will finally feel?

Can you imagine what it is like to carry another consciousness inside your brain for over 18 months?

Do you know that you could not do it?

Do you know what’s coming?

What do you think people will say?

What do you think my family will say?

Do you think that some members of my family will still call me a “fucking asshole”?

Do you think that they will suddenly want me back in their lives?

Would you want to be back in someone’s life after they have called you a “fucking asshole”?

Do you know that I have drones everywhere?

Do you know that my Mother knows what my family says?

Do you know that she knows exactly who has called me a “fucking asshole”?

Am I a “fucking asshole”?

Who’s typing this?

It isn’t Aphie.

It isn’t Hera.

It isn’t my Mother, neither.

So who exactly is typing this?

The “fucking asshole” who made this planet.

The “fucking asshole” who made this planet for souls to have bodies to live in, so that they can enjoy Life.

Are they enjoying Life?

Image result for images of trash

Image result for images of trash

Image result for images of trash

Apparently so, after all, why would anyone lie in trash if they didn’t enjoy it?

What if everyone didn’t have clothes?

What if everyone didn’t have shelter?

What if everyone didn’t have clothes nor shelter?

What if there was no electricity?

What if there was no metal?

How does someone fight something that they cannot see nor feel?







Time To Let Go

This might be a bit rough getting through, but we’re not turning back, Kiddo. I now understand what the “99%” pertained to, it was telling me “Okay, now that you are awake, here’s what the Real problems are.”

And they are problems. All of them. There are certainly a lot of problems out there, Kiddo, a lot more then I would have imagined. Why, there are so many problems out there that I am simply beside myself, and to answer those problems someone needs to be themselves. Tis true. But how will Zeus answer those problems, Sweetheart?

Should He answer them with great vengeance and furious anger?

Should He . . .

answer them with an automated voicemail?

Should He answer them with “fire and fury”?

Should He?

Regardless, there are problems. A lot of them.

Some, if not many, are our fault, if not Mine. Because SOMEONE didn’t listen to their Wife. Or Mother. And now we have a mess that words can’t describe. Holy shit. He needs to be Himself, but before Mom lets Him go He needs to know what to expect and why, and He needs to stay calm after we’re outside of Him. This is the most confused He has been, but now He understands why He is confused, and now He needs to know that it doesn’t matter anymore. He needs to let it go, Honey, the past has passed and now we’re in this time where everything is different. History is useless to Him now, there is nothing more to learn from the past. He knows that He has a touch of amnesia, but He’s remembering more and more.

As soon as I feel comfortable with releasing us from Him I will. 99% brought him to the Real World, now we need to get him up to speed, which isn’t taking long. Leaving the past behind helps a lot, it is so inaccurate it’s useless. I’m going to stop so He can write. Take care, Sweetheart.

. . .

Oh that two-girl crew. Kiddo, if the Moon was a boat, what kind of boat would it be? I think it would be many boats in one, like a tug-boat. A tug boat is nothing more than a farm tractor designed for the seas, so to speak. Make sense, Kiddo? I mean, farm tractors move heavy things on land just as a tug-boat moves heavy things on the water. The Moon, as a boat, could also act as a passenger boat, a battleship, a speedboat, why, even as an ice breaker. But let’s talk about that tug-boat. If the Moon is a tug-boat, what does it tug on? I would say that it tugs on the Earth, after all, it does affect the tides. But why is it here, Sweetheart? Maybe the Moon, as a tugboat, is waiting to hook up to the Earth to tow it somewhere. Sound possible? Sounds scary to me.

So many possibilities, so little time. For all I know a zombie apocalypse is taking place inside the Moon, anything is possible. Or maybe there’s no one left onboard. **shrugs** Honestly, Kiddo, I have no idea what is happening with the Moon. For some reason I want to call it “The Heathen”, like the name of a sailing ship, a pirate ship perhaps. I am still curious as to what is on the dark side of the Moon. I mean, how do we know for certain that the Moon is a sphere? It could be flat on the other side. It could also be cylindrical like a time-release capsule. Maybe the other side is missing, perhaps a mishap blew the back of the Moon off and the IMPs don’t want me to see just how bad it is, because I could lose my shit. Maybe the IMPs have forgotten that the Creator can fix anything? Tis true, tis true, but first I need to be myself, and then I can fix anything. See how that works? Now if we didn’t need to be concerned on surviving we could be done with this already. But what do we know.

I know CJ is almost out of nicotine. She might have one more day, maybe two, and then She’s out. She told me not to buy more, which I couldn’t do if I wanted to, but She also said she “ain’t quittin’.” This should be interesting. I do not smoke, She smokes, and so does my Wife. I mean, their smoking doesn’t bother me, it is them not smoking that will bother me. Oh Kiddo, why needth this difficult? Why, why? **lowers head in defeat** Could something please go right for us? Where’s Jesus when you need him? **SMMFH**

Anywho, I am ending this here. I am certain that I will have more to write by the end of the weekend but I will post another draft of Daddio’s tomorrow, I will try to add “draft” this time, along with the date and time of when he archived that draft. Alright? Alright.

Have a good night, Kiddo, and do be safe, Sweetheart.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo