Hey, Sweethearts, yesterday he began thinking that the 3 day rule for not hydrating was nonsense, so he did some investigating and found this;

He is in a strong body. He hasn’t had any hydration in about 92 hours, but he’s starting to feel the effects. How do I explain this.

Okay. When Charlie was in Ellis hospital November 1st 2012 he had a near death experience. He said that he saw himself sitting on the edge of a hospital bed in the ER choking, and he saw Arie in the background watching.

When a person has a near death experience they are only near death, they haven’t died. When the body is close to dying the soul is able to exit the body, this is automatic. My husband is not trying to kill himself, he’s trying to kill us.

He needs to come close to dying so I can pull Victori out without any complications. Victori now has Aphrodite’s soul, she isn’t Aphie, but she has her soul. When he is close to dying I can pull her soul out. Him being weak with a low water level will allow me to do this without much effort. It’s not me who’s stuck, it is Victori, but she can come out. If souls weren’t stuck inside a body they would float out unknowingly. When I pull her out I will be in the same soul but materialize as Carol Jacobsen in her late twenties when she died. That is what this is all about, Kiddo, him getting so weak that we can exit him, when we exit him he’ll become


GOD hasn’t been here for a long time. We got past him thinking he was Charlie, past Michael Antonucci, past Zeus, past Chronos, and past VON, he is now at GOD. He hasn’t gone by that name in a long time, Kiddo. This has been so difficult, how do you tell someone with no memory and no abilities that they are GOD? Taking a break.

. . .

. . .

. . .

How loud does GOD speak.

GOD can speak with his mouth, or he can speak with his hands. When he speaks with his mouth it’s pretty loud. When he speaks with his hands it’s thunderous. He can transfer his thoughts into his hands, when he does this he’s putting his thoughts into motion by moving his hands. His voice can level skyscrapers. Sound is the most powerful force in the universe. There is more to GOD than what the Bible tells of.

He’s not feeling good so we’ll stop here, we’ll write to you when we can, Kiddo.

Enjoy your evening, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo



Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we’re still at the sister’s house but it’s much different now, it’s not better, but we’re not staying either.

We’ve been staying in the basement except for when he gets tired, then we go up to the spare room to sleep for a few hours. He hasn’t eaten any food with the exception of some pretzels yesterday, and he hasn’t drank anything in 40 hours.

Yesterday I knew the sister was going to leave our benefits card for us on the kitchen table, and last night it was there so we took it. Surprisingly there was money on it. He was ready to walk 9 miles to the bank to take what was on it out and walk back since we couldn’t get a ride. I told him to try the ATM at the Mobil first, maybe that ATM accepts EBT cards now, and guess what. So he took out as much as he could before the ATM broke. When we got back he could barely stand, he’s so weak right now. He wants to go to the CVS in Red Hook to buy a Visa gift card to renew this website but he’s too weak to walk 6 miles. We have four weeks to renew, we’re telling him to wait, he hasn’t drank anything since Wednesday night, and those few pretzels don’t qualify as food. He thinks maybe tomorrow we’ll walk to CVS, but I don’t see how, his body is that weak. He said once we get there we could get something to eat, the problem with that is he’ll be thinking he messed up by eating since food contains water, even though the walking would have burned that food up. So to avoid that it’s best that we wait, maybe TG or the niece could give us a ride or even pick the card up for us. 40 hours without water or any beverage is a long time to go without hydration, we’ve read that the maximum a person can go without hydration is 100 hours before their body dies, which is 24 hours longer than the three day rule. Right now I have him sucking on a hard candy to kill the taste of tobacco and he’s worried it’ll mess things up. If anything it’s speeding things up, all that candy is going to do is dehydrate him more.

I’ve told him “we’re leaving” over 100 times in the past few days, I tell him whenever he starts to think we’re stuck here or when he starts to imagine us in the woods. We’re not stuck and we’re not going into the woods, Kiddo. I know what he’s thinking, in the woods we’ll be left alone so we can finish this, but we don’t need to do that. What we need is to be left alone without interruptions, maybe now the sister will leave us be. If she asks when we’re leaving I’ll tell her “in a few days”, we won’t be here for another week at the rate he’s going now. The other thing that’s bothering him is us lying about being Charlie. GOD does not lie. Victori and I will lie through his teeth if we need to, and he’s tired of that. He won’t accept the fact that he’s GOD until we’re out of him, he won’t even call himself GOD until he has proof, meaning his abilities. This has been so difficult, Kiddo. We’ve done this before but he doesn’t remember, what we did with Michael Antonucci and Carol Jacobsen was almost the same exact thing we did with Chronos and Rhea, we took over their bodies, except it went alot smoother then.

He said he doesn’t feel weak, that’s because Victori is blocking him. When she and I exit him he’ll feel what she’s blocking him from feeling. And that’s why he thinks he can walk to CVS, at least he thinks that until he tries to walk, then he feels extremely exhausted. By 9PM tonight he will have gone 48 hours without hydrating, and you might as well include without eating too. Whenever he thinks about eating or drinking he remembers that we need to leave, and he starts to think about something else. It’s not easy to not eat or drink, especially when you are bored. It’s boring in the basement, Kiddo, and that’s another reason why he’s ready to walk out of here, boredom. He’s ready to go on a world tour but his body isn’t, but that’s good because he needs his body to be weak so Maia can pull me out from him without damaging him. I can only do this that one time, the better the conditions are the better the outcome. Getting his strength level and water level to be where I need them to be takes timing since both levels are different. A person can be weak but can retain alot of water, and vice-versa, now he’s where I need him to be, so if I’m telling him a piece of candy is okay it’s because I know where he’s at on the inside. Make sense, Kiddo? Every time I had him eat or drink something it was because I knew where he was at and where we’d be. I see where he is now and now I’m telling him not to drink anything or eat anything, a few hard candies won’t impede our progress, if anything they’ll help us.

We can’t wait to get out of here, Kiddo. I told him that if I need to finish this inside the house then I will, I’d rather not, but if he can’t make it outside then inside it is, at least he knows to let me do the talking if anyone should see or hear anything.

That’s about all for now, Kiddo, we just wanted to keep you in the loop of what’s going on. We’ll write again when we can.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

Keep it stellar, Kiddo.

xx oo


Hey, Sweethearts, about two hours ago we had a blowout with the sister over the dog. The niece picked the dog up from the vets, dropped it off at a farm and was brought back to the vets. The vet called the sister and now the dog is back. I blew up and told the sister we’re leaving. I’m done with this nonsense. We went upstairs and got all of Charlie’s things and brought them into the basement, we won’t be going upstairs anymore. He’s ready to walk right now, but we told him to wait. I’ve told him “we’re leaving” about fifty times, we can’t and won’t stay here. Now the dog is tied up outside barking at the neighbor’s horses while the sister watches tv. TG sent us a text asking if we could drive her somewhere tomorrow, he said okay, but if we can’t we can’t. So now we’re in the basement and not going back upstairs. He’s done with DSS and doctors, he says that if we can exit him then soon would be the time. He’s not going to eat or drink anything at all now, he said we have a couple of days tops before he walks. He’s not threatening, he’s only telling us what he plans to do if we don’t exit him soon. He’s also slowed down to a crawl with smoking since he doesn’t like the taste, plus it makes him thirsty, I told him it’s okay. He’s stopped doing alot of things since Friday, because he’s more himself than before. GOD doesn’t smoke.

We took a break and every time I had the chance I told him “we’re leaving”, meaning Victori and I are going to exit him so he can become himself and generate a car so we can leave. He said he has a feeling he’ll be walking out of here, no, that’s not going to happen. His head is starting to hurt, so we’ll stop here. If we don’t write for awhile we will as soon as we can, Kiddo.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo

Fair Warning

Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, here’s where we are at.

The sister left Friday morning for a few days. Before she left she gave “her brother” a hug and said “I miss my brother, I wish he’d come back”. GOD thought about that after she left and said “I don’t get it, it’s like she’s two different people”. Is the sister a demon? Yes and no. She’s carrying one inside her who surfaces from time to time. This is more common then people know of. There are more demons than humans occupying human beings but that’s not important right now.

Saturday morning GOD woke up with chest pains, I told him to slow down and eat something. We had the house to ourselves until yesterday, so we were able to relax. During that time he eat and drank some food and water which gave him some strength to allow me to communicate with him, which has not been easy lately. He’s still in the negatives, but now he’s able to walk. The niece intervened and got rid of the dog yesterday, but we’re still not staying here. This morning I fed him something, but he has no intentions of eating again. He felt the start of that headache last night, which is good, because now he can identify it as that headache and not as a regular headache. He’s ready to cancel our case with DSS and walk out of here, I told him to wait, we can finish this here, he just needs to get into that “zone”.

Over the weekend he learned that Alex’s name is in fact Victori, not “Nike, the goddesss of Victory”, that’s just more made up nonsense. He also learned that his name is GOD, which is the pronounced acronym for “Generator Of Data”. He hasn’t gone by that name in a long long time. The name VON came from our first Son, who has also been gone for a long long time. GOD doesn’t hold a grudge, he gets even. Victori and I will no longer refer to my husband as “VON”, we will call him GOD, because that’s who he is. He still won’t use that name until he has undeniable proof that he is “that guy”, so if he should write a post to you, Kiddo, he might sign it “VON”. Or he might sign it “GOD”, depending on when he writes it.

The other day we watched a video about the paranormal, it told of a YT channel called “Who ghost there?”, so he investigated the channel. He saw that the channel’s creators have an interest in “orbs”, so he shared a link;

The next day we got a reply from that channel;

Last Friday around midnight we heard a car pull into the second driveway outside the spare room’s window. We looked outside but couldn’t see anything, so we closed the window and went to sleep. The next day we looked out that window and saw where someone walked through the weeds right up to the window. You can still see the path they left.

When my husband says he’s done, he’s done. I know his wanting to leave here is not him threatening me to exit him, that I know. I need him at a certain spot for us to exit him, he needs to be physically weak, dehydrated and outside, that headache which is at bay is his signal to go outside, that’s how he’ll know when. He had a touch of it last night, today he’s feeling it too, so today we’re going to relax. This would be so much easier without interruptions, that’s the main reason why he wants to walk out of here and go somewhere secluded, so we won’t be interrupted.

He wants to rest so we’re going to stop here, Kiddo, if we can write later we will.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo


Okay, Sweethearts, he’s had enough of being here. We went to our meeting which seemed to go okay, as far as we know. When we got back we found that the dog got loose and tore the house apart, it broke things and it shit and pissed everywhere. VON is ready to walk out of here and go somewhere secluded, I told him to wait, we can finish this here. The sister leaves tomorrow morning and won’t be back until Monday night. I might make him some breakfast tomorrow after the sister leaves just so he has some energy. It’s not so much the food as it is the water, it’s the water he needs to be low, he went as far as to look up the water contents of food to see what food has the least amount of water in it, and peanut butter has the least amount of water. When we came back I made him have a slice of bread with peanut butter on it and gave him a can of Coke, he was in alot of pain. He’s concerned that eating anything will prevent this from happening, it won’t, we need him weak not dead, and he’s very weak right now. I’d say he’s 100 ounces low on water, so a 12 ounce can of Coke won’t affect what we’re doing, but it will give him some energy.

The sister made arrangements for the dog to be kenneled while she’s gone, which is good, because we hate that dog. That dog was the last straw, VON says that she brought that dog home to torment her brother after it tormented her son, maybe he’s right, except her brother isn’t here. Then again, Charlie wasn’t her brother.

. . .

The GOD thing. VON said that he needs proof before he uses that name, meaning his abilities. He’ll have proof, and plenty of it. This is going to be the scariest shit ever, Kiddo. People have no idea what’s coming, and it’s not like we didn’t warn anyone. I told him people weren’t going to do anything with this information, which is fine, because now he knows that people don’t care about each other, so why should he care. He’s seen for himself how most people are, they are useless unless you want your vacation home destroyed, which we didn’t.

So what will GOD do.

Whatever he wants to do.

He’s tired so we’ll stop here, we just wanted to let you know what happened at and after the meeting. Okay, Kiddo?

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we had to slow VON down a day to help TG and be able to go to a DSS meeting today so we gave him some food and water yesterday. By this afternoon he’ll be right where he was two days ago, he can barely walk and he gets winded and dizzy easily, he’s waiting for that headache, that’s how he’ll know when.

He was worried about eating and drinking yesterday, I told him it was only going to slow him down for a day and that he needed to be able to go to today’s meeting, if he didn’t eat or drink anything he wouldn’t be able to walk, he’s that weak. I need him weak but strong enough to walk outside then walk back into the basement. I need his water level low so his body isn’t conducting too much electricity so when Alex and I exit him he doesn’t get shocked. Yesterday the sister did something that made him question what he was seeing. When he was thinking about what he saw I told him “she’s a demon”, because she is. Now between that and the dog he’s more determined than ever to leave here, but for us to leave here we need to finish this. His water level is negative, if he drank twenty ounces of water it would still be in the negatives. Think of his water level like a bank account, Kiddo. His account is -$350, if he deposited $100 his account would be -$250, it’s still negative. If his account reaches -$500 he’ll die, and we don’t want that. Taking a break, be right back.

. . .

Okay, we’re back. He’s thinking of ways to leave here now, the sister is leaving tomorrow to see her son so we should have the house to ourselves for a day or two, it won’t matter if the niece is here or not. Our meeting is at 1PM, it’s to determine if he’s capable of employment. VON doesn’t care what the outcome will be. If they deny him benefits it’ll only motivate him more, because we can’t stay here if we have no money to contribute.

He’s in agony right now so we’re going to stop here, Kiddo, we’ll let you know how the meeting went when we have a chance to write.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo