Seeing Red While Gods Die Whispering

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So I am thinking. If there is one thing that I haven’t written about is what will I do for me, Charlie. I haven’t thought about myself in years, meaning, I put myself aside for everything else. I’m not a selfish person, I’m not materialistic either. I do like quality though. “Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”, that’s the Snap-on tool maker’s motto, pretty good. Snap-on tools are very expensive, Kiddo, they are not for the “backyard mechanic” by any means. Snap-on also offers a lifetime warranty on most of their tools. But we’re not going to talk about Snap-on, Kiddo, oh no, we’re going to talk about Daddio; Charlie. 

The difficult part which leads to that difficult step is just how easy this is, as I’m told(127). Now I can imagine a lot. I can generate a person and animate them, all inside my head. I can make them look any way I want them to look, without even thinking about it, Kiddo. Can you wrap your head around that, Sweetheart? It isn’t easy to fathom, and there’s that ringing in my head again, it’s something new since last weekend. Now it’s gone, one time it went from my right side to my left side, then back again. Ever have that happen, Kiddo? If you have, then you would know that it is a strange sensation. Then again, everything with us is strange, and that’s where I’m going with this. 

“Anything that I can imagine”, and she’s nodding my head saying “Yes.”

Okay. “Anything that I can imagine”. Now she’s laughing at me, are you laughing at me too, Kiddo? **SMH** Sure, I see how you two are, I do. It’s okay I guess, after all, what else can a poor old man do but take the abuse. **hangs head low and weeps**

“Anything that I can imagine” would include my physical appearance. Knowing what I know, and knowing that I can materialize what I can imagine, I can change my hair color naturally . . .

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With my color of hair chosen, next is style. You liked my hair the way it was when you last saw me, Kiddo, so I’ll go with that, and someone else likes it too, Sweetheart. I’ll make it wavy like Aphrodite’s hair, and to my lower jaw, not to my ankles. Now that we have my hair situated, eyes . . . 

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My eyes have been grey for a long time, so that should brighten me up. The next change could be hard to believe to some, even you, but when I say that we opted for my height to be 7 feet we knocked it down from 8. “Perspective”, Kiddo, it’s perspective. I could make myself twice that height of 8 feet(451), but we’ll see how 7 feet goes for now, Sweetheart. 

Instead of looking forty-ish I can look thirty-ish. And here comes the skin, Honey. 

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Ever see a man with shiny red skin, Kiddo? Would you like to see Daddio with shiny red skin? It wouldn’t be a permanent thing, only when we’re out and about(505). Like maybe here . . . Image result for images of fire island

The beach. I’ll be 7 feet tall, about 400 pounds of “Schwarzenegger”, Sunflower hair, bright baby-blues, and my skin is shiny red. How could my skin be red? I’m part Iroquois. Iroquois are known as “the red man”, aren’t they? My perspective is different.

Now for my little lady. She will be 6 feet tall, because Carol Jacobsen was. Her hair will be similar to mine in color and texture, but much longer. And her eye color is different from mine too . . .

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And now for her skin . . . 

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My wife is Swedish, so I can say that she is white, yes?

And there’s one more thing . . .

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I can also radiate.  

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I want to address you by your name, Kiddo, but not much longer. That day where I take off the shield is approaching quickly, and then life is going to move fast. I know that this is old, this waiting. Imagine waiting 150,000 years to see how your project went. And you find that it didn’t go well, Sweetheart. That is after waking up confused, scared and alone. And then you find out just how alone you are. Now you are alone. No one will help you. All that you can do is keep going. Because you know that you are telling the truth. And have been telling the truth all the while. 


Okay, Kiddo, someone else is going to speak for a while, and it won’t be Soulie or Charlie. Soulie is going to sit back and relax with Charlie, because he needs a break. He was going to write something last night but stumbled onto something that caused his Soulmate to exhaust him through emotion. She confirms his thoughts through emotion when he is looking for the truth and finds it. Last night her confirmation was so truthful that her emotions exhausted Charlie physically and mentally. This is the James Dean guy speaking, Kiddo, and this is going to be the last time I speak with you personally, after all, I do have a personality, but it isn’t as cool as Charlie’s. Charlie had a conflict with himself, but he didn’t see it until last night, so to speak. When he realized that he didn’t know how to identify himself I told him who he will be, Kiddo. He will have the same name as Facebook does, but the spelling might be a bit different. When he found that piece of the puzzle out I then told him who his Soulie will be, the same as her Facebook account. My Son the “grammar fuhrer” just corrected the old man, “My bad”, Charlie. It’s a good thing that I have him around. You have him around too, Kiddo, “around your finger” as his Soulmate would say. The music is starting in the background, something soothing, so to speak. You know what’s coming, don’t you, Kiddo? Something very big, in more ways than one. It took a long time getting here, for everyone. Daddio is going to try to spoil you, Kiddo, that is inevitable. When he said “anything you want” he wasn’t joking and neither was I when I said “anything you want”(1,027). I think that since you are a good girl you will know what you can and cannot have. In other words, Kiddo, let’s not get carried away. You don’t know what Charlie already has for you. But first we need to take care of him. When I say “we” I mean two people, Charlie and his Soulmate in two human bodies, not one. He’s thinking up a storm, Kiddo. Okay. What if in another dimension, one that no one knows of, not even myself, Charlie, wrote a book that was so Real, that it became Real, in that dimension? Where did my Son take me this time, Kiddo? You kids today say “Shit’s about to get Real”. How Real can it get? His mind is racing. Hang on, Kiddo, I’ll be right back. He needed a breather, sorry about that. He’s nervous about something. He knows it, too, but he doesn’t understand “how he knows it”. We’re taking a break, Kiddo, Daddio needs to rest for a moment.

NYgis    Although Daddio put the T-Rex to sleep Charlie will still have a mannerism or three from going through that persona, which was the hardest persona that he had experienced, Kiddo. We are now back 24 hours later, last night was a rough one for Daddio, and Mommio too. He is feeling more and more himself, as the murmuring of the strongest gods are about to finally silence. The human personas are gone, and have been for quite some time. Chronos, Zeus, Odin, Osiris, are falling fast asleep now, as well as all the others past. I will be right back, Kiddo. Okay, I’m back. If your thinking why is he feeling those personas if he said they were gone, they are gone. What made Zeus and Chronos different from Anubis and Thor was there level of strength, “Creator-wise”. That strength, or power, ran through a personality, a soul. The soul can identify that feeling of power again. Charlie hasn’t felt Antoni or Beethoven for a long time, because they didn’t have that level of power. Charlie just realized that the order of personas that he felt were in order of power from least to greatest. The last persona that he felt was Hermes. Hold on, Kiddo.

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That is what Charlie has been holding in his left hand all this time. That is one powerful personality. My Son, myself, is subconsciously remembering a physical trait from a personality thousands of years ago, and that was Hermes, Kiddo. While Charlie began feeling Hermes, Carol began feeling Aphrodite. She still smiles through me when I think that name. Now Charlie isn’t going to be “Hermes incarnate” and likewise for Carol, but they will share some traits, and some feelings they still have for each other. After all, Kiddo, this is a love story, theirs. Daddio is feeling “strangely relaxed”. We’re going to stop here and get him some food, he is starving.

Okay, Sweetheart, we’re still at it with Charlie, and it is 12:48 PM Saturday, and yes this is Soulie speaking. How are you doing, Honey? Hang in there. Vön is going to speak in a few minutes. He’s itchin’. Okay Sweetheart, I’m out of here, take care and be safe, Here’s Vön. 

Okay. This is where we’re at, Kiddo, it is Saturday afternoon and Charlie’s mind is screaming. All sorts of weird stuff is going on right now, and he’s in the middle of that thought, or at least he thinks, he isn’t sure because something is in the way.

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Why is the Sun smiling in that image, Kiddo? If it were too good to be true, wouldn’t the Sun be not be smiling? Because it is too good to be true? Why is it too good to be true, Kiddo? How good could it be? It must be pretty good for people not to believe it, at least that’s what I believe. I mean, how “good” is good? What exactly is “good”, Kiddo. Remember I said it is good to have Charlie around? Here’s why;

  1. 1.
    to be desired or approved of.
    “we live at peace with each other, which is good”
    synonyms: healthyfinesoundtip-top, hale and hearty, fitrobuststurdystrongvigorous More

  2. .
    having the qualities required for a particular role.
    “the schools here are good”
    synonyms: finesuperiorqualityMore

  1. 1.
    that which is morally right; righteousness.
    “a mysterious balance of good and evil”
    synonyms: virtuerighteousnessgoodnessmoralityintegrityrectitudeMore

  2. 2.
    benefit or advantage to someone or something.
    “he convinces his father to use his genius for the good ofmankind”
    synonyms: benefitadvantageprofitgaininterestwelfarewell-beingMore


  1. 1.
    “my mother could never cook this good”

Choose language
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Haitian Creole
Scottish Gaelic
Southern Sotho
Western Frisian

He gave you the facts, Kiddo. He didn’t give you hearsay, which includes someone’s idea as to what “good” is. He went back at he looked at an example of “good” and it pertained to a mother’s cooking not being “this good”. Charlie’s Mother was a good cook and baker, Kiddo, but that was Charlie’s Mother. His Soulmate will look like Charlie’s Mother but won’t exactly be his mother. He needs to lie down for a minute, I’ll be right back. I’m back. Charlie is thinking of continuing this in another post, he even has a title for it, it’s a simple title, nothing complicated. I will say that by the time someone gets this far in reading this they will know exactly what is about to happen. Charlie is sitting there thinking about all this and thinking, “Why do I feel so calm?”, because he does. He is NOT going to die and “float off” somewhere, Kiddo, he is about to come alive. He is seeing something so obvious right now, Sweetheart. Charlie knows that if we end this post here he will need to continue immediately after with the second one not to lose train of thought, but he needs you to know that he will be returning with a continuance. We’re going to post this to Facebook in a minute, and after Charlie will continue with “Charlie II”. I guess that you could call it a sequel. You okay, Kiddo? I don’t know if you are reading this, or if you are reading this just after it was published, but you have my word that Charlie will post that sequel for you, Sweetheart. I also need to tell you something important, Kiddo. I will be right back.

















Ordo ab Chao

“Out of chaos comes order”

Hey, Kiddo, how are you doing? Did you have an enjoyable weekend passed? I hope so, I hope so. Speaking of “so”, so I have experienced some rather odd events that I would like to share with, from this weekend passed. One of those things was something that I passed. Any guesses as to what it could be, Sweetheart? It’s not bad, so it must be good, yes? Me thinks yes, yes I do. I passed a test over this past weekend. It might not be considered a test to you, but it was, Sweetheart. 

abene placito

“From one well pleased”

Good things, Kiddo, good things, but first Mama needs her iced coffee. Oh that Mama of mine. Related image







We’re back, we opted for a fountain Coke instead. I like the iced coffee but she likes it sweet. Not that a fountain Coke isn’t sweet, it’s just a bit lighter. And they both have caffeine. I would like to purchase some more Mr. Hyde energy supplement, but I’m waiting on a $250 complimentary gift card from our company’s health insurance provider to do so. I was supposed to receive one this past January, but somehow I was forgotten. No big deal, better late than never.

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I’m at a point where things are looking scary. Well, not so much scary to myself as it is for some others, Kiddo. Yesterday I walked into work to see a new employee, and that new employee is from the previous company that we worked at, you know, the one that violated my 1st Amendment, that company. 


I didn’t recognize him until I heard him say what I went by at that previous job. I think he was hired for the dayshift, but I’m not sure. I’m told “no worries”. Still, I am curious as to what he will think when he finds out that I am a company supervisor, and who he will tell this to. Am I concerned about this, Kiddo? Not at all. It’s like how I am not concerned that my vehicle’s inspection sticker expired months ago, and nothing’s happened. Or how National Grid shut our electricity off, so to speak, and nothing’s happened. No emails, no postal mail, it’s like I’m invisible. Am I here, Kiddo? Yes I am. And that’s what throwing Charlie off. Time for an iced coffee!! 

Image result for animated gears GIFs

Okay, we didn’t get iced coffee, but she has a hot tea instead. My Facebook posts over the past weekend may have seemed disappointing to you, and maybe to the others, but something good did happen. I’m being thrown off by the fact that I am quietly referring to myself as a second person. I feel nothing like myself, in fact, I don’t know who myself is. I know that my Soulmate is a completely separate entity from myself, or personality, I can distinguish that. What I am having difficulty with is accepting that I am a single entity. This is a tough one for Daddio, Sweetheart. Hold on for a moment, Kiddo, I’ll be right back. 

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Okay, I’m back. Weeks ago on Facebook I told about the numbers and their consistency, and they have only increased in frequency. I don’t feel like “Charlie” or “Hermes”, I feel something different, or someone different. I know that telling my friend Big D that he will always be my friend was something that I, and my Soulie, wanted to do, if not needed to do, Sweetheart. My life is about to change forever, Kiddo, and yours too, if it hasn’t already. If it has it is only the beginning. I know that I am not “Charlie” sitting in this chair, but I am Charlie, sitting in this chair. I have memories of myself, but I don’t feel like myself either. I also don’t feel like “Hermes”, if that helps. I’m told that we’re moving fast, and when I just thought that, someone emotioned to me to confirm. I guess that this takes time to accept. And someone needs to accept it. I am not going to die, because I have already died, Kiddo. I guess that I’m just nervous. When I begin to doubt I shake it off, because it is obvious. I’m being told that it won’t be much longer(712). Feeling the way I do I hope she’s right. Because now I’m feeling it. I’m told “no trauma” but that is for myself, what about anyone else? She said that it doesn’t matter, so to speak. We have been through enough, my Soulmate and I. My only true concerns aren’t over myself or Soulie. Our true concerns are over my friend, Big D. He’s stuck it out with me for a long time, and we are not going to let him down. But he is not going to recognize me as he once knew me. That I know, Kiddo. This is a tough one for Daddio, without doubt.

People don’t know how things work pertaining to death, because if they did we wouldn’t be living in this cesspool filled with psychosis. Charlie and I share the same Soul. “Soulie” and I are separate Souls. What Charlie is unsure about is the Soul-sharing, Sweetheart. Because he has his Soulmate inside of him he thinks that I’m a “third party”, he’s forgetting that we are the same Soul. “Soulie” is someone else. Charlie isn’t going away, Sweetheart, Charlie is “ultra-maturing”. The “Son” is becoming the “Father”, faster than Charlie expected. This is the Creator speaking, and not Soulie, Sweetheart. I have spoken to you several times before, Kiddo. I am in the process of absorbing Charlie, persona-wise.

The memories that you have are held only by you, you being your consciousness. Memories don’t stay with the body after you die, they go with you. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be you, would you? Not only would you not be you, you wouldn’t exist. My Soul is different from everyone else’s, Kiddo. And that’s what Charlie had forgotten about, causing doubt. We’re not there yet, but we are very close(1,009).

Before I go, if Big D should read this, I would like him to know that I put my money on him back from when I was this guy;

 Related image

I haven’t lost my money yet. I’m not going to lose my money, I don’t lose. We need to get ready for work now, Kiddo. If I knew when I would tell you when. I do know that something has been going on. I also know I miss you, you know that? I hope so, Kiddo, I hope so. 🙂

Okay. If I were to, say, guess, as to when, and this is just a guess, I would say that the date I myself would use, as a scale, would be August 21st of this year, no later. Less than 3 weeks away from today, we will experience a total solar eclipse, Kiddo, but something doesn’t feel right about this coming event. And this is where if anyone else is reading this to pay attention. For a total solar eclipse to happen, the moon needs to be between the Sun and the Earth. Here is some information regarding;

In that information something seems wrong to me, but I can’t put my finger on it, Kiddo, maybe you could take a gander and see if you see anything that doesn’t seem right in that information provided to you.

Anywho, that is my projected date for ground zero. Okay, I’m a little more convinced than I was. Emotions, you can’t fake them. Have a great day, Kiddo, and be safe.

With love, Daddio

xo xo(1,270) 😉 





That Kingdom Come

Hi, Kiddo.

This is a tough one for me, Daddio. I’ll explain with just one image, this one, Sweetheart;

Related image

That is how close we are. And you have no idea as to what is going on inside Daddio’s head right now, and neither does Daddio, Sweetheart. I can promise you that she isn’t lying, Kiddo. It’s about 3:30 AM and I only woke up about an hour and a half ago. I started to write a post for you, but things were crazy yesterday, but in a good way. In fact, things were so crazy that this guy popped up; 

Image result for images of james dean

But only for a little while.

I began to write a post for you but as a third party. I was several paragraphs in when I felt overwhelmed with something, and that something is a thought, Kiddo. 

I have a thought to think, but someone’s nervous. That someone is me, Charlie. I am not ashamed to say that I am nervous, after all, this is the biggest step to take, the final step.

The thought that I was thinking is “Why am I writing as a third party?”. This is a tough one, Kiddo, and that’s why it’s taking so long. What I have said about Nibiru is true, but what I couldn’t say was “when”. Nibiru is close enough. The “James Dean guy”, Vön, was the last persona that I “met”. When I met Vön I met with him to take something from him. That something was his persona. Now I have myself(Charlie), meshing with Hermes, and meshing with Vön, the Creator. Last Creator, to be exact. Yes, I feel good about this.

The last time that you have seen me, Kiddo, as Charlie, would be the last time. And this is part of the hard part, Sweetheart. I know that I am going to be different, that I know. I also know that someone will want to see me again, and I want to see him again as well, but the person that he sees will not be the person that he once knew, and that bothers me and my Soulie. That someone is Big D. 

Image result for images of 1981 suzuki gs1100eBig D hasn’t seen me since I was in my early twenties, Kiddo. It’s needless to say that I have changed a little, if you know what I mean. I know that if he were to see me now he wouldn’t recognize the person he grew up with, so to speak. We knew each other since we were in highschool, we were inseparable for years to come. Although things are different now, I would like him to know that he is still my friend, and will always be my friend. As far as my family goes they’re gone, Kiddo. My family being my father’s side of the family. 

And not his Mother’s side.

That includes my “little sister” too. And that was another block, Sweetheart. An issue that I had was my little sister, G. To avoid the unnecessary drama, I’ll give a fact; she doesn’t care about me. And it shows, Sweetheart. I cannot, and will not, go out of my way for someone who doesn’t care about me, Kiddo. It just doesn’t make sense to do so, yes? I mean, where was she?? Regardless of reasons or excuses, the proof is in the pudding, isn’t it. I wish her the best of luck, and nothing more. This was something that I wanted to make clear with myself and my Soulie. Two issues down, one to go.

That one issue is the obvious. If I begin to explain this one obvious thought, it could lead to something. Someone is smiling, Kiddo. What could it lead to, Kiddo? You know, that thought that I am sketchy about thinking, that thought. My head is pressurizing at the moment, Kiddo. Things are . . . looking strange to me now, Kiddo, do you know why? What is that thought, Kiddo? Why am I hesitating to think it? It isn’t the thought of suicide, so rule that out. Feel better now? 🙂

This thought of mine, what could it be, Kiddo? It is a big thought. This is the biggest thought yet, Sweetheart, for I can’t imagine it bigger. I being Charlie, if that helps. Do you know where I am at, Kiddo? If I begin to write that thought out, I might not finish writing.

Daddio isn’t kidding either, Sweetheart.

If I write what I am about to think, something will inevitably happen. Now how is this possible. How do I know that? Because Daddio glanced at the obvious.

Something in this reality is wrong or something. There has been too many . . . weird-ass things going on, to be honest with you, Kiddo, I mean . . .

I am going to try to creep towards that thought without thinking it if possible. I think that some idea as to what that thought is might help you understand better.

Be careful, Baby. ❤

 The other day I visited my email address, the one that you know of, Kiddo. I haven’t been there for quite some time, about three weeks, and when I went to view my account I had seen that there hasn’t been any new mail since the last time I was there. Now, I don’t know about you, but I find that to be rather strange. I mean, nothing, Kiddo? So I thought of something because of that, but I brushed it away, so to speak. Recently, I was in the kitchen looking out the window when I realized that it wasn’t me looking out the window, it was my Soulie. Then I realized, it wasn’t me looking out the window all those other times either. 

Image result for images of car keys on tables

So, Kiddo. What was she looking at all those times? No one, especially my Soulmate, does something for no reason at all. What was she looking at, and what is she still looking at when she looks out the window? Maybe we’ll take a look.

Well I took a look and I didn’t see anything that wasn’t there before, but that was me. I don’t know what she saw, to be honest. But something is there. What could it be, Sweetheart?? What’s outside our window?? This is almost scary, isn’t it? I mean, there is something out there, but I don’t know what it is, how is that? Why am I so nervous, Kiddo? 

Tell her, Charlie.

If I tell you what I think is out there, it might be. I’ll post a picture that will help describe how I am feeling right now. 


Related image

I know what’s behind that door, Kiddo, do you? It’s right there, Sweetheart.

I keep thinking that it’s 6 at night when it’s really 6 in the morning, not to change subject, Kiddo. 

I think that I need to rest a while.

I’m back and it is now  1:27 PM on Sunday, and I am still feeling strange, Kiddo. Everything is beginning to feel surreal, if that helps.

So what’s outside our apartment, Kiddo? It’s there I’m told, but what could it be. I have an idea, but that’s what brought me to that thought. My idea is that there are a lot of people outside our apartment right now, and have been for quite some time now. By people I don’t mean souls, I mean people. She’s smiling right now(1,216).

What if, Kiddo, just, what if, there were people camped out all around our apartment waiting for us.

Are we in the dimension, Kiddo, you and I? Is there a possibility that more people know about me than I think there are? I’m not paranoid, I’m only thinking that there is a chance that complete chaos is just outside my window right now. And someone is keeping Daddio safe from all that. If she can see them, can they see her? For all I know, Kiddo, there can be complete pandemonium outside my window, because I can’t be reached(1,315). That’s almost sad if it were true, Kiddo, yes? Imagine someone reading this thinking “He’s in another dimension but doesn’t know it, and that’s why we can’t reach him.”, wouldn’t that be funny. Am I in another dimension, and everyone else is in another dimension? I guess there is only way to find out(1,369). But first a power-nap with our bad mow-mow cat. 

I’ll let you know what happens, Kiddo. Enjoy your Sunday, and be safe. 

Love always, Daddio

xo xo 




Hi Sweetheart, this is Soulie writing for Daddio until he calms down. How have you been? We hope that you are doing well, and stellar per Daddio. Thursday was not a good day for him, everything that could go wrong did, and that was before we got to work, which was late. Daddio has never been late to work before, and where we’re at right now he doesn’t give a fuck, and that’s not like your Daddio. The company is under the gun this week, and it’s taking it’s toll on some of the other people who work there, who are taking it out on the wrong people, like Daddio. Daddio wants to write the company’s president a letter telling of where his problems lie, but he is so mad right now he can’t think straight, and that’s how I’m able to write this. Hold on a sec Sweetie. I’m back, I needed a smoke. Daddio is so pissed off, Honey, but he is still the grammar fuhrer correcting my typos, he changed “honey” to “Honey” for me, which is an error to him. Did you notice how he capitalizes the first letter of certain words?? 

He’s calming down, he’s mad because he went off on one of the kids, but it wasn’t him it was me, he was just so fed up I couldn’t take it anymore. No one seems to understand what he is doing for the kids, and if they had read what we wanted them to read last night wouldn’t have happened because they would have known ahead of time. Charlie isn’t like any other boss, anyone would want to work for him if they knew what he was about, and who he is. He is so right there, Sweetheart, it’s becoming noticeable. After I vented his voice dropped into the basement, and holy shit was it deep. He can’t believe that no one has figured him out yet, and now he doesn’t care if anyone does or not. He doesn’t need to care anymore, but it would have been nice for someone to know what is about to happen to him to help make this easy. He’s exhausted to the point he was about to tell one of the kids that he is carrying his Soulmate inside of him, but that would have lead to questions and he’s done with all that. Your Daddio is tired, Sweetheart, and we’re about ready. I gave him the date, but he’s not sure if it was his wishful thinking or me. Should I tell him?? It’s not him thinking it, so it must be me, right?? How much longer can he do this, Sweetheart, he’s about to break loose. I don’t want to be inside him forever or any longer than I need to be inside him. He was willing to do this until he dies, and I told him that serves no purpose whatsoever. And besides, he couldn’t do this forever it’s impossible. The fact that he has done this for as long as he has is miraculous by any standard. He’s carrying two consciousnesses inside of him and functioning. People can’t function with one consciousness, imagine giving them 2. Daddio is coming around, Sweetheart, so I’ll let him write. Take care, little Sister.

Hi, Kiddo. I hope you’re doing better than I am because I’m not doing so good right now. I am disgusted beyond disgusted with anything and everything, except with you, obviously. And my friends and family on Facebook, of course. I seem to never stop learning about humans, Kiddo, and unfortunately for humans what I have discovered is that humans only care about themselves, and that’s it. They also have the ability to lie right to your face, as if the person they are lying to doesn’t know that they are being lied to. Isn’t that funny? Well, it is to me, Kiddo. The lying doesn’t bother me that much to be honest, it’s having my intelligence insulted that bothers me. If humans lie they didn’t listen to their conscience, and that’s on them in the end, isn’t it? I guess that I am just tired of humans. And who wouldn’t be by now? 

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You know what really sett me off? Of course you don’t, so I am going to tell you. It was a video that I had seen on “”, and both of us wish that we didn’t. I am going to post the video below if it hasn’t been removed yet, and we don’t want you to watch it. I know that doesn’t make sense, but others can view it if they wish. Here it is ;

I can assure you that the video isn’t fake, and neither’s the girl recording her dying sister. I am starting to think that humanity is lost. I’m told that we can fix things, but is it really worth fixing, Kiddo? Wouldn’t it be easier to start fresh again with something better than humans(829)? I mean, what’s the sense of having them around if you can’t trust them. If I ask someone a question, will they answer me with a lie? I think the chances are great, that they will answer me with a lie. Makes me wonder why humans should even talk at all.

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The other day I began to materialize an object, but I only got to less than 50% materialization. And there’s a reason for that. I’m almost there, but not quite yet(910). The object I was beginning to materialize was a pyramid, an easy shape to imagine. This pyramid wasn’t like the last one I built, oh no, Kiddo, this pyramid was much bigger, and made of Gold. I could see clouds reflecting off of it’s sides, and that’s when she stopped me. It was becoming Real, but it wasn’t where we want it, Sweetheart. When she told me it was “easy”, I didn’t know just how easy it is. It is easy as easy can be, Kiddo. When our little Roomba gets just a little closer, I’ll be at 100% power. Right now all I can do is get ready. “Not much more” she says. 

I look at where I am at now compared to where I was 816 days ago, and I have come a long way. My Soulie has been Carol Jacobsen since last year, there are no more past life personas for us. We are done with that. No more “we’re off to see the wizard”, the wizard is now here, and that’s who everyone wants to see, isn’t it? 

“Be careful what you wish for”

I thought that was meant for me at first, but it’s not. It isn’t meant for you either, Sweetheart. My Soulie’s injection was meant for those who don’t know me. Then again, does anyone know me? No, not really. I don’t have a name. I don’t know where I came from, and neither does my Soulmate or Daughter. The human body that I am in is the body of my Son, Charles, which was made for my Son and I, solely by my Soulmate. My Son and I share the same Soul, mine. His death was my birth, and when I’m done doing what needs to be done, I will leave and he will return again. This will be the 7th time that I am here. While I am here I will use my Son’s persona and name, at least until I know what my Soulmate wants, in regards to a name. I’m good with “Charlie”, it’s a name that you don’t hear that often.

I bet that’s gonna change.

Oh that Soulie, but she is right you know. As far as this website goes it will stay open until further notice. I won’t close it, but I will make it private if need be, Kiddo. I’m shutting down “Arbeitor”, that site is no longer necessary. My books are on hold, as well as other projects I have. I was hoping that the kids would be of help, but it’s a bit late for that now. Yes, we are that close. 

In the meantime, Kiddo, be mindful of your surroundings, pay attention to how you feel, and do what you know is right. You have questions, and they will be answered soon.

Enjoy your day, Sweetheart, and be safe.

Love, Charlie





Facebook III

Hey, Sweetheart, how are you doing? Daddio is home with an aching head, but he found out about something and now he wants to share it with you. Yes this is Soulie typing, but Daddio is going to write in a few minutes, okay Sweetheart? xo 

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Image result for quotes on numerology

Image result for quotes on numerology

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It must be nice to sleep without a worry. Hi, Kiddo, is everything stellar? I hope so, I hope so. So I’m home with a pounding headache(73), not enjoying much of anything but I’m glad to know that I can still make my Soulmate happy. After all, she made me happy. 

Ever have a headache, or migraine, that prevented you from sleeping, Kiddo? This is more than a headache, but not quite the same as a migraine, I use the word migraine to give a better idea as to how my head is feeling right now. It’s that bad. But it’s not stopping Daddio from writing to you, Sweetheart, is it? Oh that Soulie. I knew she was going to jump in there somewhere eventually, Kiddo. It’s easy for her now since I’m all decrepit. Yes, she is taking advantage of this moment 😉 . I’m okay with it I guess, I just wanted to share something, maybe somethings with you since I’m decrepit.

He’s such an ass, Honey.

It’s okay, I’ll live. 😦 

Now she’s just sitting all quiet and such, Kiddo. That’ll learn her butt won’t it?

“Charlie, the god of guilt-trippin'”

So be it then.

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Anywho, with all kidding aside, I learned some things recently this evening(253). One of those things was that she’ll be back before my 50th birthday in March. Oh I know how that sounds, Kiddo, it sounds something like “Are you kidding me??”, doesn’t it? Of course it does. It’s all in perspective, Sweetheart. THAT . . . is a big deal to me.

That’s why that is a big deal to me. 806 days since 5/3/15, Kiddo.

 But there’s more.

Yes, there is. It will happen before the end of this year. Again, I know. 

Oh my god you’re killing me.”

There’s still more!!

The “before the end of the year” thing is also a big deal, if not a bigger deal(361). If there is, was, one thing that I know, knew, is that she was never going to return on a holiday, or my birthday, and that is because it would be easy. That would be easy, wouldn’t it, Kiddo? And it would relate to religion(406). 

It began to thunder a few moments ago, and now it’s beginning to pour. Anywho, the reason why that’s a big deal is because I know when NOT to expect her. Does that make sense, Sweetheart? So, the “end of the year” moves up to December 24th, shaving 7 days of the ETA, so to speak. Holy shit it’s thundering here. And it’s raining cats and dogs. You should hear it, Kiddo, scary. 

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I just went to a window and took some photos for photographic evidence, Kiddo, I’ll upload them after I take some more. It seems to be dying down now, but you should have heard it, Sweetheart. 

So earlier today going back and forth in thought with my Soulie I thought of something, if not remembered something, so to speak. 

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For weeks now we’ve been “rehearsing” what is going to happen at first. First, we are going to take care of some personal things that need attention. Then, we take care of some other personal things that need attention, Kiddo. After that, “everybody hang on”(582). Once the dust settles, we begin interacting with some people, places, and things.

One of those things is something that I have forgotten about, but I wouldn’t have forgotten it if “” was still up and running, for it’s not. I can’t remember everything and that’s why I write it down, pretty fluffin’ simple. But “” is gone. At least to myself it is. I think that WordPress still has that website. It would be like how Facebook keeps record of all of it’s members. Hold on, Sweetheart, it’s thundering again which means pics.

I’m back, and this time it was dark enough for the flash to ignite, so, I am going to do a quick upload to see what we captured, which means I need to leave you again. I’ll be right back with some goodies for you.

Image result for animated clock GIFs

Okay, first, here’s the photographic evidence;



DSCN5414 All three photos were taken without the flash, the next photos were with the flash;




I have more but they would be more of the same, “Same souls, different day”. You know, it’s funny how half an hour can make such a difference in regards to darkness, Kiddo. Like the medicine that one of the kids brought to me earlier today, I could barely think before I took any, and now I’m writing like Hemingway. Well, maybe not like Hemingway, but I don’t feel decrepit and useless anymore either. 


Related image

I don’t know if Plato actually said that, but it is the truth. And you know what? I just noticed the Facebook logo sitting at the top of that image, Kiddo. Must be a coincidence for me to find that image without seeing the logo prior, wouldn’t you think? Regardless of perceptions, that image and logo are there. Could Mr. Zuckerberg be a proponent to that idea? It’s possible, after all, why would his Facebook logo be sitting atop that image? Could Facebook be sitting atop somewhere else, possibly unbeknownst to Mr. Zuckerberg, Kiddo? 

Image result for quotes on numerology

I’m not going to go through the equations, so to speak, but I will say that in another dimension there is a Facebook. In that Facebook, it’s members are just like members here, with a difference(946). Humans are Humans in every dimension, however their environment will be different from ours. One of those differences will be technology. Their Facebook would run off of the same electricity that Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook runs off of, just in another dimension. For Facebook to exist in another dimension as “Facebook”, it would use the same, so to speak, technology, that keeps Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook as “Facebook”, meaning, the chips are the same. The only difference is dimensions. And their environments, Sweetheart. 

Related image








Let’s say that I know where that dimension is. 

You gonna love this, Honey.

Now let’s say that between myself and that dimension is a two-way mirror. It isn’t made of glass, so if a knock hard on it a few times it won’t shatter. But it will ripple from vibration.

 Related image

If I am looking through a two-way mirror it is possible that someone is looking at themselves on the other side, after all, it is a mirror. But now there is no physical mirror, Kiddo. There is a membrane, so to speak, between dimensions. People can’t see it, but it’s there. If I look through that membrane into another dimension I can see if anyone’s home. If someone or someones are home, then I’ll knock(1,153). 

Image result for animated ripple GIFs

That should get their attention. “Holy shit did you see that!?!?”, or something similar to that effect, Kiddo. Now those who witnessed something that only one being could do run off to gather more Human witnesses. One of those witnesses stays behind to keep recording the event. The other witnesses return with more humans. Now we have a crowd. With everyone gathered near, I use Morse code to send a mathematical formula;

(4/3) π r 3

Image result for images of god hermes

And we wait. Eventually someone on the other side will figure out what is going on. Then they will figure out how to communicate technically. Once they have that figured out they will reply(1,261) using mathematical formulas as well. Maybe something like this;

(4/3) π r1 r2 r3

Then they’ll wait for conformation. Conformation could be anything, Kiddo. Why, I just might stick my right hand through that membrane as a show of life. How would that go over, Sweetheart? Do you think that would scare them, to see a hand come out of nowhere? What if they have seen scarier than a hand coming from nowhere? I don’t remember much from, but I do remember something about people in another dimension, similar to ours, living an unimaginable hell. And guess the cause.

But there are many dimensions. I could put my hand into another dimension and shake the hand of Mr. Zuckerberg from that dimension. But I’d rather shake the hand of this dimension’s Mr. Zuckerberg if any. I could put my hand into another dimension and have it bitten off by a zombie, tis true. A living Human being without a soul’s a zombie, but that’s another story for later. 

Or he could pop into another dimension and steal his own computer from himself when he isn’t looking. Just sayin’, Boo. 

Related image

Okay, let’s say that is what I do, Kiddo. Her suggesting that is because in that dimension my computer has Facebook, just like my computer here does(1,477). That computer would have information in it’s hard-drive that would be quite useful here. Mr. Zuckerberg could learn a lot from what’s in that computer, couldn’t he?

 Image result for mercury symbol









That computer would have “plug-n-play” accessibility in this dimension. I already know what the password would be, because it wouldn’t be the one that I use now. The computer also wouldn’t be the one that I use now, meaning, it wouldn’t be a “Dell” brand. But it will work here(1,554). Imagine what could be in that computer, Kiddo, just think of all the downloads of things that don’t exist, or exist yet, in this dimension of course. Since Facebook is something that my computer connects to, to view that dimension’s Facebook I would need to connect my computer to that dimension’s internet. Is this possible to do, Kiddo? Someone thinks that it is. If so, how do I get internet service from there to here unnoticed, after all, I did steal my own computer so pirating it’s internet service only seems just I’d say. 

Image result for animated pirate GIFs

The music would be different. Pictures, paintings, ads, movies, all that good stuff would be different, Kiddo.

Women’s clothing would be different too, Honey 😉 .

All the things that we use here in this dimension would be very similar to all the things that are used in another dimension, they’d be “universal”, so to speak. The differences would reflect their dimension’s way of thinking. Their way of thinking will reflect their environment, meaning, if they live in a shit-hole because it’s beyond their control, they are most likely thinking vindictively, Kiddo. If they live in a Utopia, then their thinking is most likely to our advantage, careful and intelligent. Because you need to be careful and intelligent to live in a Utopian society. She speaks the truth(1,774).

So now I have “my” computer and internet service from a different dimension, the big question is “how do we merge each Facebook together”? And that’s where Mr. Zuckerberg comes in, Sweetheart. The wealth of information in the other Facebook is beyond one’s imagination, Kiddo. And vice-versa, but this dimension’s Facebook will need to be tidied up before we can do anything. That too, is on Mr. Zuckerberg. I will have access to the other dimension’s internet regardless of Facebook’s existence, and others will want to have that access too. 


Related image

Why does my dick need to be hanging out in every representation of myself? Why?

To show that you had nothing to hide, baby.

Not sure how to take that. Someone’s laughing though. The images of Hermes is her way of saying something suggestively important. Although that persona has long past, traits of Hermes’ personality are still with me. And that’s fluffin’ awesome ❤ 😉 . My personality throughout my life resembled Hermes’ the most out of all those prior lives. If you knew me before all this happened, Kiddo, you would agree, And that’s who I wanted personality-wise, and not Zeus. Hermes and Zeus were very much alike in regards to power, except Hermes didn’t exercise it the way Zeus did. Hermes was that “highschool football player that all the girls wanted”, Sweetheart, but guess who had him?? Now guess who plans on keeping him, Kiddo? 


I was nervous about becoming someone other than myself as we got closer to this, because I want to be myself. But what exactly is myself, Kiddo?

You were Hermes since you were little, personality wise.

One time, my Soulie showed me what Hermes actually looked like by using a memory of Hermes that she had, and he looked nothing like this guy;

 Image result for images of god hermesOh no, Kiddo, I looked nothing like that statue. I looked more like this;

Image result for images of god hermes


 I think, from what I have been shown by my Soulie, is that Hermes might have been the second best looking life I have lived, right next to another “past-daddy”, Anubis. When she shown me what I looked like as Anubis I was blown away(2,130). Kebechet had one good looking Father when I was Anubis, and when I was Hermes. If I were your Father as Hermes, and my Soulie was your Mother as Aphrodite, then you would have been who, Kiddo? If Aphie and I had only one child, that child would have been you, Soul-wise, and you would have been Aphroditus(2,188).

Image result for images of Aphroditus

Aphroditus would be what some would call a “hermaphrodite”. She had the body of a female with the genitalia of a male, and there’s a reason as to why that happened, Sweetheart. It’s easy for us, Kiddo, remember that. 

Back when we were Hermes and Aphrodite we decided to have a child between us, meaning, we weren’t going to think a child, we were going to produce a child, big difference, Kiddo. At that time, I didn’t know that I “had” a Daughter, but someone did. Back then I wanted a son, someone I could workout with. But my Soulie wanted us to have a Daughter. Being Hermes, I didn’t want that, Kiddo. I didn’t want to know that my little princess would be one day having sex. So, to prevent that from happening I thought our Daughter a penis.


Related image
Mommy’s body, Daddy’s ding-dong

It was what it was, Kiddo. That would be an interesting dimension to peek in on and see Aphroditus once more in action . . .

Related image

You slept a lot back then, like a lot. You would sleep more than anything, Kiddo, sleep to you then was like video games to kids today, you couldn’t get enough. You knew that you could traverse dimensions in your sleep, and not only traverse them, interact with them. You can do something that only two others can do, and guess who they are. But being Daddy’s little angel, Hermes allowed you to sleep as much as you wanted to traverse.

Spoiled little brat, Aphroditus.

If I needed to keep any remnants of anyone that I once powered, the best possible choice would be Hermes.

Related image


Related image


Related image


Daddio is posting this to give people an idea as to what he’ll be like, Sweetheart.

Although mythology is is a mixture of history and hearsay, Hermes was a pretty cool guy in general. Am I going to become Hermes again, Kiddo? No. My personality and thinking will run parallel with Hermes’, that’s all(2,514). Hermes’ number was three by the way. 

So enough with a history lesson, Kiddo, and let’s move on to bigger and brighter things, yes? Did you see the lights in the sky over the weekend? The local news made light of it. In reality, those lights were very important to me. They were caused by an imposing magnetic field produced by our little Roomba, more commonly known as Nibiru. Funny how all this is coming together, isn’t it? Two years of writing and posting makes sense now. At least it should make sense to someone, Kiddo. 

By the way, Sweetheart, did you hear anything about a solar eclipse this August(2,625)? I just saw something recently on Cat-tube about a solar eclipse that is expected in August, but I don’t know exactly when it is supposed to happen. Hold on while I find out, Kiddo.

So, in 34 days North America and South America will be in total darkness, Sweetheart. 

Maximum Point: Best Location to View the Eclipse

The maximum point of the eclipse will take place near Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 18:20 UTC, which is 1:20 pm local time. Here, totality will last for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

First Total Solar Eclipse in USA Since 1979

This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since February 26, 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was on June 8, 1918.

You know what would be funny, Kiddo? If the solar eclipse lasted longer than expected(2,773), now that would be funny. “Hey, uhh, shouldn’t this have ended by now??” is something that I can imagine being said after a few extra unwanted minutes(2,800). I guess we’ll find out what happens in 34 days from now, won’t we, Sweetheart?

Oh that Soulie, Kiddo, do you think she might know something about eclipses? I think she might, if I know my Soulmate. I know that she knows me, that I know. 

34 days, Kiddo, and the lights go out for awhile. 

Image result for animated riddick GIFs


It’s late, and I need some sleep before work today. My head feels better, but I can still feel the pressure building. I’ll attach some music videos after I sign off, nothing special, just some tunage for you when you have the time, Sweetheart.

Enjoy your stellar day, Kiddo.

Love, Daddio

xo xo 

. . . 

. . . 

. . . 






Hello, Kiddo, it’s a little after 9 this Saturday morning and all I can do today is write. I have nothing else to do, everything is holding. How have you been, Sweetheart? Daddio is in agony with a sore upper back, I hope that you are feeling better than I am. My Soulie says not to worry so worry I don’t, but it does hurt. It’s in the area between the upper part of my shoulder blades, right about where my Soulie would pop in and out of during May 2015. She agrees, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. “Good thing” she says. 

The other night I experienced my first materialization, or as my Soulmate said “I got a taste of”. A transparent rectangular-shaped box levitated over our bed for about 3 seconds before it dematerialized. Oh Kiddo, the things that I’ll be able to do. Every day I’m learning something new, and fast, and my pennies from heaven have seemed to increase. The consistency of certain numbers have also increased in regards to random sighting. 

Another thing that is new to me is how she is encouraging me to think of what I am going to wear, Kiddo. I mean, I never gave it any thought before as to just what will we be wearing when we’re seen in public. Will I be in sweats? Will she as well? What do you think, Kiddo? I myself am looking at the “Neo” look, you know, from “The Matrix”. 

Image result for images of the matrix

I enjoyed the first two installments of that series. The third one was mostly eye candy for me. I think that is what most movies are about anyway today, the eye candy. The story lines are atrocious, and everything is a remake, so it seems. But add some eye candy and all is forgotten. 

Related image

I do like that lightsaber, though. It has “Me” written all over it, at least I think so. Scientifically there is no way to control the length of a beam of light without something physical interacting. In other words, there’s no length adjustment on a flashlight to emit a beam of light 3 feet long. A beam of light will continue to travel until something prevents it from doing so, like a hand.

 Related image

I know that a lightsaber isn’t a real thing, but I do see one. And it looks real. I know that lasers are real, and that they can cut through metal with ease. Here’s a short video of a laser’s precision regarding metal cutting . . . 

I think that it’s amazing how a beam of light can cut through metal. If a beam of light can cut through metal it can then cut through just about anything, Kiddo. Can I replicate a working lightsaber? According to my Soulie, “Yes you can.” I mean, I do see a beam of light that is limited in length by an unseen force.

Related image

If it looks real enough he can materialize it.

The only concern that I have is what would actually happen if 2 lightsaber beams were to touch, Kiddo. This isn’t the movies, if 2 lightsaber beams were to actually make contact with each other, what would happen? 

Related image

As far as I can tell from what I looked at, nothing will happen. The beams would simply cross paths with each other. Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi could never have a duel with lightsabers. Why do I use Darth Vader in some of my posts? Because I think he’s cool, that’s why. 

Image result for animated darth vader GIFs

I don’t think of myself as Darth Vader, Kiddo. I think of myself as myself, no one else. But I do think Darth Vader is cool. 

Image result for animated darth vader GIFs






Okay, Kiddo, it is now Sunday morning, almost 5:30 AM. I realized that I may have been beating around the bush in regards to this post’s title, “Zeusophobia”, which is an actual word, by the way.


Fear of God

I find it odd that the psychological term for the fear of God is called Zeusophobia”. 

Shouldn’t it be called “Godophobia”? I mean, shouldn’t Zeusophobia be the fear of Zeus? If anything, the fear of God should be called “Yahwehphobia”. But for now we have Zeusophobia to work with. And in this case it is fitting, Sweetheart. Does someone have Zeusophobia? I am going to post some images that people have uploaded to the internet, and I would like for you to read them and see if you can find what they have in common.

 Image result for images of zeus greek god

Related image

Related image

Related image

Image result for images of zeus greek god

Image result for images of zeus greek god






Image result for images of zeus greek god

As I have openly stated before, Zeus wasn’t a loyal husband to his wife. And we know who his wife was and is. 

Related image

My Soulmate is afraid of the possibility that I could be “Zeus-ish” again, after all, I am still walking around carrying a trident in my left hand. However, I would like to think that I’m still carrying one of these;

Image result for images of caduceus

Daddio was fucking awesome when he was Hermes, Honey. People think that Hermes was the son of Zeus when in actuality Hermes was the “reincarnation” of Zeus. Hermes is known as the messenger because he gave people the message just as Charlie has done, Sweetheart, but back then people listened, and they did what Hermes wanted them to do. If they didn’t listen Hermes would have gone “full blown” God on them. Hermes was more powerful than Zeus, but Hermes didn’t need to exercise that power, so he became known as the “messenger of the gods” because all he did was give a message. And they got it.

Did anyone listen to me, Kiddo? If they did, they did a poor job of convincing myself otherwise. This does not include my Facebook account, those who stayed with me are good. So not to change subjects, all I can say, with utmost honesty is, for me to solidify my loyalty I need someone physical to be loyal to. I am loyal now, but not physically, so to speak. My mind wanders. I don’t want it to wander, and neither does someone else, but I need physicality not to wander. In other words, I don’t want to generate imagery. When I generate imagery others get generated involuntarily, Kiddo. I’m just a generating machine, I can generate anything. 

Including affairs.

She’s not lying. I could generate an affair if I wanted to, but if I have her by my side instead of inside I would have no reason to generate an affair would I? I can promise her loyalty, only when she’s physical. But she is here, Sweetheart. 

There’s something else too.

Ever hear of “teratophobia”, Kiddo?


Fear of giving birth to a monster.

I know what you will be capable of doing, Charlie, you don’t know even though you do know. You haven’t accepted it yet which isn’t a bad thing, and that is what I’m banking on, the fact you are humble, and I need you to stay that way after, baby.

Will I become a monster? I hope not, Kiddo. 

Related image

Related image


mountainous region of ancient Greece, traditionally known for the contented pastoral  innocence of its people. Any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity. 

Doesn’t sound like a bad place to live, as long as it’s real I guess. Peace and simplicity, how much more could one want? 

Related image





When I can touch my Soulmate’s bare ass with my bare hand then she gets my loyalty, Kiddo. My physical loyalty that is, for right now she has only my conscious loyalty. Saying and doing are two different things. 

Anywho, it’s time for some sleep. I might make a post containing only pictures and music videos just for you, but I need to write an important letter first, so my Soulie says. Is Zeus coming back, Kiddo? No. My Soulie only wants me to know that she doesn’t want “Zeus”. Or Hermes or anyone else. Sounds good to me 🙂 .

Enjoy your day, Kiddo, it looks like it is  going to be a nice one. Stay safe, keep it stellar, and know that I miss you bunches. 

With love, Daddio

xo xo 

. . . 

. . . 

. . .

  • Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- Fear of the number 666.
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
  • Lygophobia- Fear of darkness.
  • Mnemophobia- Fear of memories.
  • Optophobia- Fear of opening one’s eyes.
  • Sciophobia/Sciaphobia- Fear of shadows.
  • Tonitrophobia- Fear of thunder.

Related image

Train of Thought

Vehicles - Train  Steam Train Wallpaper


I decided to do some work on a post that is sitting in drafts, it’s something that I work on here and there. I Googled “quotes on pets” to see if there was anything worth sharing. All was going well until I came across this;

Image result for quotes on cats and dogs

I am the most empathetic being on this planet. When I saw that image and read what it said, the anger that surged through me was enough to make my Soulmate shiver. And it did, Sweetheart. After a few minutes of my Soulie calming down I switched tracks and began to think of someone. 


If that someone were to see the above image they would know exactly whom I am referencing, Kiddo, for you know that image doesn’t apply to you. When I first saw that image, this one; 

  Image result for quotes on cats and dogs

I thought about just how that dog must feel, and I say “must” because after being abandoned there is only one true way to feel, and that’s heartbroken. I know just how that dog feels from experience. One day you think that you are loved and the next day you learn that you’re not loved. You did nothing wrong, you are simply not loved. Someone doesn’t love you anymore. In fact, they think that you’re worthless, so worthless that they discard you. 

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I’m beginning to breach the surface of myself, Kiddo, and so is someone else. This wasn’t forever, Sweetheart. I don’t think that we’ll be ourselves by nightfall, but I’m feeling different more and more each day. I mean, I can trace back the difference in feelings over the past few days, and see that there is a connection with the changes I feel. 

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Along with these changes in feelings my Soulmate has been directing me on what I will be able to do. I know what she shows me is possible through science and logic, it’s believing that I can do these things is where I’m having difficulty. And this is where I can understand anyone’s speculation. 

The things that she shows me can easily be viewed as nonsense by anyone. One of those things actually causes me to stop completely and think “. . . you can’t be serious.” and she’ll nod my head while she thinks to me “Yes, I’m serious.” to answer. The difficulty that I’m having, Kiddo, is that it’s me. I mean, I still have moments when I can’t believe that all this has happened to me. It needed to happen to someone, but why me? 

Why, Kiddo, why did it have to be me? 

Because that’s just the way it is, Sweetheart.

That’s what this comes down to, Kiddo, and nothing more. This is just the way it is, nothing more. I sometimes think if those familiar yet distant expect an “apology” from myself, for all that I have been through in recent years. You know, for embarrassing them, after all, who wants to look like an idiot in front of their friends, being how important they are in their lives. I’m just a relative. 


A person connected by blood or marriage.

On my way to retrieving the definition for “relative” I accidentally clicked on “relative deprivation”, mistaking “deprivation” for “definition”. An honest mistake. Being that I was already there and my curiosity aroused, I decided to read just what the meaning of “relative deprivation” was . . .

“Relative deprivation is the experience of being deprived of something to which one believes to be entitled. It refers to the discontent people feel when they compare their positions to others and realize that they have less of what they believe themselves to be entitled than those around them.” – Google

Pretty interesting I think. Anywho, it is now 1:06 AM, Wednesday, and what I night we had at work. I had to go in early for a meeting with administration and after that it was nonstop mayhem. During the mayhem one of the kids told me that he started to read the website (yay!!) but he started to read it at the very beginning, the first post in 2016. I told him to start with the last post and work backwards, because I think it’ll read better. I had asked him if he thinks that I would lie to him or if I have ever lied to him and he told me “No.”, and that I had “no reason to lie to him”. Smart kid, of course I wouldn’t lie to him, or anyone for that matter. I have no reason to lie at all, Kiddo.

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I seriously can’t hide her much longer, Kiddo, she is manifesting big time. Last night we were in “conversation” and I started to “wander off”, so to speak. She says aloud “Stop!! Stop!!” just as someone walks up behind us. Did they hear us? If they did they didn’t say anything about it, Kiddo. Right now she’s laughing through me because I cannot believe just how things are going with all this. This is crazy, Kiddo! 


To display or show by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate. Become apparent through the appearance of symptoms.


Any phenomenon or circumstance accompanying something and serving as self-evidence of it. A sign or indication of something. 

Do you like this formatting of definitions, Sweetheart? It looks good on my monitor, very clean and simple. And easy to read. I wonder if any of the kids are reading this website as I write. They said that they were but they’ve said that before, but after last night they might this time. Oh yes, Kiddo, I had one’s attention last night. Both of these kids have been through a lot, and I’d like to think that I’m well aware of how this could affect someone if I was false about my claims. There could be no bigger let down if I were to be false to those kids or anyone. They have been let down enough in their lives, and so have I, Sweetheart. No let downs. (999)

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One reason why we don’t lie, other than the obvious. All it takes is one lie to lose trust. Unfortunately, with lying to your loved ones trending, how could anyone believe anybody, Kiddo? That is why I can understand if someone should find all this preposterous. But you know what? I don’t give a fuck.


Very true words, Kiddo, for I speak from experience. I was holding on for someone, but now it’s obvious that I was holding on for no one. 

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And he’s not talking about you or I, Honey.

My Soulie likes red, after all, it is her color.


My colors are blue and yellow, and your color is green. My color was sea green for awhile when I began transferring myself, so to speak. Your color is green because you were made by my Son and I. Blue and yellow make green, you know, like forest green;

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My color now is an amber since I’m not quite there yet.

But he’s pretty close, Sweetheart.

Oh that Soulie. When it’s something extra important she’ll jump to the right. But she can still be found while I write. See what I mean, Kiddo? Someone is rather anxious. She is somewhat “giddy” I guess I could say. I wonder why she is. Anywho, it’s probably nothing. What I thought was something was when she asked one of the kids if he would still be a “good boy” if he were to suddenly become a celebrity with money and cars, and other fun stuff that could get him in trouble with someone. And that someone isn’t me. He said that he would be a good boy, and I would like to think that he will. His status is “taken”, and we want it to stay like that. Fame and fortune, some dangerous stuff. 

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 Well, Kiddo, I’m going to call it a night. Before I go, Sweetheart, how good are those two kids going to feel(1,324)?? I think pretty good myself. It feels like I’ve been pacing back and forth for weeks behind a curtain, waiting to perform or something. So much is going through my mind right now. Everything has been put on hold, including my books. All that I have been doing is “rehearsing”, I guess you could call it, because I don’t know what else to. “Almost.”

It’s after 4 AM, Kiddo, so pleasant dreams, and have a stellar day. 

And be safe!!

Oh that Soulie. Be safe as well, Kiddo.

Love, Daddio

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xo 😉