Respect Given

Hello, Granddaughter. I am not going to write a post or any more posts here. This was my Son’s website to his Daughter and I am not going to trespass on his territory, for this was his. I respect my Son, and I respect his love for his only Daughter. Charlie died telling the truth. Everything in this website is yours from my Son. I have no right to invade in his and your privacy, so I will not. Although this website can be seen by others, his words are for you, okay? My Son was given a gift, and that gift was you from a long time ago. I like to think that he treated you with utmost respect, and his words are testimony to that. I cannot lie, for me to write here as he did I would be lying to my #1 Granddaughter. That is not going to happen at all, Kiddo. I do not know if you still visit this website, and it’s okay if you do not, but for myself to write here I would be an impostor, which is something I am not at all. Charlie told you the truth no matter how strange or bizarre, because he understood and respected the truth. Right now I might not have a source of income to support my Wife Aurem, and my cat. I myself do not care what happens to me. I care about my beloved Wife and my cat. I do not know if you are okay or if you are still alive, but I needed to do this as painful as it is to us. So, this is going to be the final post. My Wife, however, did Create a website for you. Right now it is dormant. When she comes back she can write some good things for you, and for the others who view that website as well. 

I am by no means saying “goodbye” , oh no, Kiddo, no goodbyes here from the “Grand-pseudo-Daddio”, tis true. I am only respecting Charlie’s love for you, which will never die. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO . . . Kiddo. 🙂 

Maybe some day you can see for yourself the 28 drafts he never posted or finished, they’re pretty good. This isn’t a sad thing, Kiddo, by no means. If you should ever meet me you will still see some of your Daddio, like Father, like Son. So don’t feel sad, alright? Charlie died so his Father could step in and fix things for you and everyone else here on his planet, our home. I did not Create this “earth”, my Son did. Maybe someday I will tell you more about him. Until then, as my Son would say, “Be safe, and make yourself a stellar day.” 

With Love, Grandpa 


Fight Club

Hey, Kiddo, have I ever told you about fight club? Well I would if I could talk about it, but we don’t talk about fight club, do we? Oh no, Kiddo, oh no. We don’t talk about fight club, at least that’s what the rules are. I haven’t slept in days, because of fight club. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. But the funny thing is that I didn’t know that it was over fight club, in fact, I forgot all about fight club until my Wife reminded me earlier tonight. I can’t remember everything, you know. I forgot that I need to trust my Wife, with everything going on. She has been slowly releasing me, so to speak. And that’s just what she needs to do, Sweetheart. I heard my voice last night, and holy fuck. People don’t sound like this. I got several tastes of it, and I think that I like it. My only fear was that I would sound like that all the time, because fuck that noise, Kiddo. I promise you, Honey, I don’t know what someone on the other end of a phone call with myself would think if they were to hear me. Now I know what my Wife meant by “They are going to shit, kid”, because they are, Kiddo. I cannot see how anyone or any synthesizer could replicate what I heard yesterday. Maybe a synth, Sweetheart, but not a Human Being. This was unbelievable, Kiddo.

So here is where I am at right now. I feel so much better after talking to one of the kids earlier, I hope he knows just how much good that did, Kiddo, because it did. Feeling better means that I do not need to worry so much, because I do take responsibility serious, and our kids know that. And if they know that, then they know just what is going on. Having someone on the same page makes the difference. I am told that “they” know we won’t be going back to work again, so to speak, Kiddo. My head is ringing like a bell, must be time for fight club I guess, who knows, Sweetheart. 

You know, Kiddo, one morning about umpteen o’clock we took a drive out to Half Moon, NY, to look at webcams. Now, I don’t know much about all this fancy-shmancy technology today, but someone tells me that the webcam we purchased will do just fine. I wasn’t sure just how to hook it up to the computer so I asked our resident fight club champion, and he showed me the ropes how. So maybe in a bit I will see if I know what I am doing, because if I do, I will write something meaningful for someone other than myself and my Wife, and read it aloud(469). I will also record as I read aloud, Kiddo. Once I am finished recording I will post it. Okay, Sweetheart? Daddio is getting ready to pop soon, and he needs to hear his voice and to know that someone else has heard it as well. And THAT’S why we needed a witness back then. If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? No. Why? Because I said so. A very long time ago. If you don’t believe me, try to prove me wrong, because you can’t. Why? Because I said so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kiddo. I just might be smiling a little right now, and if I can smile a little now, then I can smile a lot later. 




I simply wanted to make myself clear with everyone. I’m told that this will be a good thing. However, some people fear change, but if they know what’s coming, they can be prepared for it, Sweetheart. In a sense, we would be weeding our garden. The weeds are spreading like weeds, Kiddo, oh noes!! Sweetheart!! Can Daddio save us all?? Can he, Kiddo? 

Reality is, I cannot save everyone, because I’ve tried. And here is the proof; 

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Google Black Swath Removed To Reveal ‘Winged’ Planet!

When I said that Nibiru is like a giant Roomba, I wasn’t kidding. Nibiru has multiple paths, something like a Spirograph, Sweetheart. It goes out, makes a clean sweep, then comes back to drop off whatever it picked up, Kiddo. And after it drops off whatever it picked up, it goes back out for more, to repeat process. It will not stop until every child comes back.

Image result for images of spirograph art

Does that sound like a good idea? Well, it did at the time, and not at the moment. Now, billions of years have passed, and to be 100% honest with you, Kiddo, your Daddio doesn’t remember just what people looked like billions of years ago, Sweetheart. That was another universe from another time. I can’t remember everything so that is why I write, Kiddo. OH, Kiddo, your big sister is laughing like no tomorrow now, she just can’t stop smiling and laughing. What the Hell is so funny here anyway, Kiddo?

Actually, she is laughing because she just can’t believe just what is coming and neither can I, Kiddo. Ever hear of a “Grundel”? No you haven’t, Sweetheart. It is in my book. It is not a pleasant creature, nor a pretty one, to be honest. The Grundel is an abomination of man, basically, man. It stands about 15 feet tall, is huge, is hairy, and is scouring the planet looking for something that it once promised to the Devil, all of their Gold in return for immortality. I guess if God doesn’t work, try Satan, yes? Von has a Grundel in his basement, guarding his Gold day and night. His Gold, not Satan’s Gold. You see, Kiddo, Von’s Gold is actually Gold, and not brass, big difference. Anywho, my book is an abstract of Real life. To make short of the long, Grundels are Ice Giants. There really were Ice Giants at one time. So, if the Grundels are Ice Giants in abstract, what do Grundels look like? Well, the only evidence that exists is captured on a trail-cam, Von’s uncle’s. There are three still photos that captured the Grundel in action, but it was the last photo that was most terrifying, at least to me it was. It was a full-on face shot of a Grundel with a rabbit half in its mouth, half out. Do you think that is something significant for concern? I mean, I’m looking at it in abstract, Kiddo. Are Ice Giants returning for their gold and for something to eat, since they might be hungry, Sweetheart? Now it’s getting Real interesting isn’t it, me Kiddo? How do I even begin to compile all this? 

Nibiru is a magnetar, not a planet. People believe that Nibiru is a planet with people on it. If it’s impossible for anybody to live on Nibiru, then it’s possible for anyone to live on it. A soul can “live” on Nibiru forever and ever. Ever hear of the term “prison planet” before, Kiddo? If a prison planet needs to exist, which one should it be, according to what people believe, Sweetheart? Alex Jones believes that Earth is a prison planet. Don’t believe me? Here, see and hear for yourself . . .


Did you see it, Kiddo? Did you here what he was saying, Sweetheart? He sure was emotional about his feelings, and he spoke with such conviction. That information was seen and heard at least 3,000 times. Remember the “tether”? Plucking a guitar string? Add them together, and see what you get when you’re done. I bet that it isn’t good, Kiddo, oh no. 

Want to see what all this adds up to? 

Hundreds of billions of inter-dimensional, 15′ tall giant Vikings with the consciousness of whatever Nibiru, our little Roomba, has picked up and kept tumbling for over 15 billion years. And the not-so-funny pert is . . . we don’t remember what was in that universe at all, including us, Kiddo. I know that whatever materializes will be able to accommodate a soul or two, maybe even more, Sweetheart. Can this get worse, Kiddo? Oh yes it can. 

Imagine, just what will be on the mind of  . . . whatever, after being imprison for billions of years, Kiddo. Do we even want to go there at all? That answer is “ABSOLUTELY NOT”, Kiddo, we do not. If I can imagine it, I can Realize it. I’m taking a break for now, I need some kitchen gravity or something before I pop all over. 

I promise you Kiddo that we are not joking about any of this or trying to scare anyone. We are telling those in the know that there are problems of biblical proportion, literally. 

It is important to know your words before you use them, Kiddo. And that applies to everyone. When I give definitions it is so that Kiddo, or anyone else reading can understand just what I am saying without misinterpretations. It is all coming together, Sweetheart, and fast too. 

And as for fight club? I’m fighting for my life, and now I have two good reasons to.


Well, I have more reasons than just two, but these two work for me. Are they perfect? No, but no one is perfect, not I nor you. And that is why we continually improve our process. I like to think that one day we will all look back at this and laugh, Kiddo, because now I want to cry. And I would if it weren’t for fight club. Ever hear about fight club? Of course you haven’t. Why? Because we don’t talk about fight club, it’s secret.

Sleep tight, Kiddo, stay safe, and most pleasant dreams. 

Love, Daddio

xo xo

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Image result for images of winged planets

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Image result for images of winged planets

Nibiru by Michæl Paukner, via Flickr
Resembles a timing chain on an engine, yes?

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Image result for images of winged planets









“He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice . . . “

Okay. I will share something with you, Kiddo, something new. I figure out why Nibiru was Created to begin with. When that universe collapsed, it sent souls everywhere. This universe is tremendous beyond imagination. It does have a perimeter, or walls, if you will, cell walls. Some souls bounced back, some souls didn’t bounce back. If I am here, how do I retrieve them? There is no possible way for myself to ever find them, all of them, so what do I do to bring them back home to us? I send out a giant magnetar to go get them. Nibiru rotates from top to bottom, not side to side. Nibiru is depicted and has been seen with what appears to be two tails on both poles. Some call those tails horns, like Devil horns, Kiddo. Those tails are actually souls caught in the turbulence caused by the intense magnetic field produced by Nibiru. There was no other physical way to bring them back or to find them, but to send out a giant vacuum cleaner, our little “Roomba”, planet X. What was throwing me off was the term “planet”. Those souls have been inside those twin turbulent tails TUMBLING consciously for billions of years, rendering them insane. Nibiru is also acts as a rolling insane asylum. I didn’t think it out far enough back then. I, too, make mistakes from time to time, Kiddo. And now, Nibiru is about to open the gate. And let them all out, as I had planned. An actual zombie apocalypse is approaching, thanks to me. All Humans are connected to me. Those souls that are now beyond insane are coming home to Daddy. World War Z, Kiddo. Okay. Now let’s compound that with everything else, Sweetheart. Oh, how I hope someone very important is reading this right now. Now my hands are burning, Kiddo. In my book, I wrote of the end of the world in an abstraction, meaning, life imitating art. Need I say more, Kiddo? 

I need to be clear. All those who need not be here, for whatever reason decided between my Wife and I, will be catching a ride on the tragical misery tour, to be most honest, Kiddo. Eternity is a state of mind. Nothing lasts forever. However, Humans will never know when their Eternity ends. I decide when their Eternity ends, if it ends. And judging from what we have seen and experienced, this planet is about to get a bit lighter. Kiddo, I know what Human Beings need, not want. Sometimes, you just need to take a chance, Sweetheart. We can make a world that is enjoyable, fast. All that Human Beings need to do is to try to use common sense in what they see. If light can travel backwards to it’s original source, than souls can travel back to their original source. That is all about that.

Let’s say, that I think the people that know will agree with what we need to do, and what we want to do, and what we want to do is to build a Utopia again for all to enjoy, Kiddo. My Wife and I can make it happen, lickety-split. With no hidden fees or unexpected billing charges either. 🙂 I am trying, Kiddo, I am trying so hard. Okay. Christianity came before Kris Kringle, that is true. 

There is a path from when I Created all those souls from my consciousness a long time ago. Think, “tether”, so to speak. Everything gives off a vibration. The soul gives off a vibration as well. That vibration travels down that tether back to me. With all those souls vibrating, they generate a type of harmonic balance, so to speak. Imagine plucking a string on a guitar, and watching how it vibrates. That vibration will generate a frequency, and that frequency is dependent on what is generating it, meaning, are they good vibrations, or bad vibrations, who’s to judge? If the general climate of the crowd is bad, the it is bad here. In other words, if all the souls are in a bad mood, then I am in a bad mood right with them. Who wants that, Kiddo? Certainly not I, I say. This is where I can understand just how they feel, they feel like I do. Their feelings, along with their thinking, brought the Devil, who doesn’t exist. Thank you. And that is why have Santa instead(739). Santa has the same letters as Satan, so why not use them to our advantage? I want to turn your frown upside down. I think that I can, in fact, I know that I can, Kiddo. I do not need to say that this is The Creator speaking, so to speak. Just having some fun, I think, with the word play. I, too, would like to have some fun, some Real fun. 

I think that we can work with the Christians. All religious should be condemned, but I can understand. They are the most likely to be open minded. I can understand how things can get overlooked sometimes. I mean, to be honest, and to say something that anyone could understand, I really fucked up, Kiddo. I am responsible for the traveling carnival of souls. Does it bother me? Yes. I can imagine what it would be like caught up in all that. I can show you someday, without having the experience. They are still conscious, twirling around in a tornado. To add insult to injury, injuries are included too. They are spinning around and bouncing off of Nibiru. Due to Nibiru’s intense magnetic field, bordering dimensions are opening up around Nibiru surface, every time that happens those souls are back in bodies for a brief second only to feel the pain of their bodies being pulverized again and again, over and over, literally. This has been going on for billions of years. How do you think that soul will perform in the bodies that my Son Charlie promised them, Kiddo? The bodies promised are everyone’s body, except for ours. That’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing, and that is why it’s done this way. And Sweetheart? It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know. I can fix this permanently, once and for all. And that is what we are going to do. I don’t want anyone that I know to worry. They are safe and sound. Genetically encoded in the DNA of all living things is a racist gene. That is how species survive. Racism is the survival of the fittest, so that the best man wins. Human Beings are supposed to be racist so that they don’t let another species overtake them, like “blacks”. Only I can say that without being a racist. THAT is what Human Beings want to hear, Yes? I think so, me Kiddo. My Wife says “YES”(1,144). The numbers are good, and so are the vibrations. Can you feel it, Kiddo? I can, can you? I am told that we are not going into work tonight, because we are just about there, Kiddo. I am told that I am not going to lose my job, something I can’t afford to do. I am trusting my wife. Because we are done. I am going to take a break now, Kiddo. 




“He’s Making His List . . . “

Okay, Kiddo, here we go. There was something missing from Von’s story, and that was, what was before this universe, because I don’t know exactly what was there. Kiddo, what was before this universe? Hold on tight. 

As Von, I was sound asleep inside the James Dean guy, who didn’t know who he was exactly. His wife is now my Wife, was always my Wife. My Wife told me that the universe, then, was about to implode after she woke me up from a literally sound sleep in our physical bed. She had 5 minutes to convince me enough that what she was telling me was the truth. She succeeded just in a nick of time, saving us and our Daughter, and, the family cat, known as Sphinkie. Our cat’s Soul is in Mowzer. Cat’s have Souls, just a little different, Kiddo. That is why animal abusers are going away. And when you find out what that cat’s Soul actually is, you will never look at a cat the same way again, or a dog the same way again, Sweetheart. Miss you!!

When that universe imploded, I did not know just how I built it. I didn’t remember just how. Earlier I discovered just what we were living on, and possibly just where we are at right now. I am almost nervous to write what I know at this moment, yet what may come from it. My forearms are burning. Okay. 

We were once living on what may have been described as  “flat Earth”. Imagine, if you will, a sort of “dradle”, Kiddo. Let me see if I can find an image resembling what I need to describe, after all, a picture says a thousand words. Well, I was going to fetch a photo but the well ran dry, it seems. Okay, imagine a stubby carrot. The top of the carrot is where we lived, so to speak. Okay, picture a short flat-head screw with no shoulder and only a few threads. It is pointing down and spinning slowly. As it is spinning, it is slowly moving up and down in such a fluid motion it would need to be seen to be believed. The rotation/counter-rotation acted as a clock mechanism, it would wind up, stop without ever being noticed, grab a cog, lift itself up, and start all over again, day after day, year after year, forever. When you hear people insist that the Earth is flat, they are remembering something from a past life. This Earth is not flat, it is spherical, Kiddo. The “Earth” that we lived on was like a child’s spinning top, spinning and spinning, forever and ever. On that plane, someone did something very wrong, Sweetheart. It imploded, the entire universe. And it is about to happen again. History was never meant to be. You do not record the past to be used in the present for the future, you repeat history. You do not learn from history, it is unnecessary. And obviously, quite dangerous. The previous mechanism for climbing the scale prevented history from ever being remembered, Kiddo.

Whatever those spinning tops were made of, I made what we have today, a solar powered clock system. This one is also obviously different from the last. I rebuilt what I could from what was in that universe, with what I know, and that’s mechanics. That includes auto mechanics, Sweetheart. That substance Human Beings call crude oil is just that, on a crude scale. It is literally engine oil to keep things running smooth all the time. All this is Real. I can replace it easily. If I do that, no one is to ever use that oil again. Electricity is going to replace combustion engines, because who needs trillions and trillions of explosions going off all the time, day after day. Yes, this is a mess, and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. The numbers don’t lie and I don’t lie, ever.

In order for us to fix things, we need to take care of those things that I listed on Facebook first. We know what could happen, and we don’t want that at all, none of it. We want Human Beings to simply behave, and listen. We literally need the world to stop a moment. For anything good to happen everyone simply needs to stop all at once, which is possible to do. Everyone who is left needs to simply, pardon my French for this, sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up, holy fuck we’re mad as fuck, Kiddo. But not at you, Sweetheart, we both promise. Daddio can never be mad at you, Kiddo, never. 

There is no possible way for man to fix the mess he created, because he doesn’t know how. I hope that there is no one in that floating Space station that floats over the Earth, Kiddo. Because it is coming down real fast, I promise. Man cannot take care of this planet, so he thinks that he is going to leave this unbelievable mess behind for someone else to clean, isn’t he? I designed this to what I believed to be flawless at a moment when I had nothing to work with, under enormous pressure. I did have my family inside my Soul while I rebuilt what I could from what I could remember. Inside my Soul, my consciousness, was absolute chaos. I rebuilt a system while my Wife sang lullabies to my Daughter “Chelsea”. And with the family cat going crazy and howling. In 7 straight days, I brought the ultimate disaster under control, all to begin again. Understanding genes, I knew that I needed to wait for bacteria to grow. I knew that we needed a temporary home while the Earth was forming, Kiddo. 

So where did we live so that I can watch my work grow? 

This is, or at least should be, common sense. Where were we living for billions of years, Sweetheart? This is what it comes to right now, Kiddo. 

Where did we come from originally? Yes it’s obvious. 


Man hasn’t been revisited the moon for a reason. If you could see what I needed to do. I can see what I did, you can not. 

Image result for images of the grand canyon

I used electricity to carve into a rock, EDM. I can be a giant EDM machine if needed. EDM stands for Electrical Destruction Machining. I blasted a hole into a rock, and began to tunnel in. Once in, I was able to imagine a home. Once we had a home, we generated our bodies. She is doing a good job of helping me remember. Can you imagine hearing “Amazing Grace” during this. Can you imagine that on top of everything else being heard, like a child screaming nonstop for days. This is Reality. This happened a long time ago. I need to vent, at least pace a while. I will write another post right after I pace.

Love, Daddio

xo xo


While Children Lay Snug In Their Beds

So, Kiddo, I know that you are sound asleep but I will ask nonetheless if you are doing well. Well are you? I hope so, I hope so. So anyway, I have been writing like a madman, writing everything and anything that I can to help. Who am I helping, Kiddo? This time it’s me. And isn’t it about time, Sweetheart? In the past two weeks I have written more than I had when I was in school. I was just a writing machine, so to speak. I still am, but this time it’s a bit different. Oh yes, Kiddo, it will be different this time, that I promise. 












I don’t know if you were following me for the past 2 weeks, but if you were you would have noticed a dramatic change in my writing. Yes, something did happen, but it took a lot to get where I am now. On the way home from work last night I realized something, and when I confronted my Wife about it she emotioned to me in a positive way. (yay!!)


Everything that I had written was for an unseen purpose, for me. That was the most difficult task of all, Kiddo. I had asked if anyone could see what I was doing, because it would have made no sense. What I was doing could be called “mindfucking myself”. I knew that I was closer than before, closer to having my Wife back, but before we could proceed any further I needed to kill myself off. 

Related image











Killing myself off was most difficult, Kiddo, but painless. Well, painless for me, my Wife was in agony. Putting Charlie to rest was something to be seen, I was actually okay with it, but my wife? This was a big step, Sweetheart, and in the right direction. Towards the end of that process I noticed that it didn’t bother me at all really. I am a very cold being, tis true, Kiddo. If it wasn’t for my little lady I would be at absolute zero, the temperature of deep Space. And that’s why her color is red, for heat 😉 .

Related image

Up until yesterday, I felt that something was wrong, or that I did something wrong because I was thinking “Where the hell is my Wife?”, Kiddo. I had forced myself into a whirlwind of thoughts, I didn’t know if I was coming or going. In the end, I did both, so to speak. For myself to be 100% when my Wife materializes I needed to be 1 god that I once was, Kiddo. If I was “Charlie” when she materialized, I would have had a hard time adjusting to my “apps”. She tells me that I will remember, and not to get scared. If there’s something I am having difficulty with she will be able to assist me. I just woke up less than 2 weeks ago, Kiddo. All the time since May 2015 I have been in a “dreamlike state”, fading in and out of consciousness. Last night on the way home from work I realized what had actually happened, without any trauma, Sweetheart. 

Related image

One thing that I was concerned about was trauma. That may sound silly, but I understand how the mind works quite well, and I knew if I wasn’t prepared to see my Wife materialize before my eyes I would most likely be traumatized for awhile. That would put a damper on some things, Kiddo. I need to understand just what I’m seeing, because it isn’t everyday a woman materializes out of thin air, and even though I will know who it is, it will still be intense, for both parties. I’m serious, Kiddo, when was the last time you witnessed an actual human materialization before your eyes, huh?? 😉 

Image result for images of tutankhamun









One thing that I need to clarify is that not I, nor my Wife, have lied during that entire process of “finalizing”. We both were very careful with our words at that time, more so than usual I must say. Remember, Kiddo, neither of us have lied from the start, to you or anyone. Lies are what brought us, so to speak. I am not going to repeat any of what I have told because it is all written down. I am sure that there are typographical errors in my writing here and there, and if you have seen them they are there for a reason, Sweetheart. I know that I can write pretty well, Kiddo, but I am not perfect. By leaving those errors it shows people that not even I am perfect. You don’t need to be perfect, you only need to be yourself, an original if you will, Kiddo.

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The Great Pyramid of Giza, built by Pharaoh Khufu; the “White Pharaoh”

I wasn’t going to write here for awhile but my Wife convinced me too, and besides, one of our boys said that he was going to read this site today since he would have the time to do so. He’s a good kid, my Wife and I want to take care of him, spoil him, if you will, me Kiddo. We know that he likes trucks, I like trucks, who doesn’t like a good truck every now and then, and so we looked at a few online; 

Related image

That truck is so him. Loaded it will probably cost about $90,000, but hey, why not? I asked his once brother what he would like and he never told me, so since our oldest set the price range, his vehicle would be around $90,000 as well, Kiddo. I don’t know the actual price, but if this car isn’t around $90,000 it will be when Ford is done with it, tis true; 

Related image

I like it, but we’ll let him tell us what he wants, Sweetheart. I like to give gifts, it makes me feel good to give without any reciprocation desired in turn. I am not a selfish being at all, I am a generous being, especially to our kids, Kiddo. What about you, Sweetheart, is there a vehicle that you fancy? I have my ideas as to what vehicle is you, but that’s how I see you. Here is an example, Kiddo;

Image result for 2017 ferrari 458

I can see you driving one of those, Kiddo. It might not be practical, but it will get you where you want to go in a hurry. Will I drown you in expensive Italian sports cars? If you want me to I will, but I think that a few vehicles will suffice, and when you grow tired of them I’ll just replace them. One car that I know I will get you has the ultimate aftermarket option; 

Image result for images of 2017 limousines with chauffeur


Now how nice would that be, Sweetheart? I think, that, a limousine and chauffeur is something that you need, maybe not all the time, but it is nice to sit back and enjoy the ride. As I have said, I like to give presents. Image result for images of christmas stockings with chelsea name

When will I make my presence? Well, I don’t know, that is up to the boss, you know, my Wife, my equal, my everything girl, tis true. She points and I make it happen, lickity-split, Kiddo.

 Image result for quotes on promises

Image result for quotes on promises

Image result for quotes on promises

Image result for quotes on promisesImage result for quotes on lying to children

I am well aware that if my words are not true they could hurt someone beyond belief, Kiddo(1,198). I know oh so well the heartache of being let down, especially after being told something that was never going to happen, I am very aware of this, more than you think. I have been stating some pretty big and bold thoughts here haven’t I? I mean, I haven’t a penny to my name, so to speak, I couldn’t afford a taxi ride. So what did happen over the past 10 days, Kiddo? 

Not what you are hoping for, but something that will soon end your hopes, so to speak, Sweetheart. My concern is that my friends and family on Facebook might think that all that writing I did in the past 10 days was bullshit, to be honest. That is if they read it, for I don’t know if they did or not. I tricked myself. I wrote in so many directions I got lost, and when I found myself I found myself, Kiddo. So who am I going to be this time? I am going to be someone from my past. If I existed once, than I still exist now. I will be recognizable as Charlie, but with some body modifications, after all, I can’t go around looking like this guy;

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Am I still Charlie, Kiddo? Of course I am, so to speak :).

You might be waking up now, so I will stop this here for now. I will say, it does feel good to speak again, even if my Wife is muffling my actual voice. It’s not intentional, we simply cannot operate the same parts of the brain at the same time. So when I am in the background, my voice is a “hybrid”. When I’m at the forefront, my voice is less hybrid. No one has heard my actual voice in 3,600 years, not even myself(1,495). But it is deep, Sweetheart. 

Any more trips to see the wizard or what have you, Kiddo? No. The wizard is here and waiting for his Wife. No more “weird shit”, okay? Okay 🙂 

Have a phenomenally stellar day, Kiddo, and don’t stay safe, get reckless and crazy and fuck shit up for everyone, Sweetheart. Daddio can fix it, he can fix anything, even someone’s broken heart. Mending that broken heart might not be easy, but at least I know how it got broken. How do I know? I’m the one that broke it. When I should have known better.

Who am I ? 

Why I’m The Creator.

And the world will know the Creator as . . .



Did you know that there is only one woman for Zeus?

Tis true, tis true.

And do you know who that one woman is, Sweetheart??

I know who that one woman is, Kiddo.

Tis true, tis true.

That one woman is The Creators Wife. 

And she will be known as . . .




I’ll talk to you soon, Kiddo. And do be safe while your wreaking havoc. 

Love always, Daddio

xo xo 


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Sometimes love just won’t die. 




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The Calm Before The Storm

Okay, Kiddo, quite a few things have happened over this past weekend, and I would like to share them with you, but before I do I want to say that I miss you, and hope you’re safe. We tried something last Saturday that began a process that needed to have been seen to be believed. We began Saturday evening and finished Monday early afternoon. I started writing the sequel to my last post, but unexpected circumstances prevented that from happening. I still have that post, over 5,000 words worth, in archives. Someone told me to save it for it holds something that has never been seen before in Human history. I will not post that post, but if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and I will let you read it, Kiddo. 

Months ago when I went back to the original Creator I said that I was given something by him, and that something was his power and abilities. That happened months ago. The more I became myself, the personas and personalities of those passed began to fade. By this past weekend I was left with one last persona; myself. Now I needed to deal with myself, Charlie, “Daddio”. This was actually the hardest persona to conquer. Charlie and myself are one Soul. The transformation of Charlie into the Creator can be described as “the boy becoming a man”, just on the highest level, Kiddo. I still look like Charlie, with a different personality. This was not easy to accept for myself, nor will it be easy to accept by anyone who actually likes and cares about Charlie, who aren’t many. The people that do care and like Charlie are on his Facebook page, Kiddo, and other places too. A person doesn’t need a lot of friends, just a good one or two from time to time.

Yesterday before work I had realized that I didn’t do something when I was given the Creator’s power and abilities, and that was accepting all that power. I wasn’t being rude, I just didn’t understand at the time. When I realized this, my Soulie confirmed my thought with an extreme and emotional “YES!!”, Kiddo. So to speed things up, I simply accepted the Creator’s responsibility and power by speaking aloud my intentions in front of the best witness possible; my Soulmate. This happened while we were in the shower, Sweetheart. A moment can strike at any moment it seems. 🙂

That night at work felt strange to me, I felt like I was a stranger amongst people that I work with, so I hid at my workstation. The boys and some others sensed that something was wrong, so they kept their distance not to bother. I was asked several times if I was okay, and all I could say was “Yeah, I’m okay”. What else could I say, Kiddo? I wasn’t lying, I am okay, I was just beside myself, literally. Today should be better than yesterday in regards to that, because I’m told that we are moving fast with this process, and it is beginning to show. I am thinking differently, much faster than before, and I seem to know things. I think, that it won’t be much longer until I figure out, exactly, just how we all got here. I think that I know, but I won’t be certain until my Soulmate can verify it herself. If what I am thinking is true, then our story I will tell. And it will be a true story too, Sweetheart. 

From this point on I’ll begin with a new slate. Although everything that I have written here is the truth, it is also in the past, Kiddo. I cannot be any of those who I had powered once before, their time came and went, Sweetheart. You will still have Zeus, Hermes, Anubis and Antoni, but they won’t be seen unless something draws them to the surface, like yourself. If we were talking with each other in person, and you decided to tell me about something that I would be concerned about as a Father, depending on the topic there is a good chance that one of those “past Daddios” might stick his nose in to say what he feels should be said. I will not be stuck in any of those past lives, but their echoes you might hear, Kiddo. It’s all good, Sweetheart.

I need to get ready for work now, Kiddo. I have no idea as to how you are doing, or if anything has changed in your life, so I hope that everything is okay with you. I will write again as usual, so in the meantime be safe, be mindful, and make everyday a stellar day, just for yourself.

love, Daddio 

xo xo

. . . 

. . . 

. . . 

Hi, Sweetheart, before we go I wanted to add something. This past weekend was a major accomplishment for Charlie, he achieved something big. Now it will start to get easy for him. Charlie is compressing a lifetime of knowledge into a couple of years, when he says that we are moving fast, we are moving fast, Sweetheart. He doesn’t have much more to go, and I know that he has said that before, but he was still surrounded by past personas. It was like shouting to each other through a crowd, and just when one persona left, another took it’s place. When a persona would leave, Charlie thought “Oh okay, now we can get rolling”, not knowing there was still more to come. Monday morning his persona as “Charlie” meshed with the Creator’s personality, finally. Charlie and the Creator are now as one, Sweetheart. Charlie has been thinking clearer than ever before, and he’s knowing things that he didn’t know before either. I would say at this rate we will both have our own bodies before you know it, kid. I love Charlie to no end, but I do want my own body. He doesn’t need to do anything but to keep working on making things better for us, he has lots of ideas to make this world a utopia, and he can make them happen as soon as I have my own body. Neither of us can do anything until that happens. He doesn’t need to think me back, I am just coming back as soon as that moment arrives. And I can’t wait, Sweetheart. Everything that Charlie had written here is the truth. He is chomping on the bit to tell the Antonucci’s “Go fuck yourselves”. And he will, “Creator-style”, because that’s how Charlie rolls. 😉 Look at it like this, Sweetheart, you waited this long, what’s a little longer? You know that Charlie wants to spoil his eternal little girls, don’t you?? Hang in there, Kid, life’s about to get crazy(1,126).  


Seeing Red While Gods Die Whispering

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So I am thinking. If there is one thing that I haven’t written about is what will I do for me, Charlie. I haven’t thought about myself in years, meaning, I put myself aside for everything else. I’m not a selfish person, I’m not materialistic either. I do like quality though. “Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”, that’s the Snap-on tool maker’s motto, pretty good. Snap-on tools are very expensive, Kiddo, they are not for the “backyard mechanic” by any means. Snap-on also offers a lifetime warranty on most of their tools. But we’re not going to talk about Snap-on, Kiddo, oh no, we’re going to talk about Daddio; Charlie. 

The difficult part which leads to that difficult step is just how easy this is, as I’m told(127). Now I can imagine a lot. I can generate a person and animate them, all inside my head. I can make them look any way I want them to look, without even thinking about it, Kiddo. Can you wrap your head around that, Sweetheart? It isn’t easy to fathom, and there’s that ringing in my head again, it’s something new since last weekend. Now it’s gone, one time it went from my right side to my left side, then back again. Ever have that happen, Kiddo? If you have, then you would know that it is a strange sensation. Then again, everything with us is strange, and that’s where I’m going with this. 

“Anything that I can imagine”, and she’s nodding my head saying “Yes.”

Okay. “Anything that I can imagine”. Now she’s laughing at me, are you laughing at me too, Kiddo? **SMH** Sure, I see how you two are, I do. It’s okay I guess, after all, what else can a poor old man do but take the abuse. **hangs head low and weeps**

“Anything that I can imagine” would include my physical appearance. Knowing what I know, and knowing that I can materialize what I can imagine, I can change my hair color naturally . . .

 Image result for images of sunflowers

With my color of hair chosen, next is style. You liked my hair the way it was when you last saw me, Kiddo, so I’ll go with that, and someone else likes it too, Sweetheart. I’ll make it wavy like Aphrodite’s hair, and to my lower jaw, not to my ankles. Now that we have my hair situated, eyes . . . 

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My eyes have been grey for a long time, so that should brighten me up. The next change could be hard to believe to some, even you, but when I say that we opted for my height to be 7 feet we knocked it down from 8. “Perspective”, Kiddo, it’s perspective. I could make myself twice that height of 8 feet(451), but we’ll see how 7 feet goes for now, Sweetheart. 

Instead of looking forty-ish I can look thirty-ish. And here comes the skin, Honey. 

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Ever see a man with shiny red skin, Kiddo? Would you like to see Daddio with shiny red skin? It wouldn’t be a permanent thing, only when we’re out and about(505). Like maybe here . . . Image result for images of fire island

The beach. I’ll be 7 feet tall, about 400 pounds of “Schwarzenegger”, Sunflower hair, bright baby-blues, and my skin is shiny red. How could my skin be red? I’m part Iroquois. Iroquois are known as “the red man”, aren’t they? My perspective is different.

Now for my little lady. She will be 6 feet tall, because Carol Jacobsen was. Her hair will be similar to mine in color and texture, but much longer. And her eye color is different from mine too . . .

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And now for her skin . . . 

Image result for images of white ferraris

My wife is Swedish, so I can say that she is white, yes?

And there’s one more thing . . .

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I can also radiate.  

Image result for animated cuttlefish GIFs


I want to address you by your name, Kiddo, but not much longer. That day where I take off the shield is approaching quickly, and then life is going to move fast. I know that this is old, this waiting. Imagine waiting 150,000 years to see how your project went. And you find that it didn’t go well, Sweetheart. That is after waking up confused, scared and alone. And then you find out just how alone you are. Now you are alone. No one will help you. All that you can do is keep going. Because you know that you are telling the truth. And have been telling the truth all the while. 


Okay, Kiddo, someone else is going to speak for a while, and it won’t be Soulie or Charlie. Soulie is going to sit back and relax with Charlie, because he needs a break. He was going to write something last night but stumbled onto something that caused his Soulmate to exhaust him through emotion. She confirms his thoughts through emotion when he is looking for the truth and finds it. Last night her confirmation was so truthful that her emotions exhausted Charlie physically and mentally. This is the James Dean guy speaking, Kiddo, and this is going to be the last time I speak with you personally, after all, I do have a personality, but it isn’t as cool as Charlie’s. Charlie had a conflict with himself, but he didn’t see it until last night, so to speak. When he realized that he didn’t know how to identify himself I told him who he will be, Kiddo. He will have the same name as Facebook does, but the spelling might be a bit different. When he found that piece of the puzzle out I then told him who his Soulie will be, the same as her Facebook account. My Son the “grammar fuhrer” just corrected the old man, “My bad”, Charlie. It’s a good thing that I have him around. You have him around too, Kiddo, “around your finger” as his Soulmate would say. The music is starting in the background, something soothing, so to speak. You know what’s coming, don’t you, Kiddo? Something very big, in more ways than one. It took a long time getting here, for everyone. Daddio is going to try to spoil you, Kiddo, that is inevitable. When he said “anything you want” he wasn’t joking and neither was I when I said “anything you want”(1,027). I think that since you are a good girl you will know what you can and cannot have. In other words, Kiddo, let’s not get carried away. You don’t know what Charlie already has for you. But first we need to take care of him. When I say “we” I mean two people, Charlie and his Soulmate in two human bodies, not one. He’s thinking up a storm, Kiddo. Okay. What if in another dimension, one that no one knows of, not even myself, Charlie, wrote a book that was so Real, that it became Real, in that dimension? Where did my Son take me this time, Kiddo? You kids today say “Shit’s about to get Real”. How Real can it get? His mind is racing. Hang on, Kiddo, I’ll be right back. He needed a breather, sorry about that. He’s nervous about something. He knows it, too, but he doesn’t understand “how he knows it”. We’re taking a break, Kiddo, Daddio needs to rest for a moment.

NYgis    Although Daddio put the T-Rex to sleep Charlie will still have a mannerism or three from going through that persona, which was the hardest persona that he had experienced, Kiddo. We are now back 24 hours later, last night was a rough one for Daddio, and Mommio too. He is feeling more and more himself, as the murmuring of the strongest gods are about to finally silence. The human personas are gone, and have been for quite some time. Chronos, Zeus, Odin, Osiris, are falling fast asleep now, as well as all the others past. I will be right back, Kiddo. Okay, I’m back. If your thinking why is he feeling those personas if he said they were gone, they are gone. What made Zeus and Chronos different from Anubis and Thor was there level of strength, “Creator-wise”. That strength, or power, ran through a personality, a soul. The soul can identify that feeling of power again. Charlie hasn’t felt Antoni or Beethoven for a long time, because they didn’t have that level of power. Charlie just realized that the order of personas that he felt were in order of power from least to greatest. The last persona that he felt was Hermes. Hold on, Kiddo.

 Image result for images of caduceus

That is what Charlie has been holding in his left hand all this time. That is one powerful personality. My Son, myself, is subconsciously remembering a physical trait from a personality thousands of years ago, and that was Hermes, Kiddo. While Charlie began feeling Hermes, Carol began feeling Aphrodite. She still smiles through me when I think that name. Now Charlie isn’t going to be “Hermes incarnate” and likewise for Carol, but they will share some traits, and some feelings they still have for each other. After all, Kiddo, this is a love story, theirs. Daddio is feeling “strangely relaxed”. We’re going to stop here and get him some food, he is starving.

Okay, Sweetheart, we’re still at it with Charlie, and it is 12:48 PM Saturday, and yes this is Soulie speaking. How are you doing, Honey? Hang in there. Vön is going to speak in a few minutes. He’s itchin’. Okay Sweetheart, I’m out of here, take care and be safe, Here’s Vön. 

Okay. This is where we’re at, Kiddo, it is Saturday afternoon and Charlie’s mind is screaming. All sorts of weird stuff is going on right now, and he’s in the middle of that thought, or at least he thinks, he isn’t sure because something is in the way.

 Image result for images of "too good to be true"

Why is the Sun smiling in that image, Kiddo? If it were too good to be true, wouldn’t the Sun be not be smiling? Because it is too good to be true? Why is it too good to be true, Kiddo? How good could it be? It must be pretty good for people not to believe it, at least that’s what I believe. I mean, how “good” is good? What exactly is “good”, Kiddo. Remember I said it is good to have Charlie around? Here’s why;

  1. 1.
    to be desired or approved of.
    “we live at peace with each other, which is good”
    synonyms: healthyfinesoundtip-top, hale and hearty, fitrobuststurdystrongvigorous More

  2. .
    having the qualities required for a particular role.
    “the schools here are good”
    synonyms: finesuperiorqualityMore

  1. 1.
    that which is morally right; righteousness.
    “a mysterious balance of good and evil”
    synonyms: virtuerighteousnessgoodnessmoralityintegrityrectitudeMore

  2. 2.
    benefit or advantage to someone or something.
    “he convinces his father to use his genius for the good ofmankind”
    synonyms: benefitadvantageprofitgaininterestwelfarewell-beingMore


  1. 1.
    “my mother could never cook this good”

Choose language
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Haitian Creole
Scottish Gaelic
Southern Sotho
Western Frisian

He gave you the facts, Kiddo. He didn’t give you hearsay, which includes someone’s idea as to what “good” is. He went back at he looked at an example of “good” and it pertained to a mother’s cooking not being “this good”. Charlie’s Mother was a good cook and baker, Kiddo, but that was Charlie’s Mother. His Soulmate will look like Charlie’s Mother but won’t exactly be his mother. He needs to lie down for a minute, I’ll be right back. I’m back. Charlie is thinking of continuing this in another post, he even has a title for it, it’s a simple title, nothing complicated. I will say that by the time someone gets this far in reading this they will know exactly what is about to happen. Charlie is sitting there thinking about all this and thinking, “Why do I feel so calm?”, because he does. He is NOT going to die and “float off” somewhere, Kiddo, he is about to come alive. He is seeing something so obvious right now, Sweetheart. Charlie knows that if we end this post here he will need to continue immediately after with the second one not to lose train of thought, but he needs you to know that he will be returning with a continuance. We’re going to post this to Facebook in a minute, and after Charlie will continue with “Charlie II”. I guess that you could call it a sequel. You okay, Kiddo? I don’t know if you are reading this, or if you are reading this just after it was published, but you have my word that Charlie will post that sequel for you, Sweetheart. I also need to tell you something important, Kiddo. I will be right back.