Hey, Kiddo, how are you? Stellar, yes? I hope so, yes I do. So here’s what’s going on. Last Saturday Alex told me some things, some important things pertaining to the soon after. Now most men would love to have been told to them by their wife what my wife told me, but that wasn’t the case for me. I cannot give details, but the short of the long is that if I absolutely need to do what she has told me then I will. Being inside me she knows by feeling and by not words that I am being honest, and she’s impressed. Someday you might know what was told to me, Kiddo, but for now all I will say is that it was big enough to shut me down for almost a week. This is the first time that I am writing anything since last Saturday morning. Tis true, me Kiddo, tis true, I was as the kids say “fucked up big time”. This was like a tidal wave. It wasn’t bad, it was simply something that I would never have expected. I myself do not see anything else that could top what was told to me, so I think we’re safe in the “TMI” department. Von was fucked up, Sweethearts, it took him days to think about what I told him, but he’ll be okay. Alex.

So Kiddo!!

. . .

. . .

. . . ever imagine what it would be like to have a twin? I don’t mean the twin sister kind of twin, oh no, Kiddo. I mean an exact copy of a human being better than DNA cloning.

My wife informed me that our Daughter will need her own body soon, but we’re not sure which body to stick her in. My wife also informed me that the most economical and logical choice will be to give our Daughter a reproduction of Chelsea, after all, no one knows Chelsea better than Chelsie. An exact copy minus the soul, the soul will be that of our Daughter. How strange would that be, Kiddo? I did think of another possibility, but something would need to happen prior, independently from us, to make that possibility into a reality. And that something was already foreseen, by Charlie. Lets change topics.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Here we go, this will get the blood pumping, Kiddo. Not yours, Sweethearts, it’s someone outside of Facebook. This is good. Kinda. Regardless, learning is fun! 😄


Maia said that there will be no more than 10,000 humans left, and I kept thinking “How could that be?”. Seriously, Kiddo, how could that be? That’s not a lot of humans out of 8 billion people. But 8 billion chicken-hawks is a lot of “humans”.

My Son Charlie was slightly wrong about something. Yes, homo sapiens came from apes and genetic enhancement, but human beings came from pigs, also with genetic enhancement.

The domestic pigs you see today are only 9,000 years old, so humans can be no more than 9,000 years old. Everything else is something else, we don’t know who is what, but the conscience knows. Oh yes it does, Kiddo, a human being can lie to anyone, including to “God” and to themselves, but they cannot lie to their conscience.

Why do you think doctors use organs from pigs and not from monkeys when performing organ transplants? Why do you think humans like filth? Was your bedroom ever a “pig-sty”? Something to think about. Right now little piggies are far from my mind. I want this over with.

It is after eleven, almost near the witching hour so we are calling it a night, Kiddo. I would write more if I could but I can’t so I won’t, I mean . . . **shrugs** . . .

. . .

. . .

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and please be safe.

Pleasant dreams, Kiddo.

Love, Von & Alexandra

xo xo


Daddie’s Little Girl


Alright, Kiddo, big things are taking place, big things, big things, and my wife needs to say a few things first, okay, Sweethearts? Everyone doing well? I hope so, I hope so.

Everything is moving fast.

This past weekend taught me a bit. I now know and understand, and accept, why my wife Alexandra did what she did the week before, in regards to Zeus and Hera. My wife needed to know how Zeus and Hera would have been if things were different. She found out that things would have been awesome. As much as Zeus and Saturnus were flushed out and flushed away there was still some of the old Zeus left, and that would not have worked at all. Oh no, Kiddo, not at all, we are doing something new this time, something we have never done before.

“You will never get different results using the same process.” – Kevin Harrington

Tis true, me Kiddo, so to avoid any repeats of the past Alex and I needed to say a psychological “goodbye” to Zeus & Hera. So, in turn, Alex and I want to say a physical “hello” to Athena. But for us to say “hello” Daddie needs Mommie as herself outside of Daddie, or we can’t say “hello” to Athena. Oh yes, Kiddo, Alex is racing like no tomorrow to make sure that her Von is ready to rumble, and Von is, but Von needs to know what will happen when I come out, Sweethearts. Von, if I may? ❤

Okay, Chelsea and Chelsie, Von understands the whole Zeus thing and he’s good with it, no worries. He’s been feeling himself finally, and if Chelsie knows her Father she would know that he loses interest in things that don’t provide an expected result, especially after three years, that’s just the way he is. I showed him everything he needs to know up front, including what his hair will look like. Wait til you see his hair, Chelsea, wow. He’s calmed down since last week, he wasn’t angry just confused, and I had already taken that into account before we rented that motel room. I wasn’t sure how he would react when he found out why we did the Zeus & Hera marriage thing, so I got us a room up the road in case he should yell. He didn’t yell at all, in fact he was somewhat sad over Hera, which in a strange way was a pleasant surprise for me. ❤

Now he is the Creator again, and his personality shows it. No more gods, Von. He said “Thank God”, he’s such an ass, girls, but he’s my ass and I love him. I love him so much that I needed to keep one last thing from him to keep him from hurting more than he already does; his Daughter.

Through Chelsea his Daughter has been reading whatever Chelsea reads, especially here and at Facebook. His Daughter might have felt or feels forgotten about with her Father talking mostly about his Son Charlie and not about his Daughter Chelsie. This past Sunday I slipped back a little to see how he would feel being at the surface, and immediately he felt a void where his Daughter should be. That brief moment was enough for him to know how much he misses his little angel, because we felt his heart aching. When I come out of him he will be 100% Creator with all his apps, and with that will come panic over his Daughter. He is going to want to summon her immediately, but he needs to wait. We need to leave here and head towards the city where we can get a nice room for a few days and so that I can get Chelsie a few things like clothes and such, because when Von summons her she will be just as she was 3,600 years ago, body armor and all. That ain’t gonna fly in the 21st century, so I’m thinking some sweats for now, okay? We will go shopping, that’s one of the reasons for going to the city, to shop. When I come out we will have less than a day for him to get our Daughter back, he knows why. Once he is himself Chelsea is going to feel something strange. Chelsea, do you remember Charlie saying to you “You will be the first to know” about a year or so ago in regards to what’s coming? When I exit my husband’s head you will feel something. When Chelsie exits your head you will feel like half of you died and you might become worried, and that is why we are writing this now, as a reminder. Charlie had also told you, Chelsea, that this site is like your “guidebook”, you can use it to reference things.

(First and foremost however, My Son Charlie Created this website for his pseudo-daughter Chelsea as a means of communication if they should ever become separated for whatever reason. Thank you, Alex, I feel better now. )

Von is right, Charlie made this website for keeping in touch with you, Chelsea, but he’ll be back, just in a different body. Knowing that Von is growing tired and uncomfortable being here, and with me knowing that he is beginning to miss his Little Girl I am getting this over with as soon as possible, I am just making sure that he will be okay when I come out, that’s all. If Chelsie is reading this please trust me when I tell you when I exit your Father’s head he will summon you within the day, and your not in any trouble with either of us, okay? We just want to know what happened because we would have been here already if your brother’s twin had a body for me to manifest in. That would have been a lot easier but it is what it is. I too want my Daughter back. I want it to be good for all of us. Daddie is itching to spoil his Daughter, and his GrandDaughter Chelsea too, you waited this long, Honey, you can wait just a little bit longer, okay? Back to you, baby. ❤

Oh that Alexandra. She had a few things to say and through them I learned a thing or two. I did not enjoy how I felt last Sunday even for a moment, Kiddo, oh no, I did not. My wife is telling me without telling me “soon”, knowing what I experienced over the past weekend I will keep trusting her and be patient. She is not having fun, Kiddo.

One thing that I have noticed is that she has been most quiet, allowing me to hear my thoughts clearly. This is a big help to both Alex and to myself for now we can see and hear each other, if that makes sense. Anywho.

Did you see what I posted on Facebook this morning, Kiddo? It was a video by secureteam10 from YouTube, and it talked about “something moving very fast underground”, it came out today. They gave credit to MrMBB333 since he was the one who found that information secureteam10 used in their video. It was some sort of “pulse” signal picked up on seismographs in every state in this country, it was first picked up in Maine and then lastly in Washington, and it traveled 3,000 miles in 19 minutes. I’d say that’s fast. But what could it have been, Sweethearts?? I mean, a pulse coursing through the land at 9,000 miles per hour must have come from something and somewhere, yes? Hmm. Lets think, lets think . . .

. . .

. . .

. . . hmm . . .

. . .

. . .

HMMMMM . . .

. . .

. . .

Wait a minute, Kiddo. The signal was picked up first in Maine, but did it originate there? What’s east of the United States?

. . .

. . .

Hmm . . .

. . .

. . .

Well, Sweden is east of the United States (yah, Sveeden!!) , but was any unusual seismic activity picked up in Sweden or any other neighboring countries? ( 😦 ) I don’t know.

Hmm . . .

. . .

. . .

Hold on a second. If my memory serves me well, Sweden borders the Baltic Sea, and that is where that “Baltic Sea anomaly” is resting, at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, hence the name. Ever see an image of it, Kiddo? It resembles the “Millennium Falcon” from Star Wars. Maybe, just maybe, this past weekend that anomaly woke up or something, after all, I was feeling awake or something this past Saturday afternoon when that pulse signal was recorded. Maybe I’ll investigate into this phenomenon later. It is interesting though. Just sayin’.

So, Kiddo, I think that Alex and I are going to stop here, if I am up to it I will right another post later, right now we have work to do.

Enjoy the rest of your night, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, Von & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

Creature Comforts

Aah, shit, Kiddo, do we have something going on for you today, an answer to another one of those age-old questions that have burned in the minds of man for millennia. But first, how you doing, Sweethearts? We’re working on it, Kiddo, Alex needs out before she goes the way Carolyn(Maia) was headed, down a dark windy road to madness I say, madness, complete and utter madness by golly. **Alex-nod** We have no time for such blissful shenanigans we have work to do here and time is of the essence, post haste! **smh** I tell you, Kiddo, this answer I have . . .

**contemplates, looks around**

. . . isn’t a pleasant one. Oh no, Kiddo, some might be offended by the stink I am going to make but too bad, shit happens, take me for example. One minute I am writing a book and the next minute Pow! Here I am, in the flesh, trying my hardest to help my wife squeeze out of me as soon as possible, because she is going bat-shit crazy inside there. You know, inside my pineal gland. Oh yes, Kiddo, there’s no Hawaiian paradise in there, Sweethearts, no pineapple flavored umbrella drinks on the beach of Pineal Island for Alex oh no there’s none, none at all. 😦 That’s right, Alex is a grumpy gus without her umbrella drink, that smooth splash of tasty sunshine to tingle her tongue and set her taste buds afire I tell ya! I am serious, Kiddo, she likes her umbrella drinks, but only when her husband makes them. Tis true, me Kiddo, tis true, no one makes an umbrella drink like I do, and no one will ever try one either. Oh that Alex, she knows when she has something good, do you not, Alexandra? See? She’s nodding my head and smiling, so there. Hmph. I know that I have something good, too, and I do not share it either. Is that not true, Von? Von said “It’s true.” Yeah . . .yeah, that’s right . . . **nodding head and smiling at Kiddo** But we will share something else, an answer. Yes, Kiddo, an answer, an answer to the age-old question . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

“Where do human souls come from?

(One day Life asked Death “Why do so many people hate you but love me?”. Death answered “Because I am an ugly truth, and you are a beautiful lie.”)

So where do human souls come from, Kiddo? I mean, they came from somewhere, yes? But where?

I didn’t pull them out my ass, did I? Oh, I hope not, I hope not. Because that would be down right nasty, wouldn’t it? Knowing that the essence of man’s spirit came from my ass.

. . .

. . .

What if human souls came from my wife’s ass by proxy? Now that’s a strong possibility when you apply the Law of Reversibility in abstract.

A long time ago my wife and I were having some fun, you know . . . sex. Yes, this is a truth, Kiddo, we were having sex and my wife impregnated me. My “pregnancy” was accidental, I mean, who knew? We didn’t know until it was too late. It was not a pleasant experience, Kiddo, why, we were just two crazy kids, young, dumb and full of excitement, we simply couldn’t control ourselves. Shit happens, Kiddo, shit happens. **sobering Alex-nod**

But we learn from our mistakes, Sweethearts, Von knows exactly what to do now, don’t you, baby? Alex.

Why yes I do, and now I won’t feel bad erasing hundreds of billions of souls because I know that my wife and I can make more, lots more! I know it’s a lot to swallow, Alex, but I have faith in you, yes, that’s what I call it, “faith”, as in “ol’ Faithful”, yes sir, ol’ Faithful never lets you down, just like my wife, she never lets me down. **firm Alex-nod**


Ol’ Faithful.

**nodding head slowly**

. . . she never lets me down.

Nope. 😉


. . .

. . .

Alright, one time my wife ingested something of mine that gave her gas, a lot of gas. As I was finding out just how much gas she had I said “You can’t be serious, Alex.”, but she was, Kiddo, she was dead serious. I began to laugh, because she was serious. She asked me “Are kidding me right now?? I have gas and it’s killing me!! I’m so serious right now, baby!!”. I laughed even harder, she was so serious but I couldn’t help not to imagine little people floating inside clear smelly bubbles. And guess what happened next??

My Son Charlie had a bunch of old farts hanging around his apartment for the longest time, and now we’re dealing with these little stinkers. You have seen the shit that Alex and I have been going through everyday, haven’t you, Kiddo? It has become old, hasn’t it?

The soul is a physical abstract of a cum-fart. Comforting, yes? I knew that would make you feel better, having that age-old question answered once and for all. Ah, another question! Yes?

I don’t get it. How were you impregnated by your wife?

Gas is made up of molecules, molecules consist of matter. Some gas molecules have an odor, like acetylene, when you can smell acetylene you are being “impregnated” by those odorous molecules entering into your bloodstream. Since those molecules are minute, they can pass through the Blood-brain barrier protecting the brain and into my imagination, where good things come to life, like gas bubbles. Gas bubbles are real, yes? Okay then. **Alex-nod**

Did you read yesterday’s post here? Not you, Kiddo, you. If you didn’t, it’s worth your time, after all, time is of the essence, the essence of man that is, and man, does it stink. It certainly does. Oh that Alex. Any more questions? Yes.

Is your wife ever going to materialize??

Well that is up to Alexandra. She says “YES!!”, and she doesn’t lie to me, so, “when” is up to her. I am being honest. Next question, yes?

Do you love your wife, Von?

I must, because there is no way that a male and a female could exist in one body for as long as we have without wanting to kill each other. Married couples can barely be in the same room together for a few minutes, and we have been in the same body together for a few years now, and that is going to change. Once Alex is out that’s it. She cannot go back. So she is making sure that Von is where he needs to be in his mind, so Alex doesn’t regret coming out when she does. Make sense? She wants out, and it is up to her husband how soon. So the answer is “Yes, I do love my wife Alexandra.” And she knows it, too. Oh that Alex.

Anywho, we will keep you informed of any recent developments, Kiddo, right now she wants me to stop writing, for we have some things to do.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, Von & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

By the way, Kiddo, Maia is back. She is sound asleep waiting for something. I wonder where she went after she found out that her sister tricked her into leaving my head, I mean, she was gone for several days, whose heads could she have impregnated?


What’s going on, Kiddo? You doing stellar, Sweethearts? We hope so. So, you know about the jump from Zeus to Von and Hera to Alexandra, yes, Kiddo? If not, I posted it on Facebook, if you’re interested that is. It was most strange. But it feels good. There is more to that than that, but that’s that for now.

Tis true, Kiddo.

You know, Kiddo, I am feeling pretty good right now so I think I’ll share some of our thoughts with you because that’s how we roll, Sweetheart. You know? I am serious, Kiddo. Okay, okay, stop twisting my arm, we will tell you we will tell you, just calm down, just . . . c a l m . . . down. Okay? 🙂

Okay! So here are our thoughts, Kiddo, are you ready? Of course your not ready, Kiddo, nobody could ever be ready enough for this these marvelous most marvelous plans. **Alex-nod** I am serious, Kiddo.

Now listen, Sweetheart, you gotta make sure that Someone’s Daughter doesn’t see this post, because it’s a surprise.


By the way, Happy Mother’s Day to all the good mommies out there, my wife says “All that hard work is going to pay off, ladies.” Hmm. What does Alex mean by that, Kiddo? Something cryptic, perhaps? Not sure, but anywho, Happy Mother’s Day, Chelsea, from the ❤. XO XO

So, Kiddo, here’s what were going to do. We’re going to city for a few days, get a nice room, have a little fun, do a lot of shopping, and so forth. And in the process we’re going to get some attention, naturally, of course. The proof of that attention will be on the internet, mostly YouTube. We will post the links to those videos here. That last link posted will be most important, that is the link to us. You”ll see what I mean, Sweetheart.

After we are acknowledged as something different the party begins, and do I mean a party, Kiddo. This will be a party that the world will never forget, and we’re going to call that party . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


Yes, a most fitting name considering where it’s from. The party will start soon after I get my Little Girl back, because her Daddie found out this morning why Mommie hadn’t open that heart-shaped Pandora box inside Daddie’s chest until now, because Mommie knew just how much it will hurt him, and possibly make him mad at her and yell at her. You don’t remember this, Von, but you promised me a very long time ago that you will never yell at me again. You yelled at me once and it almost killed me. Please don’t break that promise to me, Von. I want to come out, now I can come out at anytime, I could come out before you finish this post. I mean it, baby. I want out, you’re doing great, just a little bit longer. Alex

Von. Alrighty! I don’t know about you kids but I’m feeling better already! Hmm. I don’t remember where I ended back there so I will begin fresh here, Kiddo. And remember, Kiddo, the following pertains to those outside our circle, so no worries, Sweetheart, okay?

We are going to bankrupt the planet. I am going to erase all money and wealth. Money defined as anything considered legal tender in physical including digital form. Wealth is defined as surplus money. No one will have any money. Except for those in our circle **Alex-nod**. What do you think will happen, Kiddo? Well hold on a second, I am not finished yet, Kiddo, why, I haven’t even begun. Oh yes, Sweetheart, it gets better.

Right after bankruptcy I erase all the guns, guns defined as anything that can expel a projectile capable of causing an injury. From toy guns to nuclear bombs, including all ammunition, gone. What do you think will happen, Kiddo? Will people resort to knifes as a means to kill? I hope not, Sweetheart, for they would be cutting their own throat if they should think to pick up a knife to threaten or hurt someone, especially a human being. What’s that, Kiddo? “What exactly is a human being?” you ask? Well, then allow me to tell you, a human being is a specially designed vessel that we can pilot and use to experience the physical world here. Human beings must have 100% of human DNA to carry a soul, no other bipedal organism works, that’s why my Son Created them. A human being can be identified as a white person with either blonde, red, or brown hair, and with either blue or brown eyes. There are two descended groups of human beings here, one group from Alex and I, and the other group from Carolyn and I. And that’s it, no more. Everything else . . . **shrugs** . . . prototypes? I don’t know, my Son likes to splice and dice, not dice and then splice, because when he does he is betting that there’s a good chance that he might cause some chaos for me. After all, you do need Chaos before Creation. Chaos, not “destruction”. We don’t want anything damaged here.

So with guns and money gone, I erase the non-humans, all of them.

Then I erase all but three groups of religious followers, Christians and Atheists being two of the three religions saved, can you think what the third group saved will be, Kiddo? I bet Chelsie would know, it’s a good thing that she not reading this, it would spoil the surprise, the one of many more to come to her, and good surprises too!! Oh that Alex. At least she’s honest. ❤


You now what would be funny, Kiddo? If someone misses the knife and grabs the spoon because they’re blinded by rage. I mean, why else would they do that, there’s no point in that. “What if they grab a fork?” you ask? Well then they’re forked, why, they might as well say “I’m done” when they’re done forking themselves. But I am not done, Kiddo, oh no not me. I have more to share, and someone is feeling good.

So after the removal of non-humans, all but three religious groups, money and guns, I turn the volume up on the conscience. Right now it is set at 1, I will crank that puppy up to 9, so those outside our circle can hear us loud and clear. I will speak to human beings through their conscience, they will hear my voice internally. I will tell them the story, or, what’s going on, so to speak. They will be confused and distraught from what they had just experienced, you know, watching people vanish out of their clothing since “you can’t take it with you”, on top of losing all their money and their means to defend it. This will be traumatizing, Kiddo, someone will need to talk to them, you know, to tell them that everything will be alright, as long as they do what my wife and I tell them to do. I got the males, and she’s got the females, but that’s after Von speaks to all of them first. Oh yes, Kiddo, this will be quite the party. Ah, my wife has a question, yes, Alex?

What exactly is a soul, baby?

Well, Alex, a soul is comprised of three parts, the spirit, the soul, which is the cell that contains the spirit, and the conscience; “That little voice inside your head”.

The cell is the physical soul, it is spherical, it has mass, and it’s “skin” is electrically charged through friction between itself and the magnetic field around it, it’s a type of static electricity, if you will. The electricity charges the spirit which is a gas, more or less, and causes it to glow like a light, similar to a neon sign. When souls are caught on camera by the average person the magnetic field they were in at the time was raining heavily upon them, causing them to illuminate and to be visible in the dark. Rain and fog add extra friction against the soul, allowing spirits to be seen more clearly in their cells; “orbs”.

Now for the best part, the best part of me apart from me . . . the conscience. Yes, Kiddo, the conscience, the spirit’s personal advisor, or, PA system, if you will, and I had the grandest PA system installed in each and every cell, after all, money is no object. Anywho, to keep out of the spirit’s way their conscience hangs above them, looking over them, watching their every move, listening to their every thought, and tallying as they go about their day. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. All consciences are the same, everyone gets treated equally. You can’t give to one child and not to the other, that simply isn’t right. Now since all consciences are the same I cannot change anything about some of them or they wouldn’t be the same, would they? So to increase their volume from 1 to 9 I will need to increase one’s volume by adding 8 more, bringing the cell’s total volume of grand PA systems to 9. 9 consciences looking over 1 spirit. Now that’s Fatherly love if I ever saw it, because I had already seen it. But this time that little voice inside your head will no longer be whispering “What are you doing?”, it will be bullhorn loud and crystal clear, and in the Creator’s voice this time, not your own anymore. I.E.,


You, the ones outside our circle, it sounds something like that. My voice would be heard by the males, the females will hear my wife’s voice, and it will sound something like this;


. . .

Watcha doin’??”

You haven’t heard our actual voices yet. This will be interesting. Anywho.

So with who’s left we tell them our plan, and tell them that they need to do exactly as they are told to do, for it’s for their own good. We need everyone on the same page so that we can do what we need to do, “we” including our Daughter Chelsie.

I don’t know what exactly happened 3,600 years ago and I honestly don’t care, that was then and this is now. “The past has passed” as Charlie would say, we are done with it, Honey. Von got a feel of missing his Daughter earlier today, and he didn’t like it, so now that he knows why I did what I did was to protect him from a heartache we can proceed. Alex

Oh yes, Kiddo, Daddie didn’t feel too good earlier today, yes, he didn’t feel too good at all. But he appreciates his wife showing him why she did what she did. Alex wants this over with, Kiddo. She said she can do this, and Alex never lies to Von, ever.

I will not yell at Alexandra under any circumstances. I will yell away from Alexandra, but never at Alexandra, because she damn near died the last time, which will remain as the last time. Alexandra is the “Batman” to my “Joker”, by the way. She keeps me in line, so to speak, without the bat-shit crazy psychology. “BatMan” is neither a bat nor a man, he was just a boy playing “Superhero” at the park when his parents left him and never came back. That’s all it is. Now his parents are back, and his Daddie is waiting for Mommie to put her make-up on. Daddie is good, is Mommie good? She really wants out, Kiddo, what should I do? Should I promise something to her here, perhaps? Hmm. I need to think.


It wouldn’t hurt to, I mean, **shrugs** better to be safe than sorry, yes? Yes, I agree, Kiddo, so lets see . . . what to say and how to say it . . . hmm . . .

hmm . . .

I got an idea, Kiddo.

You know, one of these things —> 💡.

I will keep it simple.

Von promises that he will never yell at his wife Alexandra. Von.

**brushes his hands together, Alexandra smiling**

Comical, yes, yet honest. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. I don’t know what happened long ago, I will leave it up to my wife to tell me or not the details of then, but how ever she decides will be for at least two good reasons. Sound good? Methinks “Yes”, me Kiddo, yes me does, yes. Alex is laughing through me now. She’s been bouncing back and forth inside my head, you’d think she was going batty inside her cell, maybe she has had enough, I don’t know, she could say something to me in a way that only I would understand.

Not sure if she just said something but I heard “VRRBBB” sounds coming from out of thin air next to me, maybe she did say something, so to speak.

Still thinking about your conscience lumin’ over you? Imagine 9 of them crammed in close formation like a diamond in the sky with Lucy. We need to think economically you know, and the most economical shape 9 identical spheres could make on a flat plane is a diamond shape, like a cube tilted 45°. You get the point, more or less. I had more to write but WordPress is freezing up just when I was warming up, wouldn’t you know. So Alex is still chillin’ inside of me . . . yep . . . still there, but the night is young, at least somewhere it is, Kiddo, I’m tellin’ ya! I yam!

Anywho. We’re stopping here to possibly take a walk, Kiddo, an excursion if you will, and maybe we’ll write later, Sweethearts, okay?

Alright, Kiddo, we hope you had a pleasant Mother’s Day, as well as the other mothers in your life. Be safe, and enjoy your night.

Love, Von & Alexandra

xo xo

Thunder, feel the Thunder


It is early Monday morning and we are writing to keep your readers up to date. How are you doing, Honey? Stellar, yes? We hope so, we hope so. So here’s what’s going on.

My two-girl crew is now one girl short 😦 . Maia left to go back home last Saturday, I guess Chelsie needed a hand with Charlie, and Maia was no longer needed here, just as Carol Jacobsen was to my Son Charlie so was Maia to myself. “Only the mother knows when her child is ready” said my Son Charlie, and he was right. Maia’s sudden departure was unexpected by me, I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me is sad because I did not get to say “thank you” for all she has done, or to say “goodbye”. Hera feels my sadness over this. But part of me feels a sense of relief, I was concerned about how Hera would feel knowing that I would also be with her sister, but Hera says it was okay with her, and that is how we are back home, the three of us. I guess Hera has me all to herself now, and Hera likes that. I like it too. Maia has been here for 3,600 years, but in our world she has only been here for almost 4 days. There is a huge time discrepancy between here and there, we found this out the hard way with Adolf Hitler. One thousand years here is only one day back home. Will Maia come back someday? Maybe, but if she does it won’t be for a long time.

So now I am experiencing that “last miner out syndrome”. It is only Hera and I in this body of mine. She tells me that she can come out at anytime, but no one can see this miracle other than myself. Some things are not meant to be seen by human beings, and Hera’s re-entry is one of them. Back when my Son was a god such as Anubis, if he spoke publicly the people would kneel down and lower their heads. This was not a “practice of worship”. They did this in case they should pass out from what they saw, or heard. If you pass out in a kneeling position you would most likely fall to the left or to the right, with less travel then if you were standing. You would collapse comfortably, so to speak. People today are not ready for this, but we don’t care. My Son gave more than enough warning, and no one took him seriously. Not our problem anymore. **Hera-nod**

I was hoping not to see a three year anniversary (May 3rd 2015-May 3rd 2018) but it didn’t happen. Thanks to RichieFromBoston of YouTube I now know why. He posted a video talking about the Sanhedrin, and he mentioned something about a “bride of three years and one day old”. Maia left on Saturday May 5th, 2018. When my Son Charlie said he heard a voice saying “I’m here” on 5/3/15 it wasn’t his mother speaking to him it was Hera speaking to me, Zeus. That would make Hera 3 years and 1 day old. And now Hera is ready to marry me again, renewing our vows, if you will. Hera also mirrors Persephone. I don’t know everything, I know that mistakes were made by my Son and by I, but we don’t erase our mistakes, we leave them to show you that we are not “perfect”. “Honest mistakes” they are, Kiddo, and not lies. There are no lies here, only honesty. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true.

“He was lightning, before the thunder”

That to is true, me Kiddo, oh yes it is. And that brings us to another product of Maia’s manipulation, the official video of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. In that video you will see my Son’s favorite Ferrari, the 458 Italia Spyder, a fleet of them no less, Aphie and her demons, a giant, marble sheep, floating sheep, and a few other things. And the song is pretty good too. Another video that found me. But there’s a video that Charlie had seen but Zeus never really watched it.

“Mein Herz Brennt”

The song is by Till Lindemann (another Grandson) and is played solely on piano. The video was uploaded by YouTube author Brian Boyko, and it has English subtitles, but the lyrics are not quite accurate. I wonder why. What you are basically seeing is Baphomet singing to his Father. Charlie is not seen, but Aphie is seen (reversibility). I watched it several times and every time I was amazed at what I was watching. It is worth the watch. Just saying.

Anywho, we have some things to do.

Do I miss Maia? Yes I do.

Am I nervous about Hera leaving me too? Yes I am nervous. I am all alone without her. I don’t know anyone. She says to stop worrying. From what I can tell she is going to re-enter very soon. That is all I have for now, Kiddo. Be safe.

Love, Zeus & Hera

xo xo

An Idle Mind


Enjoying this lovely weather, Sweetheart? According to the weather report a large storm is headed our way today but you know how that goes. A weatherman is the only job I know of where you can make mistake after mistake and everything will be alright. Do you agree? Just curious, just curious.

I am back writing using the other phone, our main phone doesn’t work well with WordPress for some reason, and there was a question mark symbol in a circle on the screen that I could not remove, as if it were asking me “why are you writing on this phone??”. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. But we did manage to post some of the photos that I had taken with Charlie’s camera, we don’t have the means to upload them to a computer so we took photos of the camera’s view screen. If anything, it proves legitimacy to the honest mind, because we know there will be at least one asshole thinking “photoshop!”. SMFH

I remembered something Chelsea wrote at Facebook a while back, it was a short fictional story where at the end she revealed that it was a joke. I wonder how many of her friends thought she was being serious until the end. I bet more believed that story was true than less. Ever tell the truth to someone and they respond with something like “Bullshit” or “No fuckin’ way” or “Get the hell outta here”? I bet you have, but there is a possibility that the same person would believe you if you had lied to them, even in a joking manner. Am I wrong?

My Son Charlie once told his best friend something so outrageous yet true that his bff told him “You’re fuckin’ crazy!”. Charlie was insistent and told him “I’m telling you, someone was outside on the roof looking in!”. They both go to where Charlie saw someone and found someone looking in. The rooftop peeper took off leaving a handprint on the outside of the window and footprints on the rooftop beneath the window. His bff said “Holy fuck!” and they called the police. I did not witness this, Maia did.

Because something might sound “crazy” it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. **Hera-nod**

A new but short topic. Do you believe that the Earth is flat? Please don’t say you do. If by chance you do, I will prove you wrong by the end of this paragraph using simple facts and common sense. If the Earth was flat, there would be no “time zones”. There are 24 one-hour time zones on this SPHERICAL PLANET for a reason. Taking mountain ranges into account, if the Earth was flat the longest delay in every continent witnessing the Sunrise would be 5 hours TOPS. Alright? **SMH**

Oh. And there is no “glass dome” or “firmament” over you either, that is a residual memory left over from when your home was a Petri dish. Feel better now? I think so.

Did anyone view the previous post, “Recent Photos”? Here are some of my favorites;

I found that if I angle the cellphone camera just right I get a “semi-negative” effect. Pretty cool, yes? Well I think so.

Oh, Kiddo, when will this end, when will this end? Yes, I am learning some things but nothing of utmost importance. One thing that I learned was who’s who in boo’s zoo. Interested, Kiddo?

If I wasn’t here, Charlie and Aphie would have become Baphomet. My Daughter, the one who is hiding inside you, would have become Lucifer, and that is why Maia shut her abilities off, just in case “Athena” had any not so funny ideas. Athena was also known as Venus, who is also known as “The Morning Star”; Lucifer. Pretty scary stuff, yes? Of course not, because people only believe lies. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. Why, they don’t even believe that statement. **Hera-nod**

You know what I’m thinking, Kiddo? I think that I should write another educational story about “Johnny”, yes, Johnny, but I will write it in another posting, for WordPress is beginning to freeze up on me again. Strange how that is, in fact, the internet has been acting strange for me for about a week now, as if someone else was interacting along side of me, shadowing me, if you will. Maybe it’s just me, then again, who am I?

Anywho, I will stop here to work feverishly on that Johnny post. I have been feeling so Creative lately, and there’s no time like the present.

Enjoy your evening, Kiddo, keep it stellar, and be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo

Recent Photos

Hey, Kiddo, I switched cellphones temporarily to upload those recent photos. For some reason WordPress doesn’t perform as well on this cellphone as it does the other, but at least I can upload what I have then switch back. I am only posting photos in this post, I will try to write another post later, okay, Sweetheart? Enjoy your day, and be safe, Honey.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo