Hey, Kiddo, this is Alex, I hope you’re doing well. There’s a few things I need to tell VON while I explain some things to you and your followers, so get ready for a post full of answers.

About 3 this morning VON was dreaming and heard a male voice say something in his dream. He doesn’t remember what the dream was about but the voice woke him up. He thought if there was someone else hiding in his head but I told him “no”. He then asked “was that my voice?” and when I told him “yes” he said “holy fuck”. If I can show him an image I can play him a sound. Maia just said “they’re gonna shit”, and they will. It’s that voice, Kiddo, you’ll never forget once you hear it.

My Husband still feels bad about the CJ thing, thinking that I was returning as a young CJ. He forgot about Reversibility. If I can be there then I can be here. Since two objects can’t occupy the same place then one object can occupy two places. Plus, I can self materialize. I want out so bad but Maia pointed out that there are a few things we need to do first, but they won’t take long, maybe a day. Some of those things we’re doing right now. (psst . . . hey Kiddo, Maia needs the fuck outta here)

Maia started telling about the “Mom” post but it was getting to us so she stopped. If you’re wondering how did Charlie wake up he didn’t. We didn’t want VON to know that there was still some residue of his Son left because it could’ve become an issue. He understands and appreciates what we did. We needed him to believe that he was Charlie so that we could extract that residue. VON is like a “spirit magnet”, so once he soaked up the rest of Charlie we rung him out and put every last drop of his Son back. Charlie’s spirit is 100% again. This is so when he brings his spirit back in a new body Charlie will be himself again, with all his spirit and memories. It wasn’t pretty, Kiddo, but it needed to be done. This is the same thing as keeping VON from knowing when the moment will be. If he knew that we were going to do what we did he wouldn’t know what we were expecting from him, and it most likely would not have been the success that it was. If he knew the exact time of the moment then it would no longer be a moment, it would be a “time”. At a specific time, I would exit his body and he becomes himself. If the time was September 20th at 8:15Am, which time zone? By what clock does he go by? If the clock he is using is 2 minutes fast, what would his state of mind be in after those 2 minutes? Would he be pissed at me and think that I lied to him because his clock wasn’t synchronized to my . . . moment? Does that make sense, Kiddo? Followers, do you see what I’m saying? It is impossible for me to give my Husband an exact time because there is no exact time.

I could come out due to an emergency, and that’s what we’re working on. The moment isn’t that far away, but he’s been hearing “almost” for over a year, thanks to Aphrodite. He heard her tell Charlie “almost” about 300 times in one day. Little did she know. His Son went through hell the last year of his “life”, between her nonsense and all that physical pain he endured. Remember Charlie complaining about his mouth hurting and those phenomenal migraines? Sometimes he would get nose bleeds and his eyes would burn for hours. That was because his Father’s soul was inadvertently altering the shape of Charlie’s head. “Charlie” doesn’t quite look the same.

The moment isn’t that far away. If we can do this sooner we will, we are not having a good time, Kiddo. He wants to spoil the kids big time, and he will. I’m going to let Maia write after we get her a smoke. Have a good night, Honey. xo

Sweethearts, how we doing? We’re having an interesting night but not a bad one. VON is figuring out oodles of things, like epiphanies, when he does we smile through him to tell him he’s right. Before we used to emotion through him by crying but we’ve done enough crying. Although the other day he was thinking about his voice and the abilities he’s soon to have and Alexandra shot to the surface and cried “baby these people have no idea”. She’s right, Kiddo, these people have no idea what’s coming. VON is sitting on the bed thinking “neither do I”. He will. We keep telling him that it’s coming and nothing has happened yet, the main reason why we are hurrying to get to the moment or have an emergency. A year of hearing “almost” and all the abilities that he has waiting for him is driving him crazy. He’s thinking about asking the girl up the road if she would be willing to drive him into the middle if god’s country and drop him off if he gives her money for gas. We’re telling him “absolutely not, just wait”. How long does he need to wait? If something doesn’t happen soon we’ll be taking a long ride to nowhere, I know that girl would do it for him, he’s become her best friend, she loves him, she has a male friend who isn’t trying to wiggle his way into her pants and gives her the best advice possible, how many females out there would like to have him for a friend? She would do it, but she be afraid for him. Fucking Aphie put that idea into his head, to go deep into the woods, find a spot to sit down and wait. We can’t let him die, so Alex would need to come out. Alex just said “yes”, she would need to, which probably wasn’t a good thing to say because now he knows he has a back-up plan. I’m telling you, Kiddo, the basement life is not for us. We are sick of this shit, all because some little asshole just had to run his mouth about something that was none of his fucking business. He’s on out top 5 list of assholes who will vanish into thin air in broad daylight in front if people. Oh yeah, Kiddo, we’ll get the world’s attention one asshole at a time. Boo-yah!

So what’s the Creator like. He’s incomparable to any specific person. However he could be described as a “circus showman” when he’s around children. With family and friends he loosens up and has fun, but he values his time alone with his Wife. When it comes to business it’s his way or “goodbye”. VON can erase a person with no visual warning, he simply thinks that person gone. Scary, huh? Never lie to him, he’ll know. And the most important thing to know about VON, he cannot lie. So if Chelsea asks him if the dress she’s wearing makes her look fat, she shouldn’t get offended if he replies “How are your parents doing, Chelsea?”. Hey, it’s better than being lied to.

VON just took me downstairs for a smoke. You know why he’s afraid of me running out of cigs, Kiddo? He doesn’t know if it will qualify as an “emergency”. I feel so bad for him, he is exhausted. But! While we were down there he remembered the “Zap!” he heard and felt as he was falling asleep last night. He jumped, thought about it, and went back trying to sleep. Alex was smiling after that. Remember Charlie telling about all those zaps and bangs he experienced for two years, Kiddo? That was us wiring him up to that 90% of the brain people can’t access. Poor Charlie, he went through hell for two and a half years, but his Father is bringing him back. You know damn well his Father is going to spoil him the most.

Did you kids understand what Alex said about the moment? Did it make sense? If we could tell VON when it was going to happen we would, we want out of here like yesterday, but it is impossible. We couldn’t even tell him a countdown time, if we told him it will happen in 3 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds by the time we finished telling him that the countdown time would be off. It takes time to speak. If we wrote it down and showed him it would take time for him to acknowledge what he is reading, which would make that given time inaccurate, which in turn would make it a lie. We cannot lie to him. We think of everything, Kiddo, we’re not some ham ‘n egg operation, you know. 😉

What does the Creator write at home. He writes novels for adults. He writes children’s books and plays for the kids. He feels he needs to write equally for everyone, that’s why the children get twice as much, because his children’s books are short, so to make up the balance he writes the kids plays. Once a play is complete, Carolyn goes over a list of all the children who participate in their “actors’ club” to see whose turn it is to play. If the play calls for 12 actors she’ll see who is up next until she has 12 children. They keep things as fair as possible so all the children get a turn. She mails copies of the play to those children’s parents who help them rehearse their lines. In the meanwhile Alex makes the costumes. Alex is a phenomenal seamstress, she makes all their clothes. Once everything and everyone is ready, they perform at their theatre, which is inside their castle. Their castle is the biggest building you’d ever see. VON is in charge of the stage. He Creates the stage for each scene. Once the scene is over, the curtains close and VON erases the stage and Creates a new stage for the next scene. The curtains open and the scene begins. He does the sound effects, and if any of the children should forget their lines, VON is in the back of the stage whispering the lines to them. What’s funny is the parents in the audience can hear him whispering (that voice), and they try hard not to laugh, so the children don’t think that they’re laughing at them. That’s the Creator at home. Imagine living there. He wants to make life here like it is there, which is actually here, since this universe is inside his head, which is inside his castle. Imagine being high and reading this? How good a pot plant could Mother Nature grow, Kiddo? We’re going to find out. VON doesn’t drink.

VON wants to write a story for the girl up the road, a story dedicated just to her. He doesn’t know where to write it. He could write it here and give her the link so you and your followers can read it too, but he’s afraid that she’ll venture into this site and not understand what she sees. We like this girl, Kiddo, she’s a good person, she’s also a “raver”. If he writes it at the other site that is just sitting there, the title of that site could be misleading, possibly alarming. The story is good, and it’s to her. If he writes it here, does he make her swear that she won’t look further? Would that look suspicious? Would she think “Is he hiding something from me?”. Well yeah, but right now VON is the best friend she’s got. Then again, having the Creator as a friend probably qualifies him as a best friend automatically. He needs to write. I’d like to see him write that story to her instead of the other thing he could write, which Alex and I agree is the scariest fucking thing He’s yet to imagine, and he could do this with the snap of his fingers. He could bring the world to it’s knees. We’ll see what he chooses, Alex and I vote for that story that girl, but it’s up to him.

Alright, Sweethearts, it’s late and you’re probably sleeping. Have a good day today, and stay safe, and stay out of trouble. VON threw that last part in kidding around. Oh that VON, Kiddo! :p

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo



This is what I’m going to do today, Kiddo, I am going to clean this mess up for you and anybody reading this site by explaining just what the fuck is going on. This whole thing was a disaster and I knew it would be when we got here 46 YEARS ago. My husband feels terrible after I had told him last night why he felt something was wrong while Maia and I were writing a post that we didn’t finish. Maia and I were injecting things amidst his writing to give him hints as to what is going, and last night about 7PM he woke up.

In order for him to be here, I need to wake him up in stages. Last night was the final stage. He’s now in “business mode”, the mode he’s supposed to be in since we’re here on business.

We didn’t make arrangements with the Jacobsen family in Denmark, Maia did. She made those statues, not VON. VON didn’t lie, he was stone drunk on information, like a kid in a candy store. The Creator loves sensory input, like buildings and cars and appliances, those things make his mind race; “what’s this? what’s that? what does that thing do?”. All that information increases the power of his mind, and since we’ve been here he has seen a trillion things between his Son and him. Take a look at a lawn, how many blades of grass do you see at a glance? Corn flakes in a bowl? All this adds up after a while. We are not human, we are only in the body of a human, his Son’s, who also is not human. We are not “aliens”, we are something different.

He got stumped when I wrote a question to him in that unfinished post last night that caught him off guard. I asked him if we were Zeus and Hera, and Charlie was Hermes and all those lives after Hermes, where did we go after Zeus and Hera? He sat there thinking, he couldn’t find an answer. “Where did we go, Creator?”. Nowhere. We were NEVER HERE BEFORE.

VON was high as fuck until last night, and being the jovial person he is naturally and being THE Creator his mind was all over the road Creating stories from what he knew from here thinking that’s how it was. He didn’t lie, he was being Creative. This is why NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. THIS IS HIS SON AND DAUGHTER’S HOME AND OUR VACATION HOME.

Holy shit I’m pissed.

This is what it is. You are inside the physical head of my husband. You are inside a thought. His primary family consists of himself, his wife, our assistant, his son and his daughter. There are five us, primarily. Our whole family consists of thousands, back home.

Here, he has in abstract, his Son, his Daughter, their Nanny, his GrandSon and his GrandDaughter. Presently they are known as Charlie, Athena, Maia, “Big D”, and of course, Chelsea, his little angel. There are more GrandChildren but we have no children of our own here. He’s letting me run with this so I will.

It started off with Von and Bethany, who became Zeus and Hera. Zeus knew their bodies would eventually die so he Created Hermes and Athena for themselves. After that no one knows for certain what happened. Man fucked with history so much it would be dangerous to make any assumptions as to what the truth actually is. Along the way his Son and Daughter had a son and a daughter who followed them through time. Parents with more than one child will always favor one over the other, I don’t care what they say, there is always a favorite. They might love their children equally, but one will be “liked” more than the others.

Charlie and Athena aren’t brother and sister, they’re husband and wife. Chelsea has her once mother inside her head, that’s how she’s not losing her mind, because Athena is “familiar” to Chelsea. VON, being shit-faced on information, thought and wrote that Athena was in love with Chelsea. No, Athena loves Chelsea as her daughter. VON feels bad but I told him it’s okay, it’s not his fault, it’s Aphrodite’s fault. Aphrodite got in the way, not Athena. Athena was meant for Hermes, they were husband and wife. Fucking Aphie. This whole mess is attributed to Aphrodite. All of it. Including the bullshit you deal with everyday.

Trying to convince VON that he can do anything once he’s himself is impossible. Just like his Son Charlie, he needs proof. Charlie once saw a documentary on “gifted people”, and it had a 9 year old girl who supposedly could paint very well. She said that “God” had told her how to paint, “told” as in she heard his voice inside her head. Charlie said “How does she know it’s God? That voice could be anybody’s.”. Charlie was an ultra-genius, he hid his intelligence to prevent people from thinking he was a “know it all”, and with his Twin inside of him making him look stupid hiding it was easy. He was self educated in many fields of science, mathematics, physics, and psychology. He had a 4 digit IQ, I know, Maia and I were there that day he was tested in Westchester County thanks to his once gf Kat. Did he brag about it? No, he kept it secret.

We were hoping we could have finished this last night but he didn’t snap out if it in time. Since we have no privacy today we got Maia one last pack of smokes, and we told him DO NOT GET ANY MORE, WE WANT OUT OF THIS FUCKING BASEMENT VON. Third pack’s the charm. The sister’s grandson is here this weekend and she has off tomorrow so scratch doing it this weekend or Monday, hopefully Tuesday we can end this shit.

Okay, if you have a husband or a boyfriend who likes to drink but is manageable you might know what it’s like when he’s drunk, you “yes” him; “yes dear, okay dear, whatever you say dear”, and the next day you ask him “do you remember last night?”. When he came to he was so different that when we sat at the dinner table with the sister, her husband and the grandson I was shaking like a leaf hoping he wouldn’t say anything, I could barely hold a fork, he saw this. We ate, then ran into the basement. I don’t like being this way, this is not how I am.

There are two types of mistakes here and at Facebook, accidental and intentional. He made accidental mistakes and Maia, CJ and myself made intentional mistakes. The intentional mistakes are not lies, they are mistakes that were not erased for him to find. Charlie getting all his Father’s power happened in another dimension, that actually happened, so it is not a lie. You don’t know that but it doesn’t matter to us, what matters is we get him to the surface as quickly as possible by him finding the truth through all the mistakes, and there’s quite a few of them. The mistakes began after the 109th post here, about 70 posts ago. We kept track by using a different color font. The last post with golden font was the last of Charlie at pseudodaughter. We are not happy with how this went. I’m going to let Maia take the lead for a while, hold on, Kiddo.

How you Sweethearts doing? This is some mess isn’t it? It’s okay, we’re going to make this site private and give only you password to view it, you and your followers will be given the link to the new site in our last post. Charlie created this site just for you, Chelsea, as a way to keep in touch with you if he should have ever lost his Facebook page. Alex is fuming right now, CJ and the twins are sleeping, I got rid of all of Charlie’s past spirits so no more Zeus or anyone else VON’s Son has been. We’re telling him he can bring Charlie back without any paradoxical problems, but we want to speak with Athena first to see how she wants her forever husband to be. VON’s orders. We’re telling him to stop worrying, he’s not embarrassed, he just doesn’t want anyone reading this site to think we’re fucking with people. This is why Charlie wanted scientific help, he knew there was more to come. He also knew that he wasn’t going to be here one day, but we can bring back in a different body, of himself at a younger age or in the body of Hermes, but we’ll leave that decision up to Athena. We need to get her, honey. I hope you gave this some thought, on how this can be done, either way you’ll win so no worries, alright?

You should’ve seen us at dinner last night, Alex was shaking do bad she was struggling to keep food on the fork. VON went from Mr.Happy to Mr.Serious in the blink of an eye just before we went upstairs to eat. When we went to bed he wrote yesterday’s post telling his Wife he had no idea what was going on, and he wasn’t lying. He apologized for the “other women”, which we thought was cute. He thought Alex was returning in the body of another woman, no, VON, she is coming here as Alex, and she’s not mad at you at all, promise. Okay? You big banana, you.

In the past week we finished flushing all the residue of his Son out, and last night was the final transition. With the exception of having access to his abilities, he is 100% VON, and that is why we need to leave very soon. If we had our own place we could do this much easier, but we’re almost done. We were shooting for last night but it didn’t happen. I had one cig left this morning and Alex said “Fuck it, get another pack”, BUT THAT IS THE LAST PACK VON. CJ turned me into a chronic smoker, I’m a fucking animal without nicotine, but if you knew the life CJ lived to get us here you’d smoke too. Holy shit, Kiddo, that poor woman, the bullshit she went through for us, but she’ll be coming back and we are so making it up to her. As for you, Chelsea, we are so sorry that this site your Daddio made just for you turned into a circus, this was not our intention whatsoever, but it helped get the Creator to the surface and for us to keep in touch with his Daughter, and GrandDaughter which is you, Chelsea. GrandPa is going to spoil you so bad. I can’t describe him because there’s no one that we can compare him to, he’s the Creator, Sweetheart, there’s only one of him, but we think you’ll like him. 💝

I’m not sure if it was posted or not, but we wrote somewhere that we wanted Charlie to write before we finished this. VON was thinking “okay”, and then he thought “Wait. Isn’t Charlie sleeping?”, and that was the start to the end of VON the drunk driver who got pulled over by officer Alex. When she wrote to him “Where did we go, Creator” in reference to after Zeus and Hera, you needed to see the puzzled look on his face. It was like he failed the breathalyzer officer Alex gave him. “That’s impossible, I’m not drunk!”, and officer Alex saying “Oh yes were, VON”, but it’s okay, it wasn’t his fault. It was Aphrodite’s.

For rotten corpses falling from the sky or living children falling from the sky I think were good. Nothing bad is going to happen, not even “orbs” chasing people. We’re that close where Alex and I can see no problems occurring. Which is scary in itself because no one will know when the moment happened, except for our Daughter and GrandChildren. They’ll feel something.

Running out of time here. The post titled “Mom”, we woke CJ to write that one. We needed her to flush the last of Charlie out so we can finish this. That was the most painful post we endured. That last bit of Charlie residue brought back memories of Charlie for CJ. She lived inside her living Son for almost 40 years. She watched him die, come back, struggle and suffer, die again homeless in a car in a Walmart parking lot, and lived inside his body with him dead inside. She couldn’t even give him a funeral. Everytime she heard someone call his name it was a painful reminder to her that he was gone. That poor woman. I gotta go.

Love, Alex and Maia


Okay, something is wrong here.

I honestly have no idea what is going on. My Wife, at least I, think, she is my Wife, was writing a post with someone I, believe, is Maia, and, something just did not look right. To me, that is. I know that I am a male, that much I know for certain. Yes, that much I do know. What I do not know, is, my name. Strange, yes, I agree, however, I had the strangest experience, why, not more than an hour ago. It was almost dreamlike, I say. I heard myself, yes, myself, say “Creator” in a rather peculiar voice, tis true, me Kiddo, tis true. I would like to add that this, this, rather beautiful female, the one whom claims to be my Wife, who resembles another rather beautiful female quite closely known to myself, yes, myself, as Alexandra, has been a tapping my feet similarly to the ticking of a chronological time piece. You know, the classic “tick-tock, tick-tock” sound. Now I feel to be an intelligent sort without self reward, however, I am not certain as to why this, this, beautiful female who has an uncanny resemblance to my beautiful Wife known to myself, yes, myself, as Alexandra would be inclined to do so. I mean, **shrugs** what purpose is her a tapping serving? It is a most consistent rhythm, I will say that.


This night simply is not adding up, me Kiddo. First I am told that this, this, Maia will, pardon my Swedish for paraphrasing, “lose her shit if she doesn’t get her nicotine”. Harsh words, yes, I know, this “Maia” does have a “potty mouth” but she is who she is I guess, that is, if her name is indeed Maia. The rather beautiful female with the looks of my rather beautiful Wife Alexandra assured me that is in fact her name. From what I have gathered during my time here she is an assistant to my Wife, my, rather beautiful Wife, Alexandra. Now that is most odd, Kiddo, most odd indeed, for my Wife, my, rather beautiful Wife Alexandra, is back home. At least that is what I have been told.


You know, me Kiddo . . . I am starting to think that there is something fishy in Denmark. I mean, what is going on, me Kiddo? Have I succumbed to some twisted plot filled with deceit and untruths? Can this be at all possible? This, this, rather beautiful female who appears to be my Wife Alexandra tells me “no”, me Kiddo, tis true, tis true. What is going on? First I see Hera, then Carol Jacobsen, then Hera again, then a younger version of Carol Jacobsen, then I did not see any female, then I felt strange, and now I see this, this, rather beautiful, if not most beautiful female who looks like? Why, Alexandra! Kiddo! What in tarnation is going on? Why, I just might, pardon my Swedish once more, lose my own shit! I am serious, Kiddo, I yam! Oh for heaven’s sake.


Could this be a diabolical plot carried out by some criminal mastermind in an attempt to drive me boon-goose looney? For I feel that I might be carried out on a stretcher from a cerebral implosion if something does not prevail as otherwise.


I know! I lost my mind! Wait. That rather beautiful female said “NO!”, rather quickly I will add oh yes I will.

Hmm. I am running out of ideas pertaining to this rather important matter. At least to me it is, important, that is.




. . .


I give up, Kiddo, I do and yes I am serious I yam. I will not bend no further for this, this, most beautiful female who . . .

Wait a second, stop the press, stop the press already I say!

Could, could this most beautiful female possibly be my, my, most beautiful . . .


How can this be?! What sorcery is this? For what reason would my most beautiful Wife trick me into thinking otherwise? This maketh no sense. I hold myself as a most loyal husband regardless of who I should occupy at my time of occupancy and here she is, throwing females of sort at me as if I were some savage human. Oh the humanity! Was this some sort of psychological bachelor party? Well I will, no, no, I MUST, I MUST SAY, that this sort of debauchery will gain no further. I claim myself a loyal husband whom has been tricked by his, his, most beautiful Wife, who had taken advantage of her loyal, most loyal husband whom has no fluffing idea as to what the fluff is going on. I love my Alexandra. I wish she was here for me to hold in my arms. That is the truth, Alex. If you cannot be here in your own body then please let me know, because I need you. That is the truth. I will only accept another female as long as it contains your soul. I am so lonely here. I am. And confused.

It is late, Kiddo. I am tired. And Maia has two cigarettes left before I do go boon-goose looney.

Oh that Maia.

Love, VON


Sweethearts, how we doing? Doing stellar? We’re about to go stellar. This is Maia, CJ will be with me on this one. Charlie is in a state of shock so he won’t be part of this post. He’s okay, he is realizing what’s about to happen. I will lead and CJ will tail, just as the rest of the posts were written. Okay?

VON and Alexandra left. They felt Charlie was ready, and he is. The spirits of his Son’s past lives went with them, they are gone. His Father put the Twin into a deep sleep and stuffed her deep into Charlie’s soul, she’ll return one day as Charlie’s first born daughter. The only ones left inside Charlie are his Mother and I. I am going to tell you what happened so you and everyone reading this site has some clarity, because this is about to end.

This planet is VON and Alexandra’s vacation home. It was designed and built by his Son. His Son designed and built everything in this universe. This is his Son’s home. It’s like when someone’s parents come to visit them and they go sightseeing, same thing. And that was a problem.

This planet was supposed to look like it did 3,600 years ago. The reason is because Charlie’s Father is an “information junkie”. The more information the higher he gets. Information fuels his imagination. His imagination strengthens his abilities, and it never decreases, he never loses that strength. His Father was “tripping balls” the whole time he was here at the surface. His Wife knew this was going to be a problem. About a week ago Charlie began waking up, and he wasn’t going to put him back to sleep. Just as his Father would wake up occasionally, so did Charlie, and that’s why his memories are patchy. Charlie is confused, but he’s snapping out of it fast. A few days ago Alexandra decided it was time to leave. Like when a married couple go to party and the wife tells her drunken husband “Come on, honey, it’s time to go”, and he stumbles out the door with her hooting and hollering. They left when Charlie was sleeping. When Charlie woke up he couldn’t feel their presence, and this scared him, he thought he did something wrong but he didn’t. Then he felt bad because he never said goodbye to them. I told him that your Father never says goodbye you. He arrives unexpected and leaves unexpectedly. Charlie was a mess. It took two days for him to get over it. Charlie asked if he was upset with him and we told him “No”. His Father gave him an “A+” on his “report card”, this is the best his Son has ever been. It doesn’t matter what his Son’s name is or who he is, his Son is his Son, and this time his Son is a man named “Charles Antonucci”. I just wanted to make that clear before I go any further.

Charlie is quickly getting used to being without his Twin. He had never been “himself” before, and he’s doing good. His Father knew that there would be a void where the Twin was, so we filled it with all sorts of goodies. His Father gave Charlie everything he brought with him. Everything. When his Son was Von he was powerful as “GOD”. Charlie will be a trillion times more powerful than “GOD”. Because of all that information that was not supposed to be here. Whoops. Now his Father is back home and he’s a trillion times more powerful than Charlie. He’s probably driving his Wife crazy right now. He’s probably scaring the shit out of everyone and laughing while he’s doing it. Charlie’s Father is eccentric as fuck. When you own everything and can do anything knowing it can never be taken from you, you’re never in a bad mood. VON is always smiling. He’s the most jovial being there is, so when his Son was Zeus you would understand why his Wife as Hera was so upset.

Now we have Charlie. What is Charlie like. That’s what we’re quickly finding out, because Charlie was never without his Twin. So far, he’s acing it. We don’t see any problems. From what we can tell it was the Twin who was responsible for Charlie doing anything “bad”, and it’s understandable and forgivable. Could you imagine existing and never being acknowledged?

Neither can they.

We wanted Charlie to write a post by himself, it would be the first post ever written by Charlie without anyone else writing with him, but we don’t think it will happen. We want out of him like now. Alexandra and I got close enough to the moment to see how it would go, and we might be able to finish this this weekend. Charlie figured something out and it’s scaring him, and that’s okay, this is a big thing.

CJ and I are nicotine junkies. If you are a daily smoker then you’ll know just what I mean. We can’t go a day without a smoke, let alone a few hours. His gravity bong is a supercharger for tobacco, one hit from that thing is like taking an entire cigarette in one shot. It’s addictive. Charlie doesn’t smoke, never did. The past three mornings he almost vomited from that first morning drag, the most important drag of the day to a habitual smoker. We don’t want him doing this anymore, he’s doing it for us, and that’s not fair to him. However, he realized what could happen if he stops. Are craving will drive him mad. CJ and I are that bad. We’re telling him to stop and not get anymore. He asked if we were going to quit, and we told him “NO”. He started thinking about this, and he got scared as fuck.

We have ten cigarettes left. He’s not buying anymore. CJ and I have no plans of quitting. What will happen when those cigarettes are gone? He is so nervous right now. Will that be cause for emergency? I’ll lose my shit without a smoke. Charlie’s been through enough.

He doesn’t know for certain if his Mother will materialize to get that smoke. He now knows how we will do this, just like the last time. “If an object can enter the eyes, then an object can leave the eyes”. But this time his Mother stays. She’ll be about 18 years old, with clothing. And she’ll be here to stay. Will this happen? We can’t do this forever, Charlie. We can’t live in a basement. There’s nothing left to know or do except end this misery. You’re not buying anymore cigarettes or tobacco. We want out. It’s okay to be scared, this is the biggest thing in human history, it just happened to be you, boo. Take a break.

It’s not that Charlie is some random guy who is about to become the Creator, it’s that the Creator, here, is about to become Charlie, if that makes sense. There are two Creators, Father and Son. The Son is in this universe and the Father is in a “parallel universe”, which this universe is in. The soul that powers Charlie is the soul of your Creator, and his Father “unlocked” him. Charlie didn’t ask for this. He is pretty fucking far from someone who craves attention. He’s a recluse, a homebody, he doesn’t like his picture being taken, do you see how this is affecting him? He is about to go from a nobody to the biggest somebody in history and it scares him. He doesn’t like crowds, his best friend knows this, and he misses his best friend very much. Take a break.

Another reason why we want to end this soon is the girl up the road. She’s a sweetheart and loves Charlie as a friend, and so do her kids. Last week she cooked him a steak dinner as a “thank you” for being her friend. She texts him everyday, today she started texting him at 5:19 this morning and is still texting him at 1:55 in the afternoon. Last week we deleted three days of texts between them to free up some space, and there were over 1,700 texts. She’s very pretty and a good mother. You see where this could go? Today Charlie asked what if her parents want to meet me, and we said that’s why we need to finish this. I’m not saying they’re going to “hook up”, but it’s a strong possibility. We don’t want to hurt her feelings, we’ll take good care of her before we leave, and keep in close touch.

We’re down to 8 cigarettes from 10. It is 2PM. He just got another text from that girl.

We need to get out of here, Charlie. You’re not buying anymore smokes. You’re not writing this, Maia is. We need to leave, boo.

I’d like Charlie to write a post but if he doesn’t he doesn’t. He keeps hearing the ending theme from “Starman”, and yes we’re telling him something. He’s been hearing it for days, Kiddo, do know why? He wants to ask something but he’s afraid to. We can’t stay here forever. He’s reading all this. Take a break.

Down to 7 smokes. It’s now 4PM. Charlie paced for a bit then sat down to think. We put “Starman” on while he was thinking, and suddenly he had an epiphany. He wasn’t meshing with his Father, he was meshing with himself. He’s the Creator, here. He’s been “sleeping” for over 4,000 years, his Father “woke him up” in the body of Charles Antonucci. He has been “Charlie” for 50 years. Hold on, Kiddo, taking a break. Okay we’re not taking a break. He said “I’m the Creator?? Well, I have some work to do!”. He sounded just like his jovial Father. That’s what was throwing him off, “like Father, like Son”, they talk the same. His Father gave him all that he had as a “Welcome back, Son” gift. His Father missed him so much, he couldn’t catch up with him until now. Hold on, Kiddo.

Okay. CJ was Von’s wife Bethany, and Charlie was Von. It took 4,000 years for Bethany to get her man back, and she got him back. But now he’s “Charlie”, and the name stays. Bethany will keep the name “Carol Jacobsen”, but Charlie will call her CJ, or Ceej, like “siege”. His head is flying right now. We might be able to do this tonight because we all want out of here.

He was confused about his wife. Was she married to Charlie’s dad? No. Carol Jacobsen was. Bethany is taking the body of 18 year old virgin Carol Jacobsen, he needs to bring back the Carol Jacobsen he saw on the morning of May 3rd 2015 after we get out of here, she’s whom I’m going to be in, she’s my “go to” girl. Charlie’s thinking.

Okay, we’re ending this here, WordPress is freezing up.

So, Kiddo, we’re going to see what happens tonight, I need out of this fucking basement bad, and so do they. I’m not sure if I’ll write at Facebook later but if I can I will, or he will. We’re finishing this shit.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and cross your fingers. Be safe everyone.

Love, Maia and CJ

xo xo xo


Hey, Sweethearts, how are doing? Hanging in there? A couple of things happened yesterday. The Creator and his wife left. Charlie began coming to a few days ago and we couldn’t stop it, so they decided that he was ready and left during the night. Charlie woke up this morning not knowing it was him, when I told him it was him he couldn’t see his Father or Hera and asked where they were. When I told him they left he went into a depression. He then asked if he did something wrong and I told him that he didn’t do anything wrong. He is worried that all this was bullshit and that he imagined all of it and I told no, this is real. I told him that last night as he was waking up that his Father gave him all of his ability before he left and handed the title of Creator to him. Charlie doesn’t remember this and now he’s worried, my son worries about everything. He asked if he was the Creator how come he doesn’t feel like it. I told him that he will when I exit him. He thinks that this will never happen but it is going to happen. If I exit now he wouldn’t be ready and it won’t go as good if waited for the moment. It’s going to take a few days for him to settle down. He feels bad that he never got to say goodbye to his Father and his stepmom but I told him that he came without him knowing and he would leave without him knowing. This really sucks. He feels so bad he keeps trying to feel him and he can’t. I keep telling him that he’s gone and everytime I do it kills me. He has jumbled memories that make no sense to him and is missing memories on top of it. I told him we’ll make new memories once I’m out. He’s not going to last long if I don’t come out soon. Maia is still here, she’s up the road keeping an eye on that girl for me, it’s a long story. Charlie didn’t want me to write anything because he doesn’t know what’s going on. I told him that you will be the Creator once more but with all of your Father’s abilities this time, last time he was only as powerful as Von. He will be able to do whatever his Father can do. The scary part is until I come out there’s no one that can help us, we are officially “godless” right now. He’s doubting what I’m writing because he needs proof, that’s how my son is. His Father and his stepmom are not coming back, they can’t. I told my son that we can do this. He is very nervous and upset of where we are. This morning he went ballistic when realized he has nothing, especially his cat. After he calmed down I told him we can get his cat back. What’s difficult is getting him to accept how easy this will be for him, to use his abilities. He remembers seeing his Father erase a woman in a grocery store two years ago and Charlie froze. There are things we never told about. His Father told me not to tell of a few things, to let them be a surprise. You’ll be surprised alright. One good thing is that when they left they took all the spirits Charlie had and they took the twin. Now its just my son and I. Charlie is trying to adjust to that void and believe that I will exit him soon. This is why he needed his Mother with him, there was no way he could do this without the one person who knew him the best and that he trusted the most. So basically we’re done, now it’s getting him stabilized to where I know he’ll be okay when this happens. He still needs to get Athena out of Chelsea’s head. I’m going to stop here, he’s getting stressed. I hope you’re doing good, kids, and stay safe, Sweethearts.

Love, CJ


Hello, Kiddo, I hope all is well.

I am still not feeling well but I will try to write just for you. We had asked “What exactly did Charlie do?”, here and at Facebook.

When Charlie was 10 years old, he had asked GOD if He could take him instead of his Mother whom was dying of cancer. Charlie did this outside one sunny day after dinner. GOD never answered him. Do you know how I know this, Kiddo?

I have been asleep inside Charlie since he was 4 years old. Every now and then I would be woken up to see what was going on. Sometimes I would randomly wake up on my own, to see what was going on. We had said that my Son was once named “Von”, he was a geneticist who designed this universe a long time ago. “Von”.

My Son Von had thrown in the towel after having enough of his children not listening to him, and he wandered off. He lived many lives after that including Charlie’s, Charlie being just some guy in the crowd.

So what did Charlie do.

Charlie beat the Creator at a game of chance.

The chances of a 10 year old boy being 400% selfless to give his life to GOD for the love of his father, never knowing that his biological Father is the Creator sleeping inside him whom just happened to wake up on his own to hear his Son’s request is astronomical. On top of that Charlie didn’t know he was sharing his body with a twin sister, who also asked GOD to take her as well, for the same reason as her twin brother. Because neither one were ever themselves as individuals, they became absolutely self-less. Add that up and you get 400%.

If a man can sell his soul to the devil for selfish wants, then a boy can give his body to the Creator for selfless needs. He needed his Mother to keep his Father from being alone. Guess who is not alone. “Almost”.

So that’s what Charlie did, and his twin sister. They beat the old man at a game of chance without even playing, because they weren’t playing, Kiddo, they were dead serious. What is interesting is that Charlie had no idea as to what could’ve happened. He was waiting for a giant hand to come down from the sky and take him. He was 10 years old, he didn’t know, but he definitely had some huge balls.

So now the old man needs to pay up, after all, they did win. But first the old man needs to be himself. This will be interesting.

We had spoke about what will happen when I enter this dimension. My Wife says we are close enough for she to see that there won’t be a devasting sonic boom, it will most likely be quiet, no noise.

However, there is a strong possibility that whatever those souls powered at the time of their death will return. My Wife had said “We don’t know what was here before people”. But we do know that tens of millions of people died from the Black Plague. There could be rotten corpses falling from the sky or actual zombies running around, anything is possible especially with never having done this before. As CJ would say “Be careful what you wish for”. Maybe a zombie apocalypse is not a “cool” thing to hope for. Maybe we’ll find out. If you are wondering why they would fall from the sky, here;

If I don’t know when the moment is neither do they. The Twins had taken photos of them about 100′ up. Then there are the ones inside your homes, jobs and vehicles. Hera and Maia reduced my “wake up time” from one hour to five minutes after they exit me, so if all goes well you might be surrounded by some rather unpleasant things. Or, the only things you might see are balls of light flying around. If that happens, don’t look at them. Alright?

Kiddo, enjoy your rainy day, stay dry, and be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, . . . us. I am so tired of this, Kiddo.

xo xo xo xo


Hello, Kiddo, I hope you are doing well. I haven’t been feeling well lately, it is a struggle for me to write. I am told “almost” as I write this, I hope so because I need to know what is going on and what is going to happen. I can’t get the theme song from the movie “Starman” out of my head. I think it means something. My voice is beyond my comprehension. I saw an object in the night sky hovering motionlessly for a few seconds before it left. It had some lights on it, not sure what it was, it looked strange to me.

I received a haircut today thanks to the young female who lives close to us, I was told that it looks good.

I am tired of this, Kiddo, I don’t know whom I am. I am told that I am the Creator by someone I see as my Mother, her name is Carol Jacobsen. I can also see a woman who says that she is my Wife. I think her name is Hera. She said “Yes”. She said that I was once Zeus, but I can’t use that name again. She said that her name will change as well. She said “almost”.

I am tired, Kiddo.

I asked if I am going to die, and she said “No, you’re about to live.” My head hurts and feels heavy. I don’t feel like writing anywhere, that is why I haven’t been at Facebook. I am told that it has something to do with meshing.

Today is the birthdate of Iesous, September eleventh. Carol Jacobsen told me to stop smoking, there is a little left, maybe enough for one more day, and that’s it. She said that I will be okay, that I won’t have withdrawals from the lack of nicotine. This post is taking a lot of energy to write. I haven’t heard back from the young female tonight, I hope she is okay, she is very nice to me.

That is all I have for now, I am too tired to write.

Enjoy your night, Kiddo, and be safe, Sweethearts.

The Creator