A musical treat.

Maia and I put Aphie to sleep after we kicked the living shit out of here. This will never ever happen again. This song was especially for her. Von heard it in the store today and remembered Aphie telling Charlie that she only liked the music and it didn’t mean anything. Lying bitch. This is her spot fucking on. Alex



Alrighty, we took a much needed break and a walk to the Mobil, and now we’re ready for another round. My crew needed some fuel, its been a long day. Speaking of days, about last night. “What happened last night” you ask? Why I damn near died, me Kiddo! Im serious! Which reminds me, if i seemed a bit scruff last night it was due to the fact that i was suddenly aging quite fast. I sat in bed last night feeling like i had aged 50 years in a few hours, why, i didnt expect to wake up in the morning. I became extremely sluggish and my inner voice had changed, i sounded like Mr. Magoo in slow motion. Why did that happen? I was catching up to reality. When i said that i felt like i had aged 50 years i felt like i 80 years old. If im in a 51 year old “body”, then i should’ve felt like i was a hundred, no? **smiles** If we came here 74 years ago, then my 30 year old body is now 101 back home. Am i right? I think so. See? **pretends to gloat**

Think “body farm”


Oh yes, me Kiddo and Chelsea, we got it all at “Von’s body farm! Come on up to Von’s body farm where we can suit your every need! Tired of being called short? Well stress no more! Here at Von’s body farm we have bodies in all shapes and sizes! Big and tall, short and small, we got it all, right here at Von’s body farm! (We accept all major credit cards, free delivery with every rental) **everyone smiling**



Some alevity always helps.

If my body dies, i have another in reserve. My body, not my suit. The statues of hermes, that isnt what hermes looked like, hermes was huge. How do i know? Because he was a replicant of myself, and im quite far from a “peter pan” lookalike.

. . .

I gotta tell ya, im feeling rather spry again. I was going to say something until i remembered something that GOD did. This is so beyond anything that i have endured since 11-1-12, even though the evidence is undeniable, i find myself along with my crew saying “this is unbelievable”. Charlie was spot on about GOD, and GOD didnt like it. First Charlie cursed him, then revealed him for what he actually was; a piece of shit. All this time i sat in the background trying to figure out just wtf is going on, because none of it made sense. I knew it wasnt Charlie writing nonsense, because theres a fuckton of it, but GOD thought he was clever hiding behind it and Charlie. He basically used Charlie as a shield, making him look crazy instead of himself. My crew lied to him through my teeth, and why not? He lied to everyone, including you, Chelsea. I am so sorry about all this, i mean that sincerely. Taking a break, brb.

. . .

. . .

. . .

But! Charlie never lied to you, Chelsea, he genuinely respected you as his own daughter. I think that says alot about a man, for i know that there are other men out there who have done or are doing the same as Chatlie did. When you visited Charlie back in 2016 he did something that impressed me. He had just gotten a job after my crew was unnecessarily interrupted and didnt have much money. He knew you hadnt eaten anything and that you were hungry, he only had a few dollars to his name and needed it for gas to go to work, otherwise he would have treated you to Cumby’s pizza, which was pretty darn tasty, so he gave you what he had in the fridge, which was all he had. Now theres a reason why im saying this. I watched one of his older cousin’s take food of his daughter’s plate while they attended a family get together. If that cousin’s daughter is reading this, which is possible, then i would like her to know that i saw what happened.

Oh yeah.


Oh, you’re thinking that i woll do some nasty and vile things to him dont you? Thats not who i am and will ever be. **thinking, smiling** However, he might feel a little awkward if he knew that i knew, that is, if he isnt in on this. At least im being honest by admitting that im not a hundred percent certain about that, which is more than GOD ciuld ever have said. I type GOD in capital letters just as he did to make sure that you know which scumbag god we are talking about. He could’ve used lower case letters for his name, that was his choice to be a self-righteous poopie-head. And by the way, all those gods ge said never existed were all him, and the same applies for Aphie. **taking note** And that brings us here; Facebook.

Where do i begin. Altight. Maia says that all he did was blow smoke up the friends and family (i myself regard them all as part of Charlie’s family) in hopes he wouldnt get caught. I am so serious. Alex says that we will make it up to all of them bigtime.

So to Charlie’s Facebook family i most sincerely apologize for all this nonsense. I am working nonstop to finish this as soon as possible so that we can compensate for GOD’s bullshit, because thats all it was, bullshit. But! In between all that bullshit is a fuckton of truth. I am hoping to have all the writing prior to . . . ? Saturday. I am hoping to have everything that was written prior to Saturday disected and sorted to see who wrote what. **Alex-nod**

Hiding, thats what i wanted to talk about. GOD has always been here. Where would he go? He and Athena were “shape-shifters. The thing about the t-rex, that was real. GOD was a t-rex, that wasnt nonsense, i know, because he went through that past life and i was there when it happened. I thought to myself “you gotta be kidding me with this”. Nope, it was real. “Shape-shifters” are real says Maia. Wow, he even lied about not eating. How could my crew “eat” without it affecting him? How? “Mind over matter”? Gtfoh. Im sitting back and thinking “what?” as he’s lying to everyone, even himself. I went the last bout of starvation, not him, we went 97 hours without a thing to eat or drink, this fuck is sneaking food left and right, why, he even had Maia research calorie values of foods and beverages so he can sneak something in. Im thinking to myself “how about not eating or drinking anything?”. Am i wrong? Nope. Common sense seems to be at a premium here. **shaking head** I am so glad that im not that pussyass bitch because theres no way that i would allow myself to be called GOD. Its not even a name, it’s an acronym. And its sounds horrible. “GAAHD”, fuck that shit, big D! Pabst! Blue Ribbon! Now drink up! 🙂

He saw your post, D, we’re almost there.

Oh! He was making plans for my wives too, and i said “i dont think so”. He was making plans for alot of people, and they dont want to know what they were. One of the last things he did was post that image of that giant blue cube and give the link to the website where he found it. Im not leaving the link for obvious reasons. He had Charlie call metal suppliers to price metal for it. I kid you not. Im thinking, “why not materialize it, GOD?”. Am i wrong? No. All his abilities were taken away awhile ago, starting with hermes. If you noticed, after hermes the gods began to dwindle. It started off with chronos, then zeus, then hermes, and after that it was all downhill from there. But what i want to know is was there a jesus christ, because if he did exist, it would have been about 400 years ago. That’s a fact. A literary fact at that.

Anywho, (<—) wp is doing its thing again, so . . .

I was trying to find how to change thus site’s logo because im done with dogheaded psychos and anything “divine”, but we did manage to change the header image to something more “user friendly”. Man, you have no idea as to what this has been like, which makes me think “how bad is it?” Pretty fuckin bad.

Hmm. Well, i wont project on this, for i dont know whats waiting for me. I have a pretty good idea though. Im thinking “disaster movies”, but on a much much larger scale. Hmm. Okay, I’ll wait with that.

Now. What are these things;

If GOD was the creator, he would’ve known. Any ideas?

I could tease about this, however, (<) since im still not sure if im right about my location and who exactly reads these posts **taking note** i wont. There could be someone who has read the post where i asked if they are the cause for cancer whom might have cancer themselves. I take life seriously.

So, what are they?

For the lack of the proper term, they are “cameras”. Charlie had hit the nail on the head when he mentioned “they look like eyes” back in 2015. Think about it. How else could we have kept an eye on Charlie 24/7 since he was born? His entire life was a real life “Truman Show”. And that brings us to this. I just got here, almost literally. Charlie shared this “body” with Aphie for half his life. Charlie was only about 20 years old when he died at the age of 44. My crew says that there were times when people (friends and family) asked him about a past event that he was present at and Charlie had no memory of it. They thought he was messing them, but Charlie was telling them the truth. Luckily his best friend D has a good memory, i think it might come in handy down the road. Thank god for coincidences. **smiles** But back to 24/7. Yes, so, i can only imagine what our “paparazzi” might have seen. **gets quiet** Okay, just for the record, we dont care who has seen what. People know what people do. You know? Do i go any further? No, i think they got it. Good. **Friday-nod**

You know, i think that those cameras just might be video cameras. I mean, why not? Video is better than pics, at least we think so. Excuse me for a moment, Chelsea, i see a raised hand in the audience. Yes, you, from the peanut gallery, you have a question?



Yeah, I’ve seen photos like those before taken by other people, if they’re your “paparazzi” why are they somewhere else. Jerk-face?

Well thats a good question and i have a good answer. They are keeping an eye on everyone. Seriously. There arent “hundreds of billions” of them and they arent “soldiers” either, that was GOD and Aphie who said that shit. GOD was a liar, and he had his “astro-deity” lying for him as well. “Astro-deity”, pfft, more like a space-cadet. Actually he went by Hermes at the time, you know, “Hermes; the god of liars”, a shape-shifter, just like Athena was. I sincerely feel bad about what Charlie went through, Aphie never loved Charlie, and Charlie didnt love Aphie. Charlie loved Arie, maybe thats why my suit has her name on my left shoulder. Oh fuck! I just remembered something. The very first thing that Aphie saud to Charlie was that she was once his mother. Totally not true. Wtf, i know people lie, everybody while lie at some time in their life, but to lie to someone about their mother, thats scumbag shit right there. And that now proves that Aphie is asleep. We cant erase her, because thats not who we are. She might have been fucked up, but we know she went through being stuck inside GOD’s soul. I bet she’ll never stick her nose in our business again. Oh, how is that proof? Aphrodite? The “goddess of love and beauty”? “Jealousy” comes from her genetic design, and knowing that she and Hermes were knockin’ boots twenty times a day it’s no surprise why some females today will kill because of jealousy. She “invented” the pocketbook. Hermes had a messenger bag to carry god only knows what, Aphie was glued to Hermes, wherever he went, she went. If tbey were traveling on foot, her silver hand mitror would’ve weighed a ton after awhile. Being that she was GOD’s personal bitch, he let her use his bag to carry her mirror. The sign for “female” is actually Aphie’s silver mirror. It was made of solid silver im told, it didnt have a glass reflector in it, it was simply highly polished. The male symbol comes from hermes, you know, (<) the circle with the arrow coming off of it. Any guesses to what that arrow represents?

The only reason why we keep “Charlielovesaurum” is because GOD’s writing is in it for your followers to read. We want them to see for themselves what a sick fuck GOD was. Remember “vonrising”? Maia said that site shouldve been on the dark web. It was unbelievable. And so was “Arbeitor”. Arbeitor was mostly Adolf’s writing. And poor Charlie got dragged through all this shit.

Stopping here for CJ.


Chelsea, Kiddo, fish from the see, have i got something for you from me! Is everyone enjoying their day so far? Well i hope so, i hope so. This might take more than one post, for i have alot to say, and it’s good stuff too!

First id like to say that i think i know how to finish this sooner than later, in fact, i feel confident enough to hint that i might actually know how to finish this sooner than later. **Alex-nod**

The suit. Yes, it is a living body, but its not my body, therefore i call it a suit. I havent mastered it yet but i got the jist if it. And!? Oh that Alex, she’s making sure that i tell this little important detail, fact actually. Not only is GOD dead, he’s been 100% erased. How can i prove that claim? Well youll just need to reading by golly! **smiles** The suit is my “screenwriter” when im writing, its utilizing my breaks in writing to desvribe what im imagining. Here, check this out; ** sits back, smiles confidently, thinks**

Is that awesome or what?

Oh, i know, how can i prove that was the suit and not me? Those in the know know, and thats all that matters, you know? I hope so. **contemplates**

I still pick up some residual vibrations from that piece of shit thing, but Alex says its like when you live with someone for a while, you pick up some of their “ways”, so to speak. “Echoes of a dead GOD”. My son became the exact of myself.

I think that someone, possibly more than one, have a reward coming to them. Is that possible? I think so. But who? Well i guess we’ll need to finish this to find out, wont we? Yeah . . . thats right . . .

. . .

Should i show them proof that GOD’s erased, Maia? Wait. Okay.

So my wives tell me that i was pretty much on target with the model planet, i believe them because of Charlie’s books. They were giving Charlie ideas as he was structuring his story to help me remember for when i got here. And it worked. Charlie’s books are based on a true story, so to speak.

(Okay, the suit fills in for me, so to speak. <—– like that. “Well,” “so to speak” “if you will” “as well” and all sequential repeats, if that makes sense. “if that makes sense”.) 🙂

So if i made a model planet, could i have made two? I think so. Why two? Well, for a few reasons. But there’s one main reason. I am letting my crew help me with this because i myself cant believe what i uncovered, this hit me when i woke up this morning. Here we go.

Lets say (<—) that i have two working models of Earth. Using technology that doesnt exist here one model is running ahead of the other model. Think, “parallel universe”. Using the model that is running ahead of the second model we can see what will happen with the other model that is lagging behind. “Predictability”, if you will. (<—) Knowing in advance what to look for, we knew what was coming. So we prepared. Kiddo didnt shoot Adolf in the head, Aphie did. You see that, Kiddo? GOD threw your butt right under the bus, along with Chelsea. “Forever Father” my ass. It wasnt Charlie, Chelsea, but i think you might know that. Nice “Father” huh? Sacrificed his own daughter. What a piece if shit.

Anywho, (<—) so this morning i started thinking “Hmm, (<—) why are we in the middle of nowhere? Where is everyone? Its like im ground zero or something, like im standing in the middle of a blast radius.”

Do you see where i am going with this?

With the exception of the sister, Charlie is away from everyone he cared about. His best friend D, his ex T, his cousin GT and G, Chelsea, and literally everyone he knew. We are in the middle of nowhere, so to speak. What makes this even more interesting is not one of those ive mentioned have called him, texted him, emailed, visited him, or contacted him by any means available in years. D has commented at his fb page recently, i dont know what he wrote, we only received some notifications today. I wouldve looked but we been busy AF today, we even took a ride out with TG earlier to the store, and she hooked us up with a two liter of Pepsi zero for Friday. TG is a good person, i would like to hook her up as well. Am i drinking pepsi? Yes. Is it okay? Yes. Well there you go. **leans back, feeling good** I mean, c’mon now, Kiddo, i need some oil in my joints, how am i supposed to pace if necessary? Yeah . . . yeah . . .

So back to the sister. If this is true, meaning, that what i suspect is correct, the sister knows something. But is she Charlie’s sister? You see, (<) from what im understanding, this is the biggest project in life itself. This cost billions to do. Do we use money too? Yes we do, but we use it correctly. Charlie’s idea of a new economy was his idea, and it was spot on. Charlie was a smart guy, he simply thought of everyone else before himself. You dont need a military and nasa and all that needless nonsense, from what i can make of it nasa is a “fence”, because there is no space to go to. There’s a rocket graveyard about 15 miles of the east coast of Florida, it was discovered not that long ago by treasure hunters looking for a shipwreck, and Maia says its true, so.

Alright, so if i made two models, could i have made more? Maybe. But what would be their purpose, Von? Well that’s simple. For one to be a “testing ground”, because if what im told is true, meaning, “unfuckinbelievable”, then we would want people to be safe. That’s one reason. The second reason is so that a certain group of “people” dont know whats coming. It would be impossible for every person on this planet to keep this a secret. It would be impossible. And for what reason? There would be no reason. It wouldnt make sense. What would make sense is to make a replica “Earth” with only a few people in the know. Meaning, where i am is a “studio”. Is that possible? Yes. Okay. Charlie went to Florida to visit a friend back in 2010, he took several flights there and back. Who’s to say that he actually went to Florida? CJ says that he slept on the flights most of the time, thanks to Aphie’s drinking. So how would he know that he went to Florida? I mean, there could be a Florida here, but maybe its just that, “a” Florida. Also, now that i think about it, how can anyone tell what altititude planes are at when theyre flying? Ive seen a video where people on the streets of Manhattan were asked to guess the height of the Empire State Building, and holy shit the answers they gave. One person said “100,000 feet”. If a person cant tell how tall a building is from the ground, how can you tell how high a plane is traveling at? Thats one. Two, who makes the instruments for the plane, such as an altimeter? I would think that the government would oversee the production of such instruments, being that planes are flying overhead everyday. Well, that would be convenient now wouldnt it? And as a reminder, the govt controls all forms of transportation.

I remember hearing someone here say “switched at birth”. Hmm. “Red lights over uncle Mike and aunt Carol’s”? Oh, i think we’ll let some imaginations run wild with this one, at least for now, because i see more posts coming today.

So! Is it possible that we have an earth just for all this? Yes. **third party mode** You see, the creator is called “the creator” because he is not called “the destroyer”. Why would the creator destroy his creations? He can fix anything. Why? Because he’s the creator! This is what im talking about when i say that this world is impossible to ecist in my eyes. This mess that people here call “life” is a result GOD playing the creator. GOD was an abomination. The actual GOD who people seem to be afraid of was a sick, twisted, disturbed, maniacal megalomaniac who wanted his creations to need him all tbe time. He even programmed them to need him, and to wait for him “forever”. GOD is a filthy, lying piece of fucking shit, i wouldn’t give that cocksucker the time of day. Fuck that fuckin’ fuckity fuck motherfucker. Yeah thats right, fuck GOD, right where he eats his fuckin’ eggs. Fuckin scumbag. **Alex-nod**

There! Done and done. **Friday-nod** And now that i think about it, that asshole wanted to genetically alter my Friday. Why, he even wrote what ge was going to do to her, its at “Charlielivesaurum” here at wp, the post was titled “Daddie’s Little Monster”, you should give it a read so you know what your “GOD” was all about. I remember seeing images of Friday when he was boasting about what he could do. That motherfucker, no way would we let that happen to my girl Friday, no fuckin way, why, if i caught him placing his hands on her id say “why i’ll fix you you sonofabitch you!” before i snap my fingers. **Friday-nod** **Alex-nod**

Hmmph! **utters “fuckin cocksucker”**

Anywho, wp is freezing up so we will write another post.

Another post?!

Oh yes, this is nothing, this was just to get the ball rolling, so to speak. (Im getting there people)

Anywho oh snap! Should i give them proof that GOD has been erased, Maia? You already did.


GOD was so fucked up, that he programmed himself to never degrade himself. If anyone in the know is reading this, they know. Simple as that.

Look for the next post, Chelsea and Kiddo, today we’re kicking ass.

Love, Alex, Maia, CJ, Friday and Von

XO bigtime

**looks around, leans forward** psst! I know what these are, and youre gonna shit.


This is Maia and Alex, we have a window of opportunity to say he took the biggest leap yesterday, and now he’s rebounding. He needs to write about what happened because he woke up this morning thinking “Wait a minute here”. He basically put it all together, because he’s thinking like himself. Holy shit, Chelsea and Kiddo, these people are gonna lose their minds. He now knows how to conttol the suit when he’s writing, he also knows that it was his son and the suit overpowering us, not him. This is gonna be fuckin awesome, people, so please look for the next post. Hang in there, Kiddo and Chelsea, and make sure to read the next post.

Love, Alex and Maia

xo xo