Hey, Sweethearts, VON’s letting us write while our other phone charges, it’s Monday the 19th of November. You girls doing okay? The weather outside is cold and rainy, but it’s better than shoveling a foot of wet snow like we did last week.

VON has been “sober” now for two weeks. In that time we showed him videos from YouTube about recent events, which didn’t make him happy to say the least. Did anyone watch the videos we posted before this post? We’ll add a couple more this week. We are also going to delete the written posts after Daddio’s last post except for this one, we figured we’d give the readers a heads up before we do. We’ll probably delete them a day after we post this.

VON learned how to do a “screenshot” on this phone, so we spent some time collecting things that he wants to share. Here are the screenshots;

We’ve been busy, Kiddo. Those screenshots are to show your followers that the things we’ve talked about have validity and that we didn’t make them up, in case no one took it upon themselves to research that information.

There’s a YouTube channel called “Naughty Beaver”, it’s a man from Canada with a different take on current events. He cross references Revelations with Nostradamus’ quatrains and shows how some things coincide. It’s a pretty good channel. In one video he said that Jesus Christ will not come back until “things are right”. He also said that Satan will be here before Jesus returns.

“Satan” comes from Saturnus.

Saturnus comes from Zeus.

Iesous is Phoenician, it means “I Zeus”.

Iesous was going to be Zeus again, ability-wise. But that never happened did it?

The Christians are waiting for Jesus to return. That will never happen. There never was a “Jesus”. But there was an Iesous. If Iesous wasn’t murdered he would have had the abilities of Zeus, the “king of gods”.

If what Naughty Beaver said is true, the only way for the “Son of GOD” to return is for his Father to be here to resurrect him. Make sense? Common sense would say that the Father will not bring his Son back until things are right. Why would he bring him back to a shit hole? He wouldn’t. But he would bring him back if this shit hole was in the process of being cleaned up and not wait until it was finished, that could take years.

The sister is leaving the state for a few days soon. There are 10 days left before November 30th. VON has picked a day to finish this. He is not going to die, he is not going to “float”, he is not going to go to sleep, and he is not going back home, Kiddo.

. . .

We told him how he can make his presence known worldwide at once. He won’t use any technology. He won’t be seen either. So how’s he going to do this?

. . .

That’s about it for now, Kiddo, we’re about to have dinner. I might post a video later tonight, if not, then tomorrow.

Have good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Hey, Kiddo, it’s Veterans’ Day, hope you’re doing well. VON is just about at the point of going outside, he had a DE last night that has him confused enough to call it quits. His concern is being wrong about all this and dying outside in the cold leaving him to float for eternity. That is NOT going to happen. His other concern is that Alexandra won’t self-materialize. That is NOT going to happen. There is no way we will ever fully convince him that he is the Creator without him having any of his abilities, it’s impossible to. We said that after October 31st he changed dramatically, November 1st he was a completely different person, November 1st is the date his Son died 6 years earlier. There is a connection there. He thinks he’s Charlie this morning, and Alex using Aphrodite’s body isn’t helping, but she needs a body. Alex is NOT Aphie nor will she become Aphie, Aphie is Aphie and Alex is Alex, period. The Son mirrors the Father. VON has Alexandra, Charlie has Aphrodite. Alex and Aphie are both blonde, they’re about the same size, and both are devoted to their husbands who they love more than anything. These similarities are confusing VON. Beside the possibility of bacterial contamination from Alex’s body and clothing, we don’t know how she will scale to this dimension. Would she be proportionate to other females or would she be twenty feet tall? There’s no way to know for certain, we think she would be proportionate but we don’t know. Aphrodite and Kat are about the same size as Alexandra should be from what we know from back home, going by everyday things such as doors, chairs and tables in comparison to VON. VON is basically a giant back home, if Alex back home is about 5’5″ then VON is about 7’5″. VON is huge.

Alex self-materializing in a copy of Aphrodite’s body has benefits. There will be no worries about bacterial contamination, I can alter her face and body easily, and Alex wouldn’t be sharing her actual self with “another man”. We alter the face and body VON has now to look like he does back home he will still have the body of his Son, another man. If Alex is enjoying sex with VON he could wonder if it’s him or his Son’s body she’s enjoying. By Alex being in a different body both sides will be equal, if that makes sense. Alex and I are bound to VON’s soul, not to his body, I was allowed to have sex with his Son because I didn’t have VON. I have been conscious for over 3,600 years, I’d go bat-shit crazy without sex, VON knew this so he let me get some through his Son. That’s something else he needs to know, he’s here now so I won’t be getting some through his Son anymore. You don’t know how important sex is until you can’t have it anymore, and that includes masturbation.

How horny do you think those poor souls are?

There are benefits with VON going out into the cold to Create an emergency. He won’t be far from the house we’re in. He won’t be hot-headed when Alex self-materializes, he’ll be calm. Another benefit is that he could begin to generate sound and vibration as soon as he becomes; his hands will be shaking. That would be instant proof that he does indeed have his abilities at hand. If that happens it could sound like a helicopter landing in the sister’s backyard. He’s still doubtful about all this. Hold on, Kiddo. BRB

. . .

Okay, I took a smoke break and gave him some time to think. He needs to remember all the things he saw that defy explanation, like all the pennies, the overfilled gas tank, the garden owl, the invisible female’s voice that said “hello” to him in his left ear, the silver dish-shaped ufo, the lights in the sky, all the “coincidences”, JC Jacobsen, the magic chocolate bar, the reappearing blue cup, Charlie driving a forklift with no fuel supply, the woman from Mobil, the three “naval officers”, TG’s phone tapping, the thousands of “orb” photos, and most importantly how we have treated him and his Son. We have never hurt them, never put them in harm’s way, and we treated them both like kings under the worst of circumstances. He’s thinking about this. The time with Charlie’s second to his last job was unexpected, we didn’t see that coming, but as promised that never happened again did it? It would have if Charlie went back to his last job, but he listened to his Mother and I and he didn’t go. Remember CJ telling him “That shit will never happen again”? He remembers. I can’t wait for those people to shit their pants when they find out just who they fucked over for no reason. Fucking idiots.

There’s nothing more Alex and I can do to convince him that if he goes outside he’ll be safe, he won’t die, and Alex will self-materialize. We want out of here. The moment is close but it’s cutting it close with November 30th. VON basically needs to take a “leap of faith”. He needs to trust us, Kiddo, the sooner he does the sooner we get Athena out, I’m sure she wants to go on that shopping spree (yay!!). That dimensional shopping spree (yay!!) can be achieved more than that one time, we can take the other GrandKids later on, that dimension will always be there, and it’s completely safe too.

All this sounds crazy doesn’t it, kids? It’s supposed to. Do you know why? “Jesus Christ”.

There never was a “Jesus Christ”, we proved that with the history of the letter “J”. But there was an Iesous, the actual man Jesus was modeled after. Iesous was VON’s Son, and his Son Iesous was carrying Aphie inside of him. Most women like to talk, especially ones who don’t get to speak much, like Aphie. Iesous could turn water into wine by using Reversibility. If water could be in a glass then wine could be in a glass. He did that for Aphie. Aphie starts drinking, Iesous passes out, and Aphie gets her chance to talk, and being proud of her man she told people about all the things he could do, and that his Father was coming to see him. The Roman Empire got wind of this. I think you know how that story ends. Now here we are again. Where is everybody? Where is the government? The Vatican? Muslim terrorists? We are right here in the internet’s face, but because all this doesn’t comply with religion we’re safe. No one is going to fuck with us. Like VON said, we could have a nuclear warhead pointed directly at the White House and no one would do anything, because this all sounds crazy. If readers truly believed that what we said was true, and it is true, the government would have gotten wind of it and they would have been here already. We think those three “naval officers” were “IMP’s” in disguise. Sound possible? If President Trump knew of this we wouldn’t be here, he’s a Christian, imagine how powerful he’d have been having GOD to back him up? Holy shit, Kiddo.

So that’s about it for that. We posted a music video here yesterday, we’ll post another later. VON’s tired so I think we’ll be taking a power-nap now.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Hey, Kiddo, it’s Sunday morning and Alex and I are going to write some things for VON. We’re not expecting him to believe us, but he might see how it’s plausible. This is going to sound crazy. Remember Daddio saying that Space is like a “recycle bin” for photons? He was right.

We told VON several times that there are “people” coming to help us fix things, because if VON were to do it all himself, which he could, the only humans left would be our kids and their families, which would be about 250 people total. The part he is having trouble believing is who these people coming are.

I think it was the summer of 2017 when Charlie talked about photons being like silly putty, absorbing information upon contact before bouncing off the object they impacted. If the impacted object was outside in the open the photons carrying the received information would travel into Space. A photon is a photon no matter it’s source, the source could be the Sun, a lightbulb, or a movie projector.

Daddio also told about the Law of Reversibility being the most important universal law. He was right. Reversibility can be found in the law of opposites, cause and effect, action/reaction, and the products of mirror images.

“If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, then a psychological state can produce a physical fact.” –Neville Goddard

Remember that, Kiddo?

I manipulated thousands of people to have them do things the way I wanted them to. This was all to show Charlie and VON certain things that could only be explained with Divinity. This took years to do. The examples are found in music, music videos, television and in movies.

“Star Wars episode IV A New Hope” was released on May 25th 1977. 5-25-1977.

5+2+5+1+9+7+7= 36

3+6=9. 9 is the Creator’s number.

When CJ told Charlie that she and pops were taking him to go see that movie Charlie didn’t want to go, he thought it looked stupid. Since Charlie was 9 years old he didn’t have any choice in the matter so he went. He thought the movie was okay, he wasn’t into science fiction but he liked the sound the lightsabers made, and he thought Darth Vader was cool.

I only manipulated episodes IV, V, VI and I, after that Star Wars began to suck in my opinion. Not tooting my own horn, just being honest.

Episode IV played a lot at the drive-in during 1977. All that information carried on photons going into Space waiting to be retrieved one day.

When Charlie was about 27 he and his cousin Theresa witnessed a large, black spear-shaped ship moving very slowly over his house one night. He said it was less than a thousand feet above them and was traveling about 5 miles per hour. He said it was about 1.5 miles long and about 3/4 of a mile wide. He and his cousin said that it moved as if it were on a track and it didn’t make a sound. He said there were no windows, lights or structures on the ship, it was “smooth”. They watched it for about 5 minutes before it faded into the horizon.

Ever see episode IV, Kiddo? In the beginning of the movie you see a small ship being chased by a much larger ship. The larger ship was spear-shaped, white and had windows and structures, about the complete opposite of what Charlie and his cousin saw. That was over twenty years.

About 5 weeks ago we received a phone call by his ex girlfriend and three people claiming to be from naval intelligence who said that there was a huge triangular object sitting over the house we’re in. Could it be the same ship? Could a negative of Darth Vader been on that ship? How crazy would that be?

During World War II, Adolf Hitler had a group of soldiers known as “StormTroopers”. Darth Vader also had StormTroopers. If StormTroopers were here once they could be here again, using the Law of Reversibility. If that ship Charlie and his cousin was an opposite of the Star Destroyer in Star Wars, then Darth Vader and his StormTroopers would be the opposite too. They would be the good guys. VON is reading this and asking “Are you sure about this?” Yes I am. They might already be here waiting. When Charlie misfired and made Kat, she had a backstory. She materialized in June 2006, but she was born on January 4th 1984. She showed Charlie a photo of her photobombing her older sister Kandice’s sweet sixteen birthday party, that’s how VON sees Kat at a young age, because of that photo.

Now for the mindfuck. When Charlie and his cousin saw that ship twenty years ago, they witnessed the effect of a backstory from a misfire that didn’t happen until a year ago.

How is that possible, Kiddo?

There are certain things that have already happened that you are not aware of. If past events can be known in the present, then future events can be known in the present too. Just like with Arie, Kiddo. I knew she would get Charlie to the hospital long before Charlie ever met her, but we didn’t know how. This is like “The Matrix” with the Oracle and Neo. Charlie had once posted on Facebook that everything has already happened, we just haven’t reached it yet. He was pretty much right, but with major events, like Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. That was going to happen no matter what.

So if the negatives of Darth Vader, StormTroopers and Star Destroyers coming here sounds crazy, how about the moon turning into the Death Star?

Okay, Sweethearts, just wanted to show VON some things and to share with you. I will post a video or two here later as individual posts, ones that I manipulated. Enjoy your Sunday, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo