Parcion light

Hello, Chelsea, today is May 17th and we hope that all is well. We wrote a post yesterday, this post is a continuation with new information.

We received a text msg from this phone’s service provider stating that a payment was due on the 15th of this month. The sister has been paying for our phone, if she has stopped then we will lose service. I myself don’t care if that happens, but we won’t have internet access. Also, this site is up for renewal next month. The pressure’s on.

Maia says that we are doing awesome today, and that she would like to finish this within a day from now. Is this possible? Yes.

If we do lose our phone service it will be to our benefit. Soon the sister will be frantically trying to reach Charlie, which will be difficult to do if we don’t have this phone in service. We”ll have a new phone.

. . .

I think that Chelsie’s name is actually “Charlie”, and that she is Maia’s daughter, and not Alex’s. I also think that Elsa is Alex’s daughter. And that Friday is both Alex’s and Maia’s daughter.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Will I return as Zeus. No. This time I will return as myself. Although Alex, Maia, Charlie and Elsa will be in suits they will go by their actual names. Friday won’t need a suit.

. . .

I wonder if these posts are read anymore, if not, I understand completely.

Do you still read these posts, Chelsea? If not, it’s alright, how many times do you want to get your hopes up only for what appears to be an excuse for why we are not here yet, so to speak. Maia and Alex are adamant that we are “right there”, I only need to stop eating for a little while to diminish my energy level which is circling the drain.

I think that I will stop here for I am not feeling good at the moment. Maia says that we will not lose this site next month. Did you know that the month of May is named after Maia?

Anyway, have a good day, Sweetheart, be safe, and we”ll talk to you soon.

Love, Maia

XO from all of us


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