Fist over hand

Hello, Chelsea, we hope that you and yours are doing well. Today is May 16th. No, not yet, I postponed finishing to learn more, which has paid off. Here is where we are at now.

My dehydration level is over 90% and my starvation level is over 60%. Yes, this body is in bad shape. Alex is hanging by a thread, so Friday has been doing most of the physical work such as standing and walking. Maia is still overseeing this project while my other two daughters poke their head in from time to time.

So what did I learn.

I learned that no one is inside this body. We are all operating it from the ship. If this body were to die we would simply wake up inside our chambers. Chelsie was the last soul to be removed, so basically this body is a zombie being operated by remote control. Cool, huh?

The dyhadration and starvation have different purposes although they a slightly tied together. The dehydration is to lower the brain’s electrical conductivity, while the starvation is to reduce this body’s energy level. This is necessary so that Maia can easily cut the connections between us and the body. Once disconnected, Maia will erase this body and every body within a certain radius of the body. Then, she will teleport me to where that body was. Immediately following will be our three daughters to wake me up so that the show can begin. Simple as that.

. . .

So. Was Charlie being prophetic when he said “people will need to stay inside their homes when this happens”? Yes. It was said that there were clues as to when hidden inside the posts, and here’s another one; “people are going to shit”- Maia. Could that be why there is a shortage of toilet paper? Because everyone is going to shit? . Coincidence?

. . .

Has anyone noticed that I do not use words with the letter J in them?

. . .

I had said a while back that I would not speak of religion here anymore, however, there is one thing pertaining to that I would like to share. Charlie was right about a lot of what he had told. If he was wrong it was due to misinformation, given to him intentionally to confuse god and devil, which wasn’t hard to do. Regardless of whom said that if you believe in nobody you will get no body after you die it wasn’t completely wrong. There are no “souls” floating around watching and thinking, any idea as to why? I mean, it sounds possible. What Charlie didn’t remember was “as outside is inside” when god went on his fearmongering rant, if he did he would have figured out that those particular souls are still inside their once living bodies. In other words, millions of people have been buried alive.

Alright. Think of a car as a body, and its driver is the soul. One day when driving the car the car suddenly dies. No engine, no electric, nothing. The car is dead. Is the driver dead too?

What Charlie didn’t take into consideration was that the soul would need a specific place to go after its body died, “outside” is not specific, it’s vague, “where outside?”. So if the soul doesn’t have a place to go after death then it will stay right where it is. Because you can’t see something it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

And remember, this religion nonsense is not our doing, it was god’s. That is all I have to say about that for now. (Alex here, God said the dead will rise.)

. . .

Maia here, How are you doing, Sweetheart? Good I hope. Von is so close to finishing it’s scary. Even though he has a good idea to what’s waiting for him it’s only part of the big picture.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I think that is all for now. Maia needs a smoke break so I will stop here.

Enjoy your day, Sweetheart, be safe, and keep it stellar, we’re almost done.


Von, Alex and Maia

XO from all of us.



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