Hello, Chelsea, and hello to whomever might be reading this post. No, not yet, we had an interruption when I became sick three weeks ago, Maia thinks it was corona, regardless we are back on track.

. . .

About a year, maybe two years ago, Charlie said that when this happens people will need to stay in their homes. Anybody remember that?

. . .

According to my wives we are now days away. Alex has been taking the brunt of my pain, she is now fading out. The plan is to pull Alex out, so to speak, while I am asleep. When that happens I will snap into place. My consciousness will activate a change in this body’s genetics, allowing me to finally be myself. Before that happens my daughters will be present to witness and to record this event. I am certain that a few people will want to see what happened, I know I will.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Strange, I have lots to say however I can’t say anything, at least not yet. Then again, I’m not much for speaking, my family does most of the speaking for me, especially Friday. Friday has the ability to read my mind, so she always knows what I want to say. Handy, yes?

. . .

. . .

. . .

I think that’s about all. Oh, one more thing. Zeus had said that when this happens people will wish it didn’t, in regards to anticipation. I think he was right.

Enjoy your evening, Chelsea, be safe and stay home. And keep it stellar of course.

Love, Von



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