Hello, Chelsea, we hope all is well with you and yours, Today is Tuesday March 24th, and here is where we are at.

Due to the corona virus NY is in a state of emergency, the shelters and the churches are now closed. So we are now in a building called a POD, it is located on police property. No, we are not in jail, but the jail is right next door. An interruption? Not really, this facility is perfect for finishing, so to speak. We are 36 hours in.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Unless something changes, which we doubt, this will be my last post. The next post I would like for my wife to write, with her own hands of course. Chelsie, Elsa and Friday are ready to go as well as Alex and Maia. (It’s Maia, not “Carolyn”.)

So where are they? They are about several hundred feet above me, in that long, black, triangular craft. The craft is cloaked, obviously.

One nice thing about being in this new facility is not needing to carry our backpack to the church to sleep, this is an all in one shelter. Our backpack is quite heavy, and it was becoming difficult to carry in a weakens state. Speaking of weakened states, is there a corona virus? I haven’t seen any proof of it, all I have seen is propaganda. Something to think about. I’m not saying it isn’t real, I’m asking “where is the proof?”.

. . .

We have more to tell but we are going to wait for our daughters to tell it, after all, they do have a lot to say. In the meantime be patient, and mindful of your surroundings.

. . .

Enjoy your day, Sweetheart, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

XO from all of us



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