Tells like mean spirit

Hello, Chelsea, we hope all is well with you and yours. Today is February 1st and no, we didn’t meet our goal, but we are so effing close its not funny, according to Alex and Carolyn. Chelsie is in bad shape still, I keep telling her that she’s only dragging this out and suffering because of it, but after the other night I think she is ready to get this over with. I won’t say what happened, but it was enough to open her eyes, so to speak. Speaking of speaking, my voice has been at the surface nearly all the time, however, Carolyn has done most of the talking so it hasn’t been as intense as when I speak.

. . .

This post’s title. Any time we have is spent learning new information, which is good. What is not good is the information. I mean, it is beneficial as usual, but it isn’t good for anyone else, unless you are part of a select few like Chelsea and the rest back at FB. Now when I say that everyone with the exception of about 10 people will be leaving here I do not say it with a malevolent tone, I say it factually. Also, it will not be my doing. We know of only the equations GOD shared, we don’t know, or didn’t know, of the ones he did not share. Two words; “holy fuck”. I have been told that if I try to change his equations it could cause problems, big problems. The best I can do according to Carolyn is to overlap his equations with mine that are almost identical, like keeping Chelsea here. I think that what we all here are saying is that I can’t save everyone. There are people that my daughter wanted to be saved, that has changed. However, once my daughter and I are back home with that select few I will be able to summon their family members, but in the meantime it will be “lights out” for everyone else.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Thinking. I already see how people, some people, could think that I will be erasing people because I want to and what I had just told tonight is to cover myself. That is not the case.

What would you prefer, indefinite sleep or two heads? Has anyone tried to imagine living as a two-headed person? I have. As Carolyn would say “fuck that shit”. Trust us with that. So lights out it is.

. . .

Carolyn gave me an “ETA” knowing in advance that this wasn’t going to happen by today, I won’t share that date, but its not that far away. We are doing the best we can under horrible conditions, becoming homeless was not part of our plan, but we can still do it, just not as easily as it would have been if Charlie’s cousin went to go see him 5 years ago. Yes, it’s been that long. And we’re done with all this.


Alex and Carolyn are heating up, so I think it best to call it a night. As far as that date goes, let’s just say that I would like to give my daughter a heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Have a good night, Chelsea, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.

Love, Von and the family

XO xo


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