Hello, Chelsea, I hope you are well and staying warm. We are at it again after i took an icy parking lot to the knee a week ago, I dropped like a ton of bricks. Our goal is by the end of this month, Alex and Carolyn are beginning to lose it, Chelsie and I too. Carolyn swears that this will work, so . . .

We are now at a different church, this one we walk to and from, it also keeps the food away, so to speak. Chelsie is starving right now, she’s more hungry than thirsty, which is good, since we haven’t any food. I have become used to not drinking, so that’s covered. I must say, what a horrible experience this is. But! It can end in less than a week.

Also, Chelsie will be there when it happens, meaning, I will have my daughter with me when I wake up, which is very good.

I would write more but I am not feeling good, for obvious reasons. I will write again when able to.

Have a good night, Chelsea, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

XO xo


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