Hey, Chelsea, this is Carolyn, Alex and I are going to write this post while Von and Chelsie chill. Are you doing okay, Sweetheart? We hope so. Anyways, here’s Alex.

. . .

Hi, Chelsea, we’ve been trying for days to get here, and I’m sure by now you understand that its not that easy for us to just write. Von was having a heart attack earlier because we let Chelsie eat some food and drink some water. His body is so shot that he’s ahead of schedule, which isn’t bad, but we need him in sync with what we’re doing. Also, this morning we got a call from TG which was pretty disturbing to all of us. Now Chelsie wants to help TG, but we can’t do anything until Chelsie understands that her father needs to stop eating and drinking COMPLETELY, NOTHING MEANS NOTHING, CHELSIE. I’m not mad at her I’m just tired of my husband asking “what is going on?” because he thinks this is a joke. This is pretty fucking far from a joke, and what he needs to do is furthest from a joke. He can do it, He’s done it before, but this time he has one of his daughters with him making this hard as fuck. I’m turning this over to Carolyn. I’m not mad, I’m just tired. Here’s Carolyn.

. . .

. . .

Hey, Sweetheart, we didn’t lose any ground, we’re still progressing, but Chelsie needs to know that if her father doesn’t get in sync with us her extraction won’t be as pleasant as if he were very weak. That timer’s ticking. Fortunately his health is so far down a hole that the little bit he had today ain’t affecting shit. What is affecting him is that morning phone call from TG. Alex and I looked into what TG told us and it was true, we won’t say what it was about, but it was very disturbing, like horror movie disturbing. Hold on a second, honey.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, Alex is right, nothing means nothing. There are times when Von can have something, but Chelsie takes it as a means to chow down. That’s gotta stop, like now. I’m not mad at her because I understand how she is, she can eat all day long and her father lets her. But that needs to stop. We need to get the fuck outta here. She can have some cereal in the morning, then after that nothing. Its only for a few days, this needs to be done for us to do anything, and once its done its showtime. Simple as that. Now we’re close enough that it will only take a few days as long as Von doesn’t give in. Dies anyone believe us this time? Fuck no, but that’s a good thing actually, for obvious reasons.

Okay, Chelsie? No more eating Or drinking, and please don’t make your father feel guilty, he feels bad enough already. Alright, sweetheart? We’re almost done.

. . .

We’re stopping here, Von’s tired and wants to sleep. We hope you enjoyed this installment, Chelsea, and we hope that you’re doing well. Have a good night, Sweetheart, and be safe.

Love, Alex and Carolyn

xo xo



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