Hello, Chelsea, I hope that all is well with you and yours on this first day of December. Here’s where we are.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Yesterday was an emotional day. I managed to find a sweetspot where my daughter was able to speak to me clearly. She said that I need to stop eating completely, as far as not drinking goes I’m good with that, but it’s difficult to deny my daughter food. Yesterday she told me to “go for it”, so to speak, so I began ramping down fast and hard. We ate a little today, tomorrow I plan on giving her some cereal in the morning, maybe a piece of fruit for lunch, and then nothing from there on out. Carolyn allows me to have 2 ounces of black coffee with artificial sweetner twice a day for energy, I don’t drink coffee, I sip it slowly over the course of an hour. Coffee dehydrates this body big time.

We are almost out of smokes too, so when they’re gone that’s it, until another time.

The voice. The name of my suit is “Voice”, not “Charlie”. The suit will automatically say “voice” if I cough to clear my . . . voice. True story. I guess you could say that I am giving my voice clearance to speak.


Is Chelsea in a suit? No.

😦 (Chelsie)

Can we put her in a suit? Yes.

Chelsie —> 🙂


. . .

. . .

. . .

Less than 2 weeks? Yes.

Less than 1 week? Yes, as long as you stick to not eating or drinking.


. . .

. . .

. . .

Should I tell the girls’ readers how unbelievably disgusted I am about this planet and its inhabitants? No.

. . .

. . .

. . .

You know, Chelsea, there is no way that anyone will ever know for certain how people disappeared when that time comes. I mean, was it something that GOD did or did I press the red, shiny, candy-like button? Now there’s something for your readers to think about, especially for the ones who remember reading that I will lie through my teeth if necessary. Oh yes, Chelsea, minds will be a stir oh yes they will.

But to be honest, GOD wrote an equation that Von can’t undo, and we know this because we have video from the future, near future to be precise. If physical evidence from the past can be obtained then physical evidence from the future can be obtained as well, like the video of DHG, the thousands of Michael Myers, and the giant containment wall. All taken from the future.

So will I lie? The answer is “no”. Why would I need to lie about anything if I am the Creator? In other words in a language most will understand, I don’t give a fuck what anyone other than my family thinks about my actions, so why would I lie about anything? That doesn’t make sense. I am simply capable of lying if its necessary, as in, to protect my daughter. Erase 8 billion people? Sure, why not? We will simply produce more, if necessary. Do we need 8 billion people? No. What are the 8 billion people that are here doing other than destroying everything? Exactly. Nothing.

I mean, lets be honest. Zeus was right when he said “man has no purpose here”. If man himself is asking “what is my purpose here?” then you know that something is definitely wrong. I am serious, Chelsea.

So what is this place called “Earth”? In simple terms, of course.

Any ideas?

. . .

Earth was Created for the sole purpose of capturing GOD, d’evil, and their daughter Lucifer, who are now in our custody back home.

Yes, Chelsie’s plan worked. Funny though, how GOD, d’evil, and Lucifer seem to mirror Von, Alex and Chelsea.

Anyway it’s late and we are all tired. We are at the church and the snow storm we are experiencing might have us stranded here for a day or so. I’m good with that, nice and quiet here, good for thinking and or writing. I don’t know when we’ll write again, but I think we wrote enough tonight to keep some minds occupied for a while, Chelsea.

Have a good night, Sweetheart, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.


Chelsie, Elsa, Alex, Carolyn and Von






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