Hello, Chelsea, I hope that all is well with you and yours. Here is an update.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I made that one day I needed, so now I need to do my best.

. . .

I was thinking about DHG the other day. Having two heads must be a nightmare. Now that I know what I’ve seen was from a camera I’d say that GOD and d’evil have their own heads, but how do they control their body? Does one operate the left side and the other one the right? How do they eat? Do they take turns speaking or do they talk in sync? These things interest me. What if that happens to me and my daughter? Alex and Carolyn insist that it won’t happen to us, at this moment I am so tired that I wouldn’t care if it did.

Oh yes, Kiddo, I am serious.

But Alex and Carolyn insist that won’t happen because it already did somewhere else. Well lets hope that they are right, for everyone’s sake.

Somewhere else, where exactly is somewhere else?

We’re in the church, by the way.

. . .

Ever talk to someone’s reflection in a mirror? If so, did you notice that they were someone else? The reflection is opposite, left is right and right is left, so . . . who were you talking to? I mean, you were talking to a living image existing inside a piece of glass, could they still be there?

By the way, the name of the church we’re in is called “Christ Church”.

. . .

Chelsie is so hungry and thirsty and I can’t give her anything. One day down.

What do you think DHG wears for clothing? I’m thinking leather. Alex says that their castle can be seen from Space, must be pretty big.

. . .

Oh snap! I forgot to mention that we spent Sunday in a church listening to a serpent I mean sermon. I am serious, Kiddo. Why did we do that? **looks side to side, leans forward** Free dinner afterwards. And it was good too.

You know what would be funny, Chelsea? If GOD and d’evil are writing this. Now that would be funny I think. I’m serious, that would be funny, at least I think it would be I mean c’mon now, Kiddo. And speaking of churches, ever hear of “The Church of the Sacred Mirror”? Its somewhere in NY. I think that it would be best to stay away from there, doesn’t sound kosher, so to speak.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, this should be painful.

You know, between you and me, Chelsea, I’m not falling all over myself about this. Meaning, I’m not that anxious if anxious at all. However, all of us are exhausted, and all of us want this to end. Including my daughter Chelsie, who’s slightly nervous. Then again, who wouldn’t be nervous?

. . .

Well I think that’s about all for tonight, just letting you know what’s going on and where we’re at because we are somewhere, just not certain as to where exactly. Make sense?

Have a good night, Chelsea, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar. We’ll write when we can, Sweetheart.


Carolyn, Alex, Chelsie and Von

xo xo xo xo






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