In the house

Hello, Kiddo. It is Friday night and I felt like speaking. So to speak.

I was upset with myself earlier for letting Chelsie eat some dinner, after I was told “no food”. We ate a mini Thanksgiving dinner; turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and apple pie. I allowed this for two main reasons. One, she’s my daughter. Two, it was an opportunity to make certain that my daughter had Thanksgiving dinner.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Here’s Carolyn . . .

Hi, Sweetheart, how are you? Good I hope. This is for your readers. Try to put yourself in Von’s shoes. His plate is more than full. Before he can do anything he needs to stop eating and drinking completely. This won’t take that long, but he needs to stop soon. Tonight’s dinner was okay to eat, it’ll give him energy until tomorrow night, but he needs to stop eating, and drinking obviously. This is far from fucking easy, Chelsea, he might not remember his daughter by memory but he knows her by feel. He feels her when she’s starving, and it kills him not to give her food or water. If you’re a parent could you starve your child to death? Hopefully not. All Von needs to do is get close, and he’s pretty close right now. All of us back home know he’s not doing this to hurt his daughter, we know that and so does Chelsie, but Chelsie is a little nervous. This is some serious shit we’re doing here, people, you don’t know just how close we are to completing this. And all he needs to do is stop eating and drinking for several days, that’s it. He’s done this twice before, third time’s the charm. He becomes himself, he then goes to where we discussed, and there he summons Chelsie. I told him dozens of times “you’re gonna shit” when he sees what he can do. One word; unbelievable.

One more thing. He was right about freezing time and light, That’s how advanced we are. Between his abilities as the Creator and our technology we can do virtually anything, including capturing GOD and d’evil, and a few other undesirables too. He just remembered saying “an 8 year old with a slingshot and bad aim could have taken GOD out” and it made us all smile. Now has thinking about him with the counting, holy fuck you had to see that. ”  . . . 13! No, 4!”  Holy shit were we glad when that ended, every fuckin day counting numbers. But those numbers meant something to him.

And for the record, Von knows that he might not be able to fix everything, including people disappearing to be with DHG. In the end its not our problem. Who believes in someone that they never met? Chelsea, how many of your readers do you think still believe in Jesus after we gave proof of the letter J’s history? I bet quite a few. Not our problem.

He’s exhausted so Alex and I will stop here, it’s been a long day for all of us. And yes we’re in the church. It’s nicer than the night shelter, quiet and peaceful, like a cemetery says Von. He’s kinda right.

Okay, Sweetheart, we’re calling it a night. Be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.


Carolyn, Alex and Chelsie

xo co xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

Pleasant dreams, Chelsea, pleasant dreams.

Love, Von



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