Nov. 1st

Hey, Kiddo, I hope you’re doing well, here’s an update.

Chelsie fell way back, she’s not doing too good so Elsa has been helping me. This body’s in bad shape.

The thing about the magnetic pole flip. From what I understand, back home has narrowed down what they see, or what they don’t see, to either a pole flip or an equation written by GOD. At a certain time in the near future, people disappeared from here, not everyone but most of them. The only place where a lot of people still exist is where GOD and d’evil are. We now have “ghost planets” so to speak. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about that as far as I know.

I’m outside and its pretty cold out so this won’t take long.

Alex and Carolyn are counting down the days. Chelsie being at the surface for a few days didn’t slow anything down, she needed to tell me a few things that I will keep to myself, however, if she wants to share them with you she can, I’m simply respecting my daughter’s confidentiality. Carolyn says “we’re so close”.

I know that my daughter would love to share what we now both know, but I need to keep her safe and we don’t know whom could be reading these posts. As far as your readers go, Chelsea, this is only creative writing.

The girls are nudging me to go back to the day shelter, the wind is atrocious, so I guess we”ll stop here. Plus we need to get a few things before doing so.

Anyway, have a good day, Chelsea, stay warm and be safe, we”ll write when we can.

Love, Von

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

We’re closer than you think. -Carolyn


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