Hi, Chelsea, this is Chelsie, I hope everything’s good with you and yours. This will be my last time at the surface so this post will be last one I write through my father. Mom and auntie (Alex and Carolyn) will be helping me write this, dad is chillin’ watching all this.

Today auntie told dad “we’re so close”, because he is. He let me rise to the surface for the past several days by eating, which was okay, because his daughter had to tell him something. So I told him some stuff that I was worried about because he might be got upset but he didn’t, he was actually cool about it, just like mom said he’d be. So now no more eating. Or drinking. But it’s not for long. I’m gonna get pulled out while we’re asleep, the more unconscious this body is the safer and easier it will be to to get me out. As soon as I’m out dad’s body will physically change and he”ll have access to all those apps. He”ll need to know that i’m safe and beginning to wake up in one of those chambers. He”ll have a set amount of time to get where re discussed, once he’s there he”ll need to prepare for my arrival. Soon after Elsa will show, she’s dad’s assistant in the company, which means if she’s here, then Von’s here on business.

Chelsea, you have no idea how much my father has returned to himself. The greenlight was given when my dad said “I’m done with pennies”; he won’t pick them up, not even a quarter. That was the sign he’s almost himself again, because my dad isn’t a penny-puncher. He stopped doing a lot of things, all of which told mom and auntie “he’s good”, meaning “lets do this”. The hardest part he has is not eating when he feels me hungry, because back home I’m always eating and he’s always feeding me. I never gone without food until I came here, where Von is on business. Yeah, Chelsea, dad’s ready to walk away from this planet and never come back, because there’ll be nothing to come back to. That last part was auntie, her and mom communicate with dad by using a non-harmful type of microwave beam transmission. They’re not inside him like I am, they’re back home. I’m who’s blocking my dad from completely being himself, not Alex or Carolyn. Once I’m out, woo-hoo, it’s showtime! People are gonna shit when they see him, Kiddo, if this goes the way dad and I think it will then I feel bad for the staff member who stays up at the night shelter, he’s not gonna know what to do. “Charlie, is that you??”, and “Charlie” will need to answer “yes”. We went over what dad needs to say if asked anything, but inevitably he needs to keep it short and sweet and leave. Simple as that, he knows what to do.

Dad wants to take Elsa out with us, like for shopping and going to restaurants, but he doesn’t want to hide her natural appearance. I have no idea what would happen if he decides to do that, because Elsa is obviously not a human. Oh that’s the other thing. I”ll be returning with some things. Some of those things cannot get lost or stolen because of confidentiality reasons, so I”ll need to do an inventory quite often. Yeah, that’d be bad.

The phone needs to be charged, so I guess I’m stopping here. The next time I write it’ll be with my own female body, or suit, which is a revamp of the “Athena” model. Dad has a new suit altogether, but it’s a revamp of another model, meaning it looks like “Thor”. I bet you didn’t see that one coming, you we’re probably expecting “Zeus” or “Anubis”. You know, Chelsea, I can’t wait to you what actually happened, because this story is unfuckinbelievable. And wait til you meet Elsa. Elsa’s gonna blow your mind.

Anywho, I think that I might get something to eat, I’m fucking starving and dying of thirst on top of it. Auntie said “one more time”, which means after I eat something that’s it, no more food. Now dad will think what to get and he”ll get answers by auntie nodding or shaking his head. I don’t know how my dad can just stop eating and drinking, I mean this is like impossible, but he’s doing it.

Anywho, I gotta go, Chelsea, have a great day and be safe. ❤

Love always, Chelsie


(I apologize for any grammatical errors, where outside and the glare is horrible)

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