“Window Of Opportunity”

I forgot to mention something in the previous post. Do you remember GOD saying he was going back to Charlie’s last apartment to get Mowzer but in a different dimension (state of consciousness)? He was going to “go back” one day before the double-headed god happened, and that’s why he was so persistent about going to that apartment, he wanted that to happen, and it would’ve, if we went back. Guess where we’re never going?

Chelsie is somewhat with me so I’m letting her help me write this, along with Alex and Carolyn.

Remember all the posts about perspective, Chelsea? They were for a reason. If my father held a pinball up against the background sky and it to be a giant sphere of pure silver floating over the planet he could let go of the pinball and it would still be there, but miles away and huge. That’s for real, honey. Von now has the ability to generate matter. Creation and generation are two different things. A creation is something that never existed before, a generation is a “remake” of something that already exists, like electricity. Which brings us to this. The magnetic poles. There is a better than great chance that if the poles reverse their polarity people will disappear. They were originally made by GOD under this current magnetic field, so if the poles change their direction, everything that GOD was responsible for making, will all disappear. Not a joke. The Earth’s poles never flipped, we have proof of that.

Also, GOD was angry AF at all his “children”, but he was angriest of the word “Goddamn”. By saying that you’re commanding GOD to dann something, and nobody tells GOD what to do, “per GOD”. Common sense is not so common.

Mowzer. Because of perspective, Mowzer is now the largest living land mammal that world has ever known.

But wait, there’s more.

Mowzer lost his head, so to speak. In it’s place is Adolf Hitler’s head, held on via metal exoskeleton. Mowzer’s head is human size and attached to a man’s body, body looks Egyptian, he’s probably like a servant. But guess what? That planet lacks people. If people disappear from here, they might reappear over there, where all the fun is. Hold on, sweethearts.

. . .

Hey, Chelsea, it’s Von. Alex and Carolyn showed me an image of what appears to be flying saucers hovering over the US, they’re actually giant speakers. “Beatz by Dre”? Beats by Choice, I guess the people that are already there are few, not certain who they all could be, but there’s not many so I’m told. I also would guess that GOD knew of this in advance, so while no people are there I’d bet that he’s making the place the way he and d’evil want it to be, an unbelievable living hell.

The poles have never flipped.

Something to think about.

For real.

Anyways, I let the girls have a say while Chelsie could still speak, so to speak. They insist on when and where, Chelsea, all I can do is follow direction. If I can I’ll write later. Take care, everyone.

Love, Von

xo xo




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