Number cruncher

Hey, Kiddo, I hope all is well, I’m outside going over a few things and some of them I can share. So here we go.

Carolyn and Alex are insistent about a few things. Two of them are where it happens, and “when”, so to speak. I don’t have and actual time but I do have a time limit. Alex and Carolyn are counting down the days while I’m counting up the days. I can’t countdown because I don’t know where to start. Make sense? I hope so.

As far as “where” goes they insist upon it happening at the night shelter, maybe because they seen the video. Speaking of videos, the “DE” **rolls eyes** of Charlie looking in a mirror and seeing himself with two heads was a video transmitted into me. There was a camera (orb) between that Charlie and the mirror. That Charlie almost happened here, unfortunately it still happened. Now we have a new dimension where Charlie (Hermes) and Aphie are a double-headed god. It’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen. Mind you, I said “double-headed”, not “two-headed”. Both heads are identical, half Hermes and half Aphrodite. Carolyn said that Earth in that dimension is an absolute madhouse filled with fear and hardcore techno music 24/7. Carolyn and Alex once told me that they’re, Hermes and Aphie, are waiting for me to arrive and give them a name. I couldn’t make this up, Kiddo, because I would never think of anything as disturbing as this. Who would? And on top of that they’re enormous, and invincible. Here’s something interesting;

There was Hermes. Later, there was Hermanubis (Hermes II). After him, there was Hermes Trismegistas, “the thrice great Hermes. (Hermes III). Knowing how GOD loved humbling things up and playing with words and numbers, Charlie and Aphie could be called “the great fource Hermes, and it wouldn’t be a lie. In that dimension, GOD is four times more powerful than before.. What’s a dimension? It’s a single state of consciousness empowered by either GOD or the Creator, and thete’s tons of them. Only they can do that. By the way, 4 was Zeus’s number. I asked (thought) “is there any video footage of them?”, and the answer was “yes”. When I thought “bad?” Carolyn said “lholy fuck, you’re gonna shit”.

Hmm. Try to imagine how upset Charlie must be been when he saw what I saw in that mirror. Okay? Now compound that with all the unnecessary nonsense and all the bullshit people had given him for simply telling the truth. Alright?

Now, try to imagine their debut. The male part is Hermes/GOD, and the female part is Aphrodite/d’evil. The more I think about, maybe we should just let them be. As far as a name, how about “Choice”? Charlie and voice. For some reason I feel that name fits the best, like poetic justice, Kiddo. People here had a choice, now people there have a choice, and they have no choice about it. Imagine hearing in that voice “I AM YOUR GOD CHOICE”? At least it would be true.

Anyways, I might write later, I have a few questions that I need to think so I can get told some answers.

I hope You’re doing well, Chelsea. -Chelsie

Have a good day, everyone, and be safe.

Love, Von

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

The post title. Avoid all posts with numerals in the title, just to be safe. GOD did some things that we can’t change, and none of them are good.


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