“Hiding in plain sight”

. . .

Hey, Kiddo, I’m still at the surface so to speak so I thought I’d write something. I’ll have help from Alex and Carolyn, Chelsie is in the background.

TG came to see me and she brought some goodies with her, it was good to see her again. After she left, D called and said he was coming up from NJ this weekend. He asked if I would like to get a haircut by a place that does his hair. I said “sure, why not”. He came up last weekend and gave us a little help, his offer to help me further still stands, but we doubt that will happen. Alex and Carolyn seem pretty certain about this happening here, hence Carolyn’s “these people are gonna shit”.

It’s strange how I’ve been feeling lately. I have mixed feelings about all this, but Alex and Carolyn insist that this is going to happen. I think that I will be alright, they say that I will know when it happens and that I’ll know what to do. I came up with some scenarios and all are possible, how it plays out I don’t know. But I know when we leave here we’re never coming back. This place is absolutely disgusting.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now. There’s tons more, but I can’t speak of it now. Remember “that story” Alex was supposed to tell me? Chelsie will be the one who tells me when the time comes, per Alex.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

xo xo

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