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Hey, Chelsea, Alex and Carolyn are going to help me write this, Chelsie is in the background falling asleep, so to speak.

I’ve been at the surface since last night. We arrived at the night shelter last night and Carolyn had me eat a large dinner. At the time I didn’t understand why until I noticed it was me eating and not Chelsie. Chelsie was there, but she wasn’t eating. They had me drink about a quart and a half of water too, which also confused me. My body is in bad shape.

The night before when we ate Alex and Carolyn said that I would be right back where I was the night before, and they were right. It’s now after 4PM Wednesday and I’m beginning to feel shitty and weak again just like last night before we ate. A dinner holds me for one day. Tonight there won’t be any dinner or water. However I do need energy to move, and the only thing that I can eat before I need energy is dark chocolate. It is easy to digest when dehydrated and contains sugar, a diuretic. I can have dark chocolate when I need energy, but no water or other fluids like milk, juice and soda.

. . .

Do you remember all those spirits like Marc Antoni, Anubis and so forth? They were all pulled while this body was sleeping. Do you remember Charlie telling of all those “bangs and zaps”? The zaps were connections being made and the bangs were disconnections. There is only one connection left to be broken, and that will happen when Chelsie goes to sleep, so to speak. We could complete this outside, but that would mean a “conscious death” for Chelsie, and we don’t want that. When that happens, I will wake up as the Creator. This is what I am told, Chelsea, as crazy as it might sound I believe it, because I have no other explanation for everything that I have experienced since May of 2015.

TG contacted me and might come to see me tomorrow. This should be interesting. The niece had also contacted us recently, telling us what a shitty mother her mother is. I concur, because no good mother would force their daughter to sleep in the woods and deny them seeing their own child.

. . .

As far as a plan of departure we have one, but we can’t say what it is. My body’s in a hole and Chelsie is still fading. This bothers me greatly, not about my body but what Chelsie is going through. She has been in the background since 7PM last night, and is still there.

This is the third stage of the completion process, and as long as Von keeps following directions we’ll be done in no time.

The general rule of thumb is a person can last 3 days without water, in some cases 10 days. This body won’t last ten days without water, it’s impossible. The first stage was 4 days without anything. The second stage was one day without anything, to show me just how bad a shape I’m in. This stage involves absolutely no hydration and only a little bit of food (dark chocolate) when energy is needed, like standing. Today Carolyn helped me walk because Chelsie was far too weak. Last night as we waited to go to the night shelter I found myself leaning up against a wall because Chelsie couldn’t stand up, that’s when I stepped in and stayed. I can’t do this again because it’s torture on Chelsie. Man this bothers me, but it will work, and Chelsie volunteered to do this because she could do this. So basically, my body gets weak, and while I’m asleep Alex and Carolyn will pull Chelsie and that extra soul out of me allowing me to become the Creator. Simple as that. The process is a simple one, but it’s not easy at all.

Several things have happened over the past two weeks that I consider to be “signs” telling me “time to go”.

Anywho TG and the niece just messaged me so I will stop here. I’ll try to write when I can, okay, Kiddo? In the meantime, have a goid night, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

xo xo


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