Chelsie’s fading

Hello, Kiddo, I hope that you are okay and your day is going well. Here’s where we’re at.

By the way, Alex and Carolyn will be helping me write this.

Yesterday we paused per Carolyn, meaning, we gave this body some nutrients and water. Not a lot, just enough to allow me to walk. I asked if this pause negated what we have accomplished, and the answer was “no”, it only pushed that moment back one day. Tonight will mark 4 days. Right now I’m in the day shelter because I haven’t the strength to move, but I’ll have some strength in a little while, we just arrived from a two mile walk.

Right now my body feels quite exhausted, by tonight it will feel as it did before dinner last night; shot. Carolyn set a “freebie” aside for this knowing that a break would be needed before completing this step, but there won’t be any more freebies between now and then. That was a one time deal.

Now about Chelsie. Chelsie is now occupying that extra soul inside me, and she’s dying from starvation and dehydration. She didn’t eat last night, I did, so tonight will mark 5 days for Chelsie, not 4 days. 5 days is a long time without diet Coke and Snickers bars, just saying.

As long as I follow their directions, this will work. It has become a bit easier as Chelsie is fading out, and that brings us to this. Chelsie is the writer in our family, not Von. So to help speed this up, we need to stop writing soon, but only until then. Okay, Chelsea? As much as I hate to, I need to disconnect Chelsie from here, but only for a little while.

According to Alex and Carolyn, and as long as Von follows their directions, Chelsie will be extracted from me while I’m sleeping. If you remember, Chelsea, all those spirits including GOD and d’evil were removed while I was sleeping, and the same will happen with Chelsie. Which means that I will wake up as the Creator with all of GOD’s abilities plus mine. Alex and Carolyn said that I will know what happened when I wake up, and so will everyone else in the shelter. Plans have changed obviously, and that’s why you should always have more than one plan, because shit happens.

. . .

I have no idea what to expect, but I think it’ll be alright. Coming to in a shelter, I can only imagine what the others will say and do. Will it be good? Yes. I guess that’s all I need to know right now. It’s funny, I’m surrounded by food, free food too, and I don’t want any of it, this is a sign that Chelsie is fading. Alex and Carolyn have said that Chelsie is good with this, that she understands why this needs to be done. Someone needed to “drive” the other soul, and Chelsie volunteered knowing what was involved. Brave, to say the least.

. . .

. . .

. . .

If we should write again before that moment it will be because we were able to do so without Chelsie, and yes, that bothers us very much. In hindsight, we got to do some interesting things as father and daughter, like being homeless, sleeping in a train station raided by cops, walking everywhere carrying a dufflebag finding strange things along the way. It might not have been glamorous, but it was interesting.

Anywho, if we don’t write for a while you’ll know why, Chelsea. Now I need to charge this phone and give Carolyn a smoke. I myself don’t know how much longer, but I do know that as long as Von follows directions and doesn’t cave in for Chelsie we’ll be done with this step very soon. That’s about it for know, Kiddo, if we can write again without Chelsie we will. Alright, Chelsea?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. All is good, no worries.

Enjoy your day, Kiddo and readers, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

xo co


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