Hello, Kiddo, today is Monday, the 21st of October, and we’re almost done. We had two trial runs for Chelsie, meaning, there are two ways to complete this last step that include herself. After two weeks she opted for one that had success before. Today is the fourth day of the option she chose. I could go with the other option if in an emergency, but we’re already in an emergency, and we would have no need to go that way.

I can’t say much about what I’m doing, but I can say this; it will most likely happen in my sleep. Chelsie will not be arriving soon after, but she can be summoned once I have a place, like a hotel room. Alex and Carolyn will still be in communication with me, which is good, because they can help guide me.

D showed up Saturday morning and was able to spend some time with me, he also gave me some help which I appreciate greatly. If I were to go to NJ the plan would have been different, but now the plan is to do it here, after all, why not. The other day when I was thinking about this Carolyn said “these people are gonna shit”, now I know why, because they’ll see it, so to speak.

Anywho, I’m outside and my hands are freezing up, plus I need to charge this phone, so I will stop here, maybe later I will write again. Also, what I’m doing is killing Chelsie so that I can be myself. As I said before, there is a lot of truth here, it’s just knowing where it is. And for the title’s name, it comes from the ending of “The chronicles of Riddick”; “keep what you kill”. I”ll let your readers think about that one, Chelsea.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, be safe, stay warm, and keep it stellar.

Love, Von and Chelsie

xo xo


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