Here comes the rain

Hello, Kiddo, we hope that all is well with you and yours on this chilly October day, I had some time to write so I figured why not.

Lets start with yesterday. Yesterday we visited the train station where they have means to charge a cellphone (this gets good).

I walk up to where the outlet is and right in front of me is a quarter and two dimes, or $.45. No one was around so I took them. I plug the cellphone in and wait. While I’m standing there a man walks up to me and asks if I have money for coffee. Now I’m thinking he wants money. Before I could say anything Carolyn says “I ain’t got money for shit”. He walks up to me and gives me the change in his pocket, which was $.82. This was about 9:30 AM. I thanked him and he went about his day. We left the station around noon to sign in at the day shelter, where we stayed for about an hour. Before we left there a young female teenager approached me outside and handed me 2 one dollar bills. All she said was “Here, this is for you” then left. I of course thanked her. That was yesterday. Today we stopped in at the same shelter to buy Carolyn and Chelsie some smokes from someone. After we got smokes we went out to the front of the shelter to gather a game plan for today, and while we’re standing there a female child (about 12 yrs old) came up and handed me two 1 dollar bills, four quarters, seven dimes and one nickel, or $3.75. I said “Thank you so much”, and she went about her day. But before that happened, I found a dime at my feet facing up at the bus stop this morning. So does this mean anything good? Yes it does.

Now we’re in another public place going over some details about after the moment, because the moment doesn’t intimidate me anymore, Chelsie does. By “intimidate” I mean . . . hmm, not certain actually, I guess I’m just a little nervous, that’s all. Hmm.

How do I say this.

Okay, I believe in “teleportation”, I mean, why not? You don’t know what science is capable of and anything is possible, so who’s to say that teleportation, or materialization is impossible? JC Jacobsen? You could say it, but you would be very closeminded, and we don’t have time for that nonsense. I’m being serious, Kiddo. (That gets a smile every time)

By the way, “DAF” means “Determined As Fuck”, because I am, in case you’re wondering what yesterday’s post title meant.

It’s about two o’clock and the rain clouds are rolling in, the weather report says rain for today and tomorrow but you know how accurate those reports are, not very.

I think we’ll stop here to give two special ladies a smoke, I might write again afterwards, who knows, anything is possible . . .

. . . on the streets of Poughkeepsie. By the way, Poughkeepsie is a shithole, trash everywhere, you can’t take a step in any direction without seeing cigarette butts, beer bottles, food wrappers and all that jazz, what a disgusting mess this place is. But some of the people here are very nice and helpful.

Anywho, enjoy your day, Kiddo and peeps, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von and Chelsie

xo xo


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