Hello, Kiddo (and Harbins), I hope that everyone is doing well, it is a nice day today and I have some time to share.

We are still in the stages of the next step, I can’t say “when” because I’m not there yet, so to speak. The main topic that I’ve been working on is “the moment”. This has changed incredibly. For the past year I’ve been told how and why through bits and pieces here and there, the reason was to keep you-know-who from catching on. It worked. By the way, it wasn’t me who took out GOD and d’evil, it was my daughter Chelsie. Just to be clear. I give credit to where credit is due and I do not take credit for other people’s work. Just to be clear.

I’ve got the moment down pretty good, meaning, I have an idea as to what to expect. It will be rather funky. In between all that I’ve been working on “what do I do now?”. Good question, yes? Without asking for direct answers, which is almost impossible, I think of scenarios as to how it will pan out. I was shown a recording of what that moment will look like, but it’s what comes after that I don’t know. I think personally that it would be best for Chelsie to be there. Is that possible? Yes. You see, my concerns are that if I am the Creator with all the bells and whistles I think it would be necessary to have someone who knows me to show me what to do so that I don’t accident my erase everything. Yes I’m being serious and Chelsie laughed right through me with that. She’s thinking “I AM THE BEING SIRIUS”. Oh that daughter of mine. **sees Chelsie smiling**. I mean, I’m being told (“I AM THE BEING TOLD”) that the female I see and feel, and sometimes hear, is my daughter, I’m pretty certain that I’m being told this for a reason. Hmm. Do I owe any child support? The answer is “no”, which is good, because I’m broke as fuck right now. I am serious, Kiddo, you should see how we get Carolyn and Chelsie smokes. That’s the other thing, we’re running out of supplies, so to speak. But! The other day I walked out of a store to find a package of Nicorette gum at my feet, so we took it. You’d be surprised at all the things we”ve found . . . on the streets of Poughkeepsie. And no, we don’t “dumpster dive” or ask for handouts, or ask for anything for that matter, but people ask me for things like cigarettes and money. Go figure.

By the way, Chelsea, most of the writing here is 100% demonic, so don’t go back and read anything, I’m told that we will eventually lock this site down and go with Chelsie’s site “kiddosgarden.wordpress.com”. That site is from Chelsie to you, Chelsea, but it was kept hidden from you-know-who for obvious reasons, even the only post there was cryptic AF. You know, Chelsea, wouldn’t it be funny if there never was a “Charlie”? Meaning, Charlie was a joint effort between at least two females? I mean, anything is possible. Again, this is only my idea, I’m not saying that is what it is. Oh yeah, when I said “I just got here a couple of months ago I wasn’t kidding. Because of that I don’t say much now, but we have a responsibility to you and your followers, who are now over 100,000. Whoa, I’m getting goosebumps and Carlyn blurted out “you’re gonna shit”. What’s with her and people shitting, Kiddo, it’s like she has a poop-fetish or something. **sees Carolyn smiling**

. . .

It’s a nice day outside, a bit chilly but that’s okay, the sun is shining and the sky is clear for miles. I just noticed that our phone needs charging so I will stop here for now.

Have a great day, Kiddo, be safe and keep it stellar, and we’ll write again soon.

Love, Von and Chelsie

xo xo


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