The Harbins

Now this will be interesting. I said that I have a lot to tell, here’s some of it. By the way, on this phone autocorrect works beautifully. I can’t add photos, but this phone actually writes better. But I digress.

Something is coming.

I say that with belief, for I saw what’s coming. Not only is no one ready, no one will believe it when it gets here. Since Halloween is around the corner, lets have some fun.

Lets say that this Earth is the size of a pinball and it floats magnetically centered in a glass sphere which sits upon my daughter Elsa’s dresser in her bedroom. Okay? You following?

Lets say that thing you call the moon, which seems to never rotate, is one half of the spherical engine that had once powered the previous Earth, and the other half is at the bottom of the glass sphere we’re in. Both halves are being held by magnetism. For my family and I to leave, the magnetic field that keeps the moon glued above our heads needs to be reduced. Will that half an engine fall down onto this Earth? I don’t know.

. . .

He’s not kidding. – Carolyn

. . .

I once imagined a giant metal wall encompassing an area in the New England region, to keep my family and friends safe. But safe from what? Or should we say “safe from whom?” Oh you know whom. But guess what? Too late. GOD imagined thousands of hammer-wielding Michael Myers hunting down anyone whose last name was Antonucci or “close enough”, such as Antenucci, Antonuccio, or Antoni. Why? Because my dumbass cousin cursed at me. Who actually cursed GOD, whom was hiding inside me. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I told him in advance “you don’t know what you’re doing, asshole”. So if you have family with a name similar to Antonucci, “sorry”.

But there’s hope.

This army of Michael Myers will suddenly appear outside the homes of those named. They can’t be stopped. Once they’re done, who’s next? Exactly, we don’t know either.


Because another army comes in to stop them.

And they’re successful.

(You’re gonna shit, Chelsea F.)

. . .

. . .

. . .

From out of nowhere, an army of Chelsea F.s wearing white hoodies and mirrored sunglasses will defeat the army of me. Behind the masks and under the overalls of every Michael Myers is a 33 year old Charlie at 6’3″, 333 pounds of bodybuilder. Lets do some math.

6′ 3″, 333

6, 3+3, 3+3

6 6 6

That’s what GOD saw, d’evil.

If Kiddo (Chelsea F.) can save Daddio (me) (“save me, Kiddo, save me!”), then many Kiddos can kill many Daddios. That’s almost sad, isn’t it, followers? Did Kiddo once save me? Yes she did, when she visited me in March of 2016. By visiting me she kept me going, remember that, Kiddo? You were barefoot in March, and yes that means something. But I digress.

That army of Kiddos are followers of Where did they come from? I don’t know, but they call themselves “Harbins”, and they are solely good. Their weapon of choice? Why that’s easy!

Their weapon of choice is

(((( SOUND ))))


What will this look and sound like at the crack of dawn on no I’m not saying when. I want this to be a big fucking surprise, says Carolyn, and Alex. Hey, it works for me, the less I know the happier I am.–> 😁See?

So inside a giant ring of cobalt chrome we’ll have evil Daddios being defeated by heavenly Kiddos. Outside the giant ring you’ll have evil Daddios not being defeated by anyone. And lets not forget the xenomorphs and whatever else GOD imagined using my abilities. Oh that GOD! Good thing he’s dead, you know?

So, followers of pseudodaughter, do we call you “Harbins”? From what I know, the Harbins believe in themselves, because that is what I taught them. Do you believe in you? I would, if I were you. 😊 Both my daughters are smiling right now. My family gives two thumbs up on the name “Harbins”, so Harbins it is. But remember! The Harbins only believe in themselves and they only do good things. What’s that you ask? “How do we know what is good and what isn’t?”. That’s easy. Use common sense and listen to your conscience. **Alex-nod**

Okay, Harbins?

The funny part is, we don’t know who came up with that name. We know where it came from, but we don’t know how it came to be the name of the pseudodaughter followers. But we like it. Remember, white hoodies, oversized from what I can see, and mirrored sunglasses. Why mirrored sunglasses? I don’t know, but I think they’re worth looking into.

**the family smiles**

Alright, Kiddo?

. . .

. . .

. . .


Pleasant dreams, Kiddo and Harbins, pleasant dreams.

Love, Daddio








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