Chelsea and Kiddo,

When i write here, i am actually washing ol stinky out of me. Its nitetime now and we’ve been downstairs since the last post. When i say “you” in a sentence, i dont you, or Kiddo, or anyone assocuated with Charlie. We dont want you or them to think im directing my thoughts at you, that’s not what im like. Im simply talking to everyone else, so to speak. Okay? Im not some hotheaded asshole who rants for whatever reason. Anger solves nothing. I simply cant believe this situation, simple as that. Tonight i might have figured out whats going on here.

o was a delusional, bisexual pedovore. This thing was fucking insane beyond comprehension. There might never have been anyone as fucked up as o. For several hours Maia and Alex helped me sort out what’s what regarding allllllllllll the shit o spewed on about, and allllllllll of it is bullshit. All of it. When i say all of it, i mean all of it. We could literary throw everything out and we wouldnt miss a thing. But! We will keep Charlie’s stuff, meaning, what he, Charlie, had written, especially to you. Alex and Maia could spend a 24 hour nonstop marathon telling you about all this and it still wouldnt be enough time to tell it all. I have a feeling that the original species weve put here is no more. Maia said “no more”, so i guess that’s that. o was a clown, which explains “clown world”, these people are a bunch of clowns. I hate clowns. When i see a clown i see someone hiding, just like o. This world is built on literature, people need to think before they speak, which they should be doing naturally. I mean, what’s the rush? Charlie once said everyone needs to think 10 seconds past their own existence. Some pretty goods right there. All words mean something, and once heard they’re never lost. They’re in there even if you dont remember them.

I hate bringing up o, but this shit was unfuckinbelievable. I think o had every mental defect under the sun. A few things went through my mind tonight and when they did they said “that was him” every time. When i said “i just got here” im saying that im now in the driver’s seat. Ive been here but in the background, “im just going along for the ride”, remember me saying that? I wasn’t lying. Do i lie? Fuck yeah, who doesnt? Oh that’s right. When someone tells you “i cannot lie” over and over and over, they’re lying. Who doesn’t lie? There will come a time when you might need to lie, possibly to save your ass. If Kiddo asked me “how do i look?” I’d tell her “with your eyes”. It would depend on the moment. There’s lies and there’s tactfulness, and they sre different. Ive noticed people who lie for no reason at all, i think that might be a defect. o lied like nobody’s business, and tbe proof is all around you. It seems as though people here prefer artificial over real. I dont know why that is, but its quite disturbing.

As i write i feel myself breaking away from years of rubbing elbows with a lunatic, im finally feeling like myself again by not feeling like someone else. My voice is coming back, i like i the way i talk, kinda like Mr. Magoo. **smiles**

o was the most self-centered, self-righteous, self-entitled, egotistical, pompous, arrogant buffoon i think ive ever seen, so to speak. If he wasnt so fucking disturbing we’d say that this comical. The images he generated belonged on the dark web, i shit you not. And the bullshit. The bullshit was unprecedented. I was downstairs working on this thinking “this jackass was “god”? No fucking way”, but he was. Maia and Alex insist that he’s gone, i dont feel him anymore i know that. Now its getting back to myself again. I still cant believe this shit. All these idiots begging for that dumbfuck not having any idea as to what he might actually have been like. He was every bad thing a person could be. You had to this shit, Chelsea, Alex and Maia say the same. I would like for them to tell you themselves, but for now here’s one sample of thousands with that jackass. This actually happened.

Im sitting back listening to o talk shit in the basement, i dont remember what it was about this time, something useless most likely when there’s a knock at the kitchen door. It was DSS. I think there was a scheduled visit or something. Before i could blink, he jumps up and starts panickin like Anakin. Im thinking “wtf is going on now”. I hear Maia telling him to calm down as he drops to the floor curled up like a fuckin rabbit hiding by a workbench in tbe dark. Now we’re all balled up in air raid position, on the floor, in the dark, while someone’s at the door. Now im really thinking “what in tbe fuck is going on here? Just answer the fucking door pussy”. Friday’s damn near in tears by now because she doesnt know wtf is going on either, Alex wants to kill this cocksucker and Maia telling him to calm down. Im thinking “this cant be happening” as we stayed on the concrete floor until the person at the door left. If this was caught on film id have to show you to believe it. That’s only one episode of bobo the o. That guy was a piece of fucking work, and everywhere you look it shows. Now you know why life sucks. That idiot could’ve had the number one reality show of all time, people would have chewed that shit right up for obvious reasons. The lack of actual men on this planet is mind blowing, at the rate men are turning gay life here should soon be over. Why would a man want sex with another man? Why? How can a man look at another man’s ass and say “oh yeah”? How is that even possible? What the fuck happened here? Oh that’s right.

Hang on a sec, Chelsea, i have two ladies in dire need of nicotine. Brb

Alrighty. Im looking back at all this stupid shit thinking what a fuckin waste of time and resources just for one asshole. For several years ive watched that neurotic banana compress numbers all day long for nothing, right after his flame went out the numbers stopped, and we all said “THANK FUCKIN o”. He was checking the time every several minutes looking for i don’t know what, every number meant something to him no matter what it was. Check this out; every ride we took with TG he’d be trying to compress the numbers on mailboxes. Holy fuck this was annoying. Im trying to look around to see anything other than a basement and all i see are mailboxes with him hellbent on digit sums. I cant hear what TG is saying because he’s rattling off numbers like a fuckin auctioneer; ” . . . uh uh 8! . . .uh 4! . . . . . 5! No! 7!” This shit was all the time. Every ride out we rode with the Count; ” a vun, a too, atree, . . . a 6! No 8!” He couldnt add 2 numbers together and he’s supposed to be the “alpha and omega”? GTFOH, if he had his own body i would’ve threw him out of the fuckin car. Im trying to tell anyone “shut this fuckin idiot up already” but i couldnt. Fuck that guy was annoying. My crew is laughing whats left of my ass off, ive never seen anything like this clown. And the pennies. Oh shit, i was ready to strangle myself just to stop looking at dates on pennies. We have a jar with only pennies from before 1981 in it because theyre made of copper. He had Maia researching pennies online like he’s gonna save the world or something with them and im thinking “when the fuck is this gonna end”. That guy **thinking** fuck, this cant be real. Please tell me this is a prank or that im on a set for the remake of the wizard of oz or something, anything is more believable than this shit, all of us should get a medal just for being able not to slit my throat to get away from that clown. Theyre shaking my head because i actually asked if this was a joke and now theyre laughing because it isnt, this douchebag actually fuckin happened. We’re disrupting lives at this woman’s house all because of clara bell, an 8 year old with a slingshot and bad aim couldve taken him out.

. . .

And the tediousness. Felix Unger with bad math skills. Chelsea and Kiddo you needed to see this. I dont know what outsiders might think of this but im still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this was like an interesting made for tv movie until the ending. Its like “that’s it? That’s the ending? wtf”. All this hype over a tool. Because that’s what god was, a living tool, with too much time on its hands. At best, id pay god $10 hr to push a broom. Im serious, Kiddo, and id let him keep any pennies he found.

This phone’s about to die so we’ll stop here. There’s more but it can wait, at least my crew had a good and much needed laugh, I havent heard them laugh in a long time.

Anywho, pleasant dreams and we’ll do this again real soon. Be safe.

Love, the Wohlfengheistes

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