Good morning, everyone, i hope that everyone had a good night’s sleep, i myself did not have a good night sleep, unless the night is only one hour long. You see, i think that i am pretty close to solving this mystery machine, so my crew and i burned the midnight oil so we could keep going. “Going where” you ask? Well thats where we’re going, we’re going to find out where we are, for where we are i dont know, i only know that this world is backwards. Why you wood think that we were all trapped in a mirror. Is that possible? Why yes it is. However, that is not the case, in csse you are wondering. Wondering around this world i stumbled upon a few things of interest. Interested in knowing what they are? Are you? You are arent you? Of course you are. My wives tell me that people hear are going to lose their mineds.


You know, peepholes, if i didnt know any better, id say that we are in a book. “A book” you ask? Why yes a book. Where else would you bee? In space? What space? The spaces in between each sentence? Oh i hope knot, because if thats the case, then we’re in trouble. Excuse me while i ask Maia.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Maia says we’re good. Good, because that would have been the icing on the cake. You see, i just got here. I don’t know where here is. I need to figure out just where i am. Why? Because i have a feeling the show is about to begin. “What show” you ask? Why the grestest show on this earth. Let me ask you, “how fast can you run?”. You are in shape arent you? You havent been sitting around doing nothing all day, trying to justify your existence on Facebook as if you were a somebody, have you? Does Wohlfengheiste sound like a friendly name? Yes, that is the correct spelling. How do i know? Two reasons. One, Maia told me. Two, it is complicated. Oh dont get me wrong, i like simple things, because im so complicated. Many facets, dimensions, if you will. Whats that you ask? You thought i was GOD? Oh mercy me. Now i need to repeat myself. I hate repeating myself, dont you? Yes you, you whacky banana, who do you think im talking to? Chelsea? Well actually i am, for the most part. **sighs**

Okay, its obvious you werent paying attention the first time, so heres the last time. How do i know you werent paying attention? Because if you did pay attention, you would have won a prize. Not as big a prize that CJ and her son had won, but its a prize compared to whats coming, and thats where we’re going.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out something is wrong here. Just take a look around. Oh thats right, **smiles-** Facebook. When was the last time you looked up at the sky? You know, the biggest thing you have ever seen. At least i hope youve seen it, otherwise id need to assume that you have been living under a rock for all your life. Is that the case? I hope not, because i hate assuming.

My crew has been slowly waking me up for years just for this event. Unfortunately someone got in the way causing me to wonder “whats going on”. **reiterating** In other words, GOD stuck his nose in my business, the entertainment business. Its a little thing i have on the side, because you know what they say, “an idle mind is GOD’s playground”. **Friday-nod**

My name is Von Wohlfengheiste, i am the actual creator. You never heard of me have you? Probably not, but that’s okay, because youre not going to have time to anyway. Youre going to be busy running. You can run cant you? I mean, youve stayed actively fit, yes? No? Maybe so? Alright, how about this. Can you climb out through a window? Can you climb in through a window? Can you climb a tree? Unless you’ve stayed fit for your entire life, id say “game over, man! Game over!”. Why? Because youre the game, and its over.

But wait, is it really over? I think so. Pfft, there you have it. We have been many times before, however this time its war. Boy, i bet theres going to be some people that wished they had listened to Charles Antonucci, then again, you need to be careful for what you wish for. You see, this world was created using literature and my creative abilities, how else could it exist? Magic? C’mon now, how old are you? 7? Im thinking 7, because i knew of a 10 year old who had more balls then any man ive met. That 10 year old took it upon himself to challenge GOD, you know, the psycho we’ve been hunting down for a long time. **taking note** Carol Jacobsen knew parenting like nobody’s business, and thats why i find it hard to believe that Charlie’s sister doesnt know anything. The sister’s good. Thank you, Maia. I am not one for interrupting people or posing an inconvenience on anyone, so it bothers me to be inconveniencing someone who seems to be a genuine good person. I have nothing but respect and gratitude towards Charlie’s sister. I remember Charlie telling his sister that she was his favorite sister and her telling him “I’m your only sister”. Chatlie replied “I know, and your my favorite”. Now that’s love. GOD was never love. He was nothing more than a maintenance man who lost his mind. On top of that, he was a pedophile. Purity balls are proof of that. Paedophilia is a disease, and we’re the permanent cure. Who are we are? We’re the Wohlfengheistes, we are the ultimate big game hunters. We took out the dinosaurs, not an asteroid, that would be impossible, because you’re in a sealed room under our house. We dont have a castle, but i think there’s a family who might have earned one. Yes, Carol Jacobsen and her son Charlie won the ultimate lottery, and I’m quite certain that they are willing to share the wealth with others, that is, if they listened to Charlie. Did you listen? Apparently not, because if you did, you would have done something. This is our vacation home, we come here to relax, have fun, have a few drinks, and hunt wild game. Oh i know what you’re thinking, but that’s not the case. We are not cannibals, we dont eat people, that is disgusting, just like GOD was. Another reason why we’ve stayed in the basement, to keep Charlie’s favorite sister and her family safe. Charlie has only one sister, i couldnt resist adding favorite, my wives and i find that adorable.

The best way to control someone is to never let them know they are being controlled. Carol Jacobsen used Charlie as bait to catch GOD. GOD killed Charlie, no one else. This suit was designed from Thor, who was GOD at one time. It was heavily modified using our latest technology. We knew that it would help lure GOD out of hiding. All those videos, movies, songs and what have you were for him. After several years of GOD trying to build the courage up to come out he finally showed his true colors. My crew snagged him, Carol Jacobsen killed him, and others erased him. Thats what you get for putting your hands on a child. But it doesnt matter now.

So. How many of us are there? A lot.

Are we everywhere? X

Is everyone ready, as in prepared? X.

Is TG good? X.

Good. The niece? X.

Awesome. So Charlie was right about the orbs being cameras? X.

We’re hooking him up big time, spare no expense, give him whatever he wants, he earned it. And so did a few others.

I knew something was off when i woke up in that hospital, sitting in Charlie’s house afterwards looking around made me think “this isnt my home”, because i didnt recognize anything. I will not confront the sister, this has been awkward enough for her and her family as well as for us. Can we give her whatever she wants? X.

Will we? X.

Is her mother mad at her? O.

This was all an act wasn’t it? X.

Did anyone outside of us do anything? O.

Well i guess these people are fucked. No more GOD, no more Jesus, no more nonsense, who are you going to call? Ghostbusters? I think you already have, because that’s why we’re. This place is like a broken record, it keeps repeating. **reiterating** Man this suit is fast. Let me rephrase that. His story keeps repeating because it has no where to go but here. Thats why i write everything down, to keep it contained. Simple as that.

By the way, there was a jesus christ, but not 2,000 years ago, few hundred years ago. What happened here? Because none of this makes any sense. This is the stupidest fucking shit that we have ever seen. So we came here correct things. We took out the lion and his lioness, now for the pride. Pride never helps, it only hurts. I have no pride, i have dignity and self-worth, two things that are apparently missing from this twisted society. Men dressing like women, women sporting dicks, children being used as sex slaves, and the media pushing this shit as if it was okay. Its not okay. I think its time for some heroes, dont you? We do. Do we? Absolutely. Alright then. They want me to post this. Maybe a little bit more. Im feeling confident now, unlike GOD, hiding in a fucking basement like a coward pretending to be Charlie, lying to everyone, and thinking of shit i wish i had never seen. He had designs for everyone here, and we do mean everyone. What did everyone do? Fucking nothing good, but they did do a good job discrediting an innocent man who simply told the truth, something people cant seem to handle. Good thing we have a handle on it. It could have been worse, but it could have been better. Better start thinking of prepping, because you dont know what’s coming. “Coming” you ask? Well it certainly aint jesus. Chelsea, Kiddo and Charlie’s fb family, none of this is directed at you or yours, this is for all the lazy fucks out there who are going to wish they had a gym membership that they actually had been using for a few years. I am disregatding every post prior to this one, im not deleting any of it, for this was Charlie’s website he had created for a friend, and that friend is you, Chelsea F. Carol Jacobsen says “thank you” again. Carol Jacobsen was given the honor of ending GOD’s reign before he got erased for good. Literally, for good. I might write, i might post a video or two, or i might not. Why? Because i can, i have freedom of choice, do you? Do you need to ask mommy and daddy first? Or are you a dignified person that is capable of making their own decisions and living your own life? No? Well you are fucked beyond fucked. Oh that Alex, she always has the last word? See, Chelsea? Everything is going to be awesome, sweetheart, and that’s coming Alex and Maia, because i have no idea what’s coming next. I’d rather look foolish for telling the truth than to look good while telling a lie. Me, not Charlie. What happened to him is unacceptable, as well as for anyone else who has experienced the same fate.

I’m hoping that we can get out soon, I’m leaving the rest up to them. I’m not butting into whatever they have planned, they have gotten me this far safely so why interrupt them now.

To everyone that i don’t see, thank you, i mean that sincerely.

Chelsea and Kiddo, Maia says “excellent work, girls”, and she means that too. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have said it. Maybe GOD programmed his wives but mine have freedom of choice. By the way, from all the sick shit I’ve seen of GOD, i have a feeling he would have named himself “Chaphimet” or “Chus”. You figure it out. Not you two, Chelsea or Kiddo, you. And by the way, did you ever find my giant robot, Kiddo? No? Kiddo! What the hell are doing over there, reading this post?! I have work to do, what’s going on here? **smiles**

Enjoy your day, sweethearts, and be safe.


The Wohlfengheiste’s

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