We dont title our posts first, we write first because we dont know where are posts will go, so to speak. Now about that cube. But first, from here on out we will no longer use capital letters for god because fuck him. **Friday-nod**

god was going to use Charlie’s knowledge and skills of metal working to build his cube, after he enslaved people. Once it was built he was going to throw everyone in it and walk away to start something new. Not a joke, people. On top of that, he was going to have it built in Death Valley, Nevada. **crew laughing, he’s thinking€** Is there a Nevada here? Whoa, i just rememebered something. Aphie wanted to go to either Colorado or Florida. Any ideas why? Pretty obvious i think. Florida wouldve been to be a beach bum. Colorado was where god wanted to go. Its in the middle of this country and it has mountains (i think). **Maia is smiling** He and his bitch had a plan to evade everyone. Who the fuck thinks it is okay to sleep with their child? Who? god that’s who. Which probably explains “purity balls”. Holy shit did that bother Charlie. And while we’re on topic of, not once did Charlie ever think sexual thoughts of his mother nor of any other family member. Just for the record. Another reason Ms. Jacobsen is here, so she can see, hear and feel my honesty about her son Charlie. I want to say that i am so fucking angry right now.

I, von, hope with all my heart that Charlie’s family is in on this, because where are they? Am i wrong? Nope. This is what has me confused, Chelsea. I might not have been conscious oh shit. Anyone from fb rememeber “I am conscious”? god was waking up, i think in the summer of 2014, right after Arie left. Holy shit. Chelsea, you couldn’t make this shit up, why, i couldn’t make this shit up because why would i want to? Whoa, that was god yelling at Charlie’s cousin G on fb. I remember seeing “god IS SPEAKING TO YOU” being typed like a madman, and G replied. Dont know what she said back, but in hindsite, wow. The not so funny part is, he was.

My crew is screaming to tell everything that has happened, i told them that i will save most of it for them, for they know more than i do. The purpose of this marathon of writing is to wash the stink of god out of me, because he stunk like shit. Hmm, i wonder why . . .

god hasnt always been conscious, the proof is the men he’s been, meaning, he was asleep during the lives of men that soul powered, if that makes sense. Marc Antoni, Alexander III, Beethoven and so forth. Those were good people, they did alot of good things as far as i know. Khufu was actually him hiding. I remember that creepy as fuck voice saying “my sons” in regards to “redneck and shitmittens”. Charlie nicknamed two of his employees when he was a suoervisor at AMG, but he did so because he respected them. Its a metal thing, would you understand? “Boys will be boys” says Maia. Its all good, Charlie’s nickname was “shit-fixer”, because Charlie could fix anything made of metal, and yes, we are serious.

Going upstairs, its getting late, please excuse us for a moment.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, we’re upstairs. Now to blow some minds.

I had seen “images” of things that are not possible. Charlie seen them too. He had a “dream” where he was looking at himself in a bathroom mirror and seen himself with two heads. And i do mean two heads. When he woke up he was having a “heart attack” from what he saw, because Charlie understood how the imagination works. The only way he could have seen what he had seen was for it to be real. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to see what he had seen. He told fb about it, and how he was looking through the two middle eyes, meaning, he was looking through the right eye of the left head and through the left eye of the right head. Both heads were his. He thought “is that going to actually happen?” No, it wasnt going to happen, because it already did somewhere else, and thats how my crew knew in advance what was going to happen. Charlie had seen things that no one should ever see. How do you think he felt being alone and dealing with this? Where was his family? Not friends, Charlie did the right thing by telling them “I’m okay, just please stay on my page”, meaning fb. Charlie had more balls than god. god was a fuckin pussy. Thats where i was headed. Ive never seen a bigger spineless coward than god. There was a meme or a poster online that god loved. It was an ancient proverb that said;

“If you should see a traveler on foot, it is best to give him a ride, because it just might be god in hiding”

What does that mean?

Why is god hiding to begin with?

What kind of creepy shit is going on here? Im at a loss for words with this. god is supposed to be a father, right? What father hides from their children? I mean, i can understand a father sneaking out into the garage for a break from his kids, because thats reality, but we’re talking about civilizations here. You create something then run away? Now i know what Maia, Alex and CJ meant when they “reminded” him and told me “never create a runaway”. Gotcha ladies, because that is what happened here. I was away for awhile, obviously, and now i have a mess beyond comprehension. “That story” thats waiting for me is going to be epic isnt it?

It’s un fucking believable, Von.

Hmm. **thinking**

You have no idea whats coming.

Am i close with what im thinking, Alex?

Holy shit, Von

Youre gonna shit your fuckin pants. Hollywood has nothing on whats going on and whats about to happen. I shit you not, Von.

Unbelievable, baby. Those chills youre getting are from us. That was Friday who just said wow. Yes the goosebumps were from us too this morning.

. . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

Have preparations been made? X.

Are those your goosebumps? X.

“War of the worlds”? O.

“Food of the gods”? Not all of it.

“World war z”? Some of it.

You know where im heading, right? X.

Wait. hermes said something about “whats here is somewhere else”, something about photons and “space” acting like a recycle bin, is that true? O.

Well that was a stupid question, my bad. (god of liars)

Motherfucker, can anyone tell the truth here? Anyone? god covered his tracks and distracted me at the same time, and he did a good job too. jesus christ, this doesnt end. That was god looking for copper pennies wasnt it? X. What a cheap fuck.


Did all this shit actually happen? Was that thing god? X.


god designed the bible? X.

Charlie was right then? X.

“Always listen to Charlie”, that was Aphie preparing god in my suit, correct? X.

Aphie deleted Charlie’s family from fb didnt she? X.

She did it for zeus? X.

She and god said that it was CJ, why would CJ do that? She wouldnt. Think, Von, of course she wouldnt, they were her family too.


Digit sums. god? X.

Im watching and listening to god compress numbers and thinking “wtf is he doing? What is this nonsense?” Demonic. Are the kids at fb safe? X. Promise.


god can be conscious in more than one place? X, Bigtime.

Thats how you know about the double-headed god? X.

That double-headed eagle? X.

That horrible vodka? X.

It was going to happen here, Von.

So by erasing god he would have ended everywhere, correct? X.

Okay, this phone needs a charge and its late. All that time and energy compressing numbers for nothing, im sitting back watching this thinking “okay, i guess this means something”, and it meant nothing. What a waste of time that was. I think its bedtime for us, Chelsea and Kiddo, my head is spinning. We will continue tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams, Sweethearts, and be safe.


Alex, Maia, CJ, Friday and von

XO ^4

Now theres some math that means something.

Have a good night, everyone.

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