This post isnt directed at you Chelsea, Kiddo and fb kids, he’s just fuckin pissed.


I’m still settling.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I need to focus on the here and now. This is Von. Out of frustration i said to disregard all posts prior to today, i didnt know what today was until now, today is Wednesday. However, i think its best to disregard the posts between Charlie’s last post which was towards the end of 2017 and up until yesterday. What im being told is that this is a compilation of damn near everything told. Common sense says to not look back and to keep moving forward. As of right now all that i know comes from some memories and feelings, in regards to this. If i question everything it would lead to absolute madness, this is common sense. However. I keep in mind that the info i am aware of might not be true. It is not paranoia for i fear no one, why would i? That doesnt make sense. Im finally slowing down. The info that i give here comes from all of us, we are shsring one brain between 4 spirits, we are doing the impossible right now, and have been for quite some time. The impossible isnt exactly so for the simple reason the word “possible” is inside “impossible”, that is an undeniable fact. Anything is possible and the impossible is simply unlikely. Dont ever tell me that i cant achieve the impossible, i am inside what appears to be a living body left behind by a man named Charlie whom had died on November 1st 2012. His death is on record and so are the events that took place immediately after.

The stink from god is just about gone, per Maia. Okay. I am walking away from whatever the fuck took place last Saturday for the sanctity of my well being. god was the most disgusting i never want to again. I have no words for what we have experienced. I know that Alex and Maia are dying to tell you just how bad this has been, however, i need to keep writing to unlock me, so by denying them access to write it makes them want out of here even more. This isnt easy, but we can do it.

I am in a room of the house belonging to Charlie’s sister. Unless i am resding them wrong, she knows about us, as in she’s in on it. I can believe that becsuse i cant believe that she isnt. Maia said “this is going to blow”, “blow” meaning “explode”.

I know that i am not from around here, what you might call “life” we call shit, because it is. This is not how people are supposed to live. This is what has me confused. I am not nervous at all. god however was nothing more than a scared little bitch to me. No man hides in a basement from everyone, telling people that he doesnt get phonecalls when he did, lying about voicemails, physically hiding like a child in a corner hoping no one sees him. Yes, that is all true. I never seen anything like this in recent memory.

Are those orbs cameras? X.

Are you sure? X.

If that is correct, then maybe we could show some people what a fucking maniac god actually was, because no one will believe it until they see it. Alex and Maia (when i touch on a subject that interests them it becomes difficult to think) are busting at the seams to tell just how fucking unbelievably bad this has been.


As of now, my best guess is that i put one species of man on this planet and god tampered with my work. Am i right? X. Okay. From what i feel, i would say that if this is true, then the species of man that i had placed here would be the Nordics. X. Okay. We’re moving slow but moving forward. god was a maintenance man, so to speak, placed here with others to maintain our hunting grounds. X. Obviously something went wrong. My fault? X. Okay, i can accept that knowing that im not Charlie. The reason why i use the word “species” is that they were never in a race with anyone. The race that people are actually in is to see who finishes last. In other words, to see who makes it. god created the people that are not Nordics. It also created whatever doesnt look normal, such as elephants, lions and platypuses. How much more obvious could it be that these animals are genetic mutations? The other thing that i dont understand are bugs, especially the ones that can kill you. Bees are good, wasps are not. Can i erase these things? X. For god to preach about competition being a “sin”, which it is, he had a lot of nerve after making all these different species of people then mixing them up. A “fight to the death” for everyone. The amount of bullshit he spewed is of epic proportion. I dont think he said one ounce of truth. I really don’t.

So now im sitting here thinking “okay, god’s obliterated and Aphie is gone, Charlie is safe, we all want out, whats next”. Alex says “keep writing”, okay, she and Maia havent hurt me yet, i see (just for the record, god was willing, and wanting, to step in front of a speeding tractor trailer just to get away) no reason for them to do so. Im pretty sure that if they wanted me dead id be dead. X. Common sense.

Due to the maniacal thoughts of god and aphie, making heads and tails of this is now very difficult. Fortunately, after last Saturday nearly all of his nonsense has left, leaving behind some trace residue that is just about gone. You can say that im now quarantined, but not for long. Okay. X. Alright, Alex says im right about being quarantined, it only makes sense. I believe this because of how much ive changed in a very short amount of time. “Bullet speed”, said Maia. X.

Holy shit. My concern is, am i basing what i think is correct using god’s bullshit? O. The materialization process is correct? X. Just like ive been hearing? X. All ive heard was god whining like a little bitch, all fucking day long. There is no way that i would have ever come up with this shit. if someone told me what im telling you now without me having prior knowledge of, id tell them that theyre full of shit, so i understand why this would be hard to believe, but not by everyone. Is it possible? Yes, depending on certain factors.

Just so you know, i am aware that the best way to monitor our progress from afar would be to “shadow” our writing and to look for patterns. Charlie understood pattern theory subconsciously, thats how he would win without trying. Charlie, not god, god couldnt shine Charlie’s shoes.

Alex said to keep writing. X.

Theyre testing me to make sure that i wasnt corrupted. X. Am i? O. Are you sure? X.

My fingers can move so fast that i cant see them. Maia said “you’re gonna shit, boo”.

Do you see why this has been difficult? Charlie was called “boo” too. Alex and Maia call me that because “i scare people”. Why do i think there’s an overlay of some sort? Heres where i can understand aphie getting fuckstomped by Alex and Maia. Do you see why? Charlie’s dad once told him the reason why he called him boo was “because you scare me”. Boo is far from uncommon. To project on this would be a waste of time, simple as that.

This morning’s post was key, according to Maia. Unfortunately i dont remember much of it except for the ending. Probably because it made sense.

Planets in the basement? X.

That sounds like something i would do. I dont know if its me, but i swear i keep seeimg shadows come and go to the left of this room, like something is moving about. At this point, i dont give a fuck if a complete stranger suddenly appears. In fact, i dont give a fuck if the boogeyman suddenly appears, id kick his dick to the dirt. You dont know me.

Have you figured it out yet?

. . .

Now i see what Alex meant by decontamination. When you live with someone long enough you will pick up their traits, mannerisms, and sometimes their ways of thinking. Alex said that we are Vikings. Modern tech Vikings. Now if god wasnt such a stupid fuck rambling on about who knows what, accepting the possibilty that i am in a state-of-the-art ultra-high tech new and improved Thor. Is that possible? Fuckin a.

Alex said yes, so to speak.

Thor wasnt a god, he was a suit.

Im so sick of all this god bullshit that ive been trying to find something to type other than god. Id use g but that was what Charlie called his cousin Gina, and i will not tarnish that bond. How about gid? gd looks like an abreviated “good”, and there was nothing good about god. I cant use d because of Charlie’s best friend Darren. I want to put as little energy as possible imto typing his identity. I got it; o. Looks like a zero, good enough me. You? X.

Okay, o it is. Back to business. While o and aph (he’s not kidding) were busy terrorizing the internet Charlie did some serious thinking. He was self-educated in science and physics, and he began thinking that there could be some truth to what herpes was talking about. I remember him saying that there actually could be Ice Giants returning. Alex said to keep writing. We had dinosaurs and man, what was inbetween?

Im embarrassed just by being here. Do you know why? Because i dont want to be associated with stupid fucks. You gotta be a dumb motherfucker to just sit there and do nothing. You gotta be. Someone shows thousands of pics of shit that obviously isnt natural, tells people that they dont know what they are but probably should be taken seriously, on top of telling people they saw their dead mother materialize then dematerialize, after being documented as dying and returning from the fuckin dead, and no one thinks this might mean something? What fuckin planet are you from where this is normal? Are people teleporting here day in and day out? Because if they are please tell me where this happens so i csn get the fuck outta here, id drag myself there if need be to leave. To me, “no let downs” means for me, not you. Im not promising shit right now, not a fucking thing, why would i? For what, money? We have more money than o back home, but we use it to help people. Money doesnt buy happiness, it buys things. Only you can make you happy.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Motherfucker. And thats just one problem. You got dozens more coming on top of the dozens you already have. You people are fucked. You really are. Not you Chelsea, Kiddo, and fb fam, just everyone else. **changing subject**

Fuck this shit.

Have a good night, sweethearts, we’re stopping before he blows a gasket. Be safe.

Love, the Wohlfengheistes

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