I was trying to find how to change thus site’s logo because im done with dogheaded psychos and anything “divine”, but we did manage to change the header image to something more “user friendly”. Man, you have no idea as to what this has been like, which makes me think “how bad is it?” Pretty fuckin bad.

Hmm. Well, i wont project on this, for i dont know whats waiting for me. I have a pretty good idea though. Im thinking “disaster movies”, but on a much much larger scale. Hmm. Okay, I’ll wait with that.

Now. What are these things;

If GOD was the creator, he would’ve known. Any ideas?

I could tease about this, however, (<) since im still not sure if im right about my location and who exactly reads these posts **taking note** i wont. There could be someone who has read the post where i asked if they are the cause for cancer whom might have cancer themselves. I take life seriously.

So, what are they?

For the lack of the proper term, they are “cameras”. Charlie had hit the nail on the head when he mentioned “they look like eyes” back in 2015. Think about it. How else could we have kept an eye on Charlie 24/7 since he was born? His entire life was a real life “Truman Show”. And that brings us to this. I just got here, almost literally. Charlie shared this “body” with Aphie for half his life. Charlie was only about 20 years old when he died at the age of 44. My crew says that there were times when people (friends and family) asked him about a past event that he was present at and Charlie had no memory of it. They thought he was messing them, but Charlie was telling them the truth. Luckily his best friend D has a good memory, i think it might come in handy down the road. Thank god for coincidences. **smiles** But back to 24/7. Yes, so, i can only imagine what our “paparazzi” might have seen. **gets quiet** Okay, just for the record, we dont care who has seen what. People know what people do. You know? Do i go any further? No, i think they got it. Good. **Friday-nod**

You know, i think that those cameras just might be video cameras. I mean, why not? Video is better than pics, at least we think so. Excuse me for a moment, Chelsea, i see a raised hand in the audience. Yes, you, from the peanut gallery, you have a question?



Yeah, I’ve seen photos like those before taken by other people, if they’re your “paparazzi” why are they somewhere else. Jerk-face?

Well thats a good question and i have a good answer. They are keeping an eye on everyone. Seriously. There arent “hundreds of billions” of them and they arent “soldiers” either, that was GOD and Aphie who said that shit. GOD was a liar, and he had his “astro-deity” lying for him as well. “Astro-deity”, pfft, more like a space-cadet. Actually he went by Hermes at the time, you know, “Hermes; the god of liars”, a shape-shifter, just like Athena was. I sincerely feel bad about what Charlie went through, Aphie never loved Charlie, and Charlie didnt love Aphie. Charlie loved Arie, maybe thats why my suit has her name on my left shoulder. Oh fuck! I just remembered something. The very first thing that Aphie saud to Charlie was that she was once his mother. Totally not true. Wtf, i know people lie, everybody while lie at some time in their life, but to lie to someone about their mother, thats scumbag shit right there. And that now proves that Aphie is asleep. We cant erase her, because thats not who we are. She might have been fucked up, but we know she went through being stuck inside GOD’s soul. I bet she’ll never stick her nose in our business again. Oh, how is that proof? Aphrodite? The “goddess of love and beauty”? “Jealousy” comes from her genetic design, and knowing that she and Hermes were knockin’ boots twenty times a day it’s no surprise why some females today will kill because of jealousy. She “invented” the pocketbook. Hermes had a messenger bag to carry god only knows what, Aphie was glued to Hermes, wherever he went, she went. If tbey were traveling on foot, her silver hand mitror would’ve weighed a ton after awhile. Being that she was GOD’s personal bitch, he let her use his bag to carry her mirror. The sign for “female” is actually Aphie’s silver mirror. It was made of solid silver im told, it didnt have a glass reflector in it, it was simply highly polished. The male symbol comes from hermes, you know, (<) the circle with the arrow coming off of it. Any guesses to what that arrow represents?

The only reason why we keep “Charlielovesaurum” is because GOD’s writing is in it for your followers to read. We want them to see for themselves what a sick fuck GOD was. Remember “vonrising”? Maia said that site shouldve been on the dark web. It was unbelievable. And so was “Arbeitor”. Arbeitor was mostly Adolf’s writing. And poor Charlie got dragged through all this shit.

Stopping here for CJ.

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