Anything can be fixed if the desire to fix it is strong enough. Alex

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Good morning, Kiddo & crew, i hope you and yours are enjoying this lovely Monday morning, we had a good night’s sleep thanks to dollar tree and their $1 bottle of ibuprofen PM, “better than zquil” says Maia.

Now onto today’s business.

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Yes, we’re still here but i knew we would be. Why? Because im not ready yet, Kiddo! I mean c’mon now, i just got here! Yes, this suit might be ready but i need to think more like myself first to prove to my family, who are monitoring this suit from afar, possibly from the moon. You see, if Alex and Maia know in advance what this suit can do then they, my family, want to make sure that all the bugs are out of it before approaching me since this suit has consciousness embedded into it. By “consciousness” i mean it is “self-aware”, it can react on its own. Hmm, how about this; Venom. It doesnt have a spirit, it is simply “conscious”, it thinks. Sound crazy? It would sound crazy, to a crazy person.

From here on out i will speak as if i know what im talking about, even though i dont. What i mean is i think i know whats going on by how i feel, i feel like myself, its the immediate environment thats throwing me off, another reason why we all want to leave here. How can i be myself when im in a stranger’s home? Nothing against the woman who owns this establishment, i am simply not her brother Charlie. Are we trapped here? No. I have my own back-up plan, i pull the cord and im out. 🙂

. . .

. . .


**cracks knuckles, ponders**

(This suit describes what i see and writes it)

Is this a model? X

Is it a sphere? X

Is it the size of a pea? X

Are you certain? X

Was it the size of a beachball? X

Alright, i asked about it size because of how im thinking; economical. If i made a working scale model of our planet to use as a demonstration to show people how planets work i would have made it big enough for a small audience to view. After my presentation i most likely would have thought “waste not, want not” and figured out a way to utilize what i already have. If i can build a planet then i think that id be able to create people. Make sense? I think so. Alright, since i consider all space at a premium i would use my abilities to shrink the model even further, say, down to the size of a badeball or pea. I almost want to say this model is the size if a marble, the kind kids play with, but i could be wrong i could be wrong. I myself think this model is physically visible to the naked eye so i can keep an eye on it an anytime by either being physically in its present or by remote viewing; security camera.

(What if i was reviewing the security camera’s footage when i caught something unusual, like bright flashes of light from atomic bomb detentonations at the time of Adolf Hitler?)

The safest and most private place to keep this working model would be in our home. Since i am not the only one living there i would keep it out of the way so my wives dont yell at me, after all, a man’s castle is his family’s home. I think it’s in the basement out of the way. I would have built a room for it myself i think, to ensure that it was done right. I wouldve taken into consideration just how sterile an environment this model would need, so i wouldve went above and beyond in both design and construction. I am seeing white. My wives keep saying “U N B E L I E V A B L E”. Is what im saying wrong? O. Is “unbelievable” being said because this isnt possible? Nope.

Alright. This model would be inside a room inside a room inside a room, 3 rooms. The first room its in would be spinning “in time” with the model, since the model is spinning. That room would be in a room that doesnt spin, that room would act like a “utilities room”, or a “clean room”, i think Charlie’s best friend D would know what im talking about, if he were to read this. That second room would be in another room that is secure, meaning, there’s no way anyone can just walk in. It would be safer than fort knox. All this in our basement. Alex just said “I wanna kill you”. Hmm. Can i make it up to Alex? Why Alex said “yes”! (I hope my pockets are as deep as they say).

First room

The first room would need to be seamless, or have at least one protected port to connect that room to the second room. If the first room is 100% sealed then it wouldnt have any corners. Im not saying its spherical, im saying that what would be a 90° corner inside that room would be radial and smooth flowing. Ever stand inside a sphere? Not very practical is it?

The model would be exactly like this one except for appearance, meaning, it too has a giant spinning pinball in oh shit. This model is pinball-sized. “The pinball wizard”. I can hold the whole world in my hand. Alright, makes sense to me.

The heat from the thermosphere would need to be contained since heat will always transfer to matter that is colder than itself; thermal dynamics. At 4,000° Fahrenheit, the thermosphere would pose a fire threat to the model and to our home, so to prevent that the first room is a “walk-in freezer”. The room would be as white as white can be, for sanitary and inspection purposes, so to not to blind everyone the room is kept in the dark. The room is also in a vacuum, this aids in cooling and keeping the model sterile. The magnetic field surrounding the model is at a constant, it prevents the vacuum from entering the model’s atmosphere, so to speak.

The model is spinning in time with our planet, the exveption is that its smaller. Our planet is spinning at 1,000 mph, approximately. If i were to shrink this planet down to the size of a pinball without changing its rate of rotation it would still be spinning at 1,000 mph. Everything is moving at the same rate of speed, however, now that the model is smaller it appears to be moving much faster even though its speed hasnt changed. “Fast forward”, if you will, that is why my son said there is a discrepancy between here and there (1,000 years to 1 day). This model is hauling ass.

If there was a “hole in the wall” between the first room and the second room it would most likely be there for transmitter or transponder. Possibly a multifunction port for camera connections, radio transmitters, transponders and so forth. Wow im thinking fast. The purpose of this is because there isnt a way to hardwire from the first room to the model, the model isnt static. So i would say that we went “wireless”.

Second room

The second room is stationary. It contains equipment used to connect the first room to the “outside world”. Since the first room is spinning and the second room isnt, the second room uses “stator brushes” to keep in constant contact with the first room. Most likely a radial metal band encompasses the exterior of the first room to allow metal brushes from the second room to glide smoothly over the band. Think, the brushes in an electric handgrinder. If you can hardwire something instead of going wireless then do so, nothing beats a direct connection.

The second room would be sterilized as well, but not to the extent of the first room. It would contain whatever necessary in case of an emergency. Id say that the second room is quite roomy, to accommodate others and to allow equipment to be brought in if necessary. This room would have direct connection to the third room.

Third room

The third room is the security room. Since i can imagine and knowing how i think, will only say that it is probably the safest place on Earth. Where we’re from.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Stopping to take a shower while the sister is out, i think she might be babysitting in Troy today. I shower when she’s out not to put her out of her way, because thats how we roll.

Be back in a bit.

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