Awhile back i watched a video by Richiefromboston on yt. He showed images of marvelous statues of Hercules and others from “long ago”, and he said that the statues were “perfect”. One statue was of a man fighting a three headed snake or something to that effect. He asked why would anyone go to such unbelievable lengths to make that statue. I saw the statue, it looked real. He also spoke of D-wave and CERN, and showed a clip of a conference about D-wave explaining that with the device they can bring entities into this world from another world. What other world? Do they mean the past? Because if this is a model, then theres only one. Could people be trying to bring back “gods” to help them with something? Because everything doesnt make any sense. This place is crazy, its like a funny farm but we’re not laughing.

The 9/11 incident, thay was blatently planned. The footage of the towers collapsing told me it was an “inside job”. I cant find the words i need, hence the “conspiracy”. If what i know isv true, then 9/11 was the birthday of Iesous. I think this has significance in the tower’s collapsing.

Now i can question everything there is but that would be pointless, there comes a time where you need to accept some things as truth, even when you are uncertain. I have four female entities inside my brain who have been taking any opportunity to tell me things like “theyre gonna shit”, “youre gonna shit”, “un fucking believable”, “you have no idea” and so forth. Im not saying those things because why would i? That doesnt make sense.

Up until last Friday we’ve received texts from TG and the niece everyday if not interacted with them almost everyday. Since last Friday it has been rather calm, a little creepy perhaps.

No one is coming here with a vehicle and gift card for us, i know that. How would i know where the car and card came from? I wouldnt. I am thinking safety, i am thinking like myself ;quite logically. If Maia and the gang need out in order to finish this so i can get started then there are only two males that i would ttust to help us. The best one would be President Donald Trump. The second best one would be Charlie’s best friend D. I remember an image of being outside with D and he says to me “alright . . . this is what happened . . .”. With no wishful thinking, i think that D might know something, because he and Charlie were inseparable. So, why hasnt D contacted “Charlie” in years? Could he know something? You see, i look at things differently. From your perspective, this all might look like a crazy guy rambling on about whatever. From my perspective, im looking at a world gone mad. And everyone in it is insane.

I will continue shortly.

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