CJ shared something with me just now that i think answers everything. This suit had (key word is had) the ability to lie to protect itself. When Charlie was about 10 he went outside to ask GOD if he could take him instead of his mother so his father and family wouldn’t be alone without her. What the suit didnt tell you was that Charlie cursed at GOD for not answering him. I dont know what exactly Charlie said, but it woke GOD up. Charlie summoned GOD. Successfully.

Now i am going to make myself as clear as possible. Charlie did nothing wrong. That is all im going to say about that.

My head is buzzing, ringing, throbbing and who knows what else right now.

Mudfloods. I saw something about mudfloids from about a hundred years ago, and how nobody seems to remember it. Theres evidence, but no one talks about it. What happened here? Oh fuck. Why do i think that there was someone named jesus christ but he didnt exist until a few hundred years ago? Theyre quiet. I need a break, hold on, Kiddo.

“No let downs” said all four females. Wait. Wait a second.

“No let downs”.

Alright. How about this. Others outside of me know that im not Charlie. Wait. When Charlie woke up awhile back he began “predicting” things, i dont remember what they all were except for one thing that stands out in my mind, and that was this;

I can cut metal with sound.

Was Charlie the last of the Phoenicians? I think so.

Charlie was trying to help me from the grave. X.

“Chucky, your the god of sound”-Kat

The suit has been distracting me with jibberish and i say that honestly. I dont know about athena and flying people and just what KDDO is or nibiru or anything that doesnt make sense to me. I just got here. I dont know how else to say it. Yes, i was here, byt the suit was altering my thoughts to accommodate itself. The suit came to life, so to speak. Everytime i had a good thought it would change it to what it wanted it to be. Im not some angry maniac like my “son” was, im cool as fuck, like Fonzie, and who doesnt like the Fonz? Exactly.

“No let downs”. Alright. No one likes a let down, not even us. Is it possible that people who know of this are afraid to approach me because they fear i will say “oh fuck that shit, im outta here”? Could they be afraid of the suit? Afraid of me? If so, why? Because of my son?

I just got here. Im so here that i can hear myself think. Im aware that we are making extra certain that all is good with the suit, theyre telling me its good to go. Is it? X. Alright. I feel as though tjis could end very soon, like today. Im not sayinh it will end today, i am going by common sense and what i feel. You dont want me to turn my back on you lije jesus did, am i right? Coukd be. That was Maia. Could it be that it is so bad here that my crew wants to make certain that i will keep my word and help those want help? Im still adjusting so please bear with me.

He’s gonna shit, Kiddo.

When English sailors returned from visiting Australia for the first time they told of giant rabbits that could hop and fight like a man. The people of England thought they were drunk until they brought one back. Did that actually happen? I dont know, but you get the point.

Could all the international news footage be fake? Meaning, where are the news reports and footage coming from? Back home? No. Alright, let me reiterate. Could what im seeing in the news be fake? Maybe. Hmm.

Could what i see in the news be meant for me? I think so. Im not asking that in an egotistical manner, i dont have an ego, my son had it.

Could the sky be an illusion? Wait. Could what i see in the sky be an illusion? X.

Im trying to wrap my mind around what could possibly be waiting for me for Maia to keep blurting out “youre gonna shit”, because that is all she is saying.

. . .

I cant say if jesus was real or not. If literary history is correct, then if he did exist it would have been after 1524, if the history is correct. From what i see, it is possible. Do you know what happened 400 years ago? Where you there? If i was there i dont remember.

Taking a break. I will write another post shortly.

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