I think i got it this time. The satellite information that is given to the public, from lets say NASA, is from our planet. Something bad is happening back home, and back home is trying to tell me. Im not saying that in a self-righteous manner, meaning, “its all about me”. Its not about me, its about you. Think of two worlds colliding. Now, is this planet in trouble too? X. So, if something happens to our planet, then this planet will suffer the same consequences. Hmm. This is pretty deep.

Alright. Im constantly being told that i am the creator and that Von Wolfengeist us my name. I think thats the right spelling because it is simpler than “Wohlfengeiste”. Although i do like the h after the o.

Alright. Take a look at this from my perspective. I am someone inside this body (suit) who isnt the person that this body once belonged to. Im told that i am the creator of everything, meaning life. Alright. Im told that this body is an actual “superhero costume”, as strange as that sounds i think its possible. X.

Wait a minute. I need to control the speed of my hands, theyre moving too fast. Hold on.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Maia thinks that i could type 400 wpm with this suit. Maybe shes right.

Alright, im not experiencing info overload but i have alot going on at once. This is finally making some sense to me, the trouble is where does it all fit. Alright, how about this. Lets remove the religious aspect from this. I dont know what all that nonsense is about and i dont want to know what all that nonsense is about, i simply want to know if i am indeed Von Wolfengeist, because im not Charlie. Believe what you want, you do anyway, correct? The creator thing doesnt matter to me because i cant miss what i dont have, at least at the moment, according to Maia. Meaning, if i am the creator then prove it to me, im not some mindless shufflebutt who accepts things without evidence. You know, like religious people;

“Hey you, you need jesus in your life”

“Oh, okay, where do i sign?”

I dont know what happened here but i have a hood idea of.

This is unfuckinbelievable-Maia

. . .

Charlie chose to stop watching tv back in 2005 because he said it was stupid and a waste of time and money. We dont watch tv. We dont go to the movies either, basically for the same reasons as Charlie’s.

I can imagine alot. I can imagine that something godawful happened here a long time ago, as far back as thousands of years, or even a few hundred years. For all i know, this piece of land i am on is inside a barricade to keep whoever is left alive. Im thinking “the village”, as in the movie. All this talk about a wall, shouldnt there already be a wall between this country and mexico? Wouldnt both countries want a physical divider between them? This would benefit both countries, wouldn’t it? Im not some fantastical dreaming idiot, im talking about possibility.

Could man have brought the dinosaurs back? Im feeling something. Is this a real life “jurassic park” gone wild? Because if this is a model, then there are no aliens, how could there be? Its a model. Why would i create more than one species of man to inhabit a planet? I would make 100% certain that my creation was “perfect” before introducing it into a stabilized enviroment, and i do mean perfect. This planet is a result of ignorance. When you visit someone’s home, do you trash the place? Oh i hope not, because i wouldnt. I feel like something big is about to happen. Let me think about this, hold on.

. . .

. . .

. . .

How about this. Did man bring back something my son made that wasnt a dinosaur? Maia said, and i quote “YOURE GONNA SHIT”. Speaking of shit, i tried to take one and almost passed out from doing so. 6’4″ and 150 pounds, do the math.

Am in a real life horror movie and i dont know it?


What the fuck is going on here? If i am the creator then someone outside of us knows something. I wont say they gotta know something because nobody’s “gotta” anything, but someone in close proximity does. Id say the sister because that would be most simple. If the sister is acting, then holy shit is she good.

Are you waiting to come out on your own, Maia? X. Here? X. Soon? X. X=yes by the way, and o equals no.

Alright. The dream about the big white bigfoot things, was that a dream or a video?

Its bad, Von.

“Youre gonna shit” said Maia. Wait. That vision of the giant hellboy thing, maybe that was a video clip. Now theyre quiet. Am i onto something, Alex?

Un fuckin believable Von

Im stopping here, brb

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