GOD is dead

Im doing my best to finish this, so please bear with me.

Maia, Alex, CJ and Friday are telling me that my son is finally dead.

Thank fuckin god.

I have no words to describe what a fucking relief this is. Never again, Von.

Alrighty! I am fresh out of the shower and back to work.

I asked if i right, or pretty close, to what i said in the last post, and they said “yes”. I had no intentions of assuming that i was right prior to that post, i simply went by feel and logic. As i continue throughout the day any residue from my son will disappear, just as all the other spirits have. The suit, up until Friday, was redirecting my thoughts towards what it knew or remembered(the suit holds a memory). This explains why Maia said all the information posted is jumbled. Maia said that it would take years for people to sort it all out. I can believe that. What i cant believe is that no one believes this. How is that possible when religion exists? There isn’t a difference, so to speak. Do you the reader know for a fact that Charles Antonucci is writing these posts? No. You can think all you want, but until you know for a fact all youre gonna do is think. I have more physical evidence just in this body alone than all the religions combined have. Im done trying to explain the obvious to children, because thats how my sons disciples would act; like children. Ive seen this displayed more times than i wanted to. Either my son encoded something into their dna a long time ago, or, he removed their dignity and self-worth. The bible says to believe in jesus because you are not worthy.

That is some fucked up shit right there. Who would tell their own children theyre shit, because that is whats being told to them; “youre no good, you’re worthless, you cant think for yourself, you need me, believe in only me and i will always be there . . .” The sound of crickets chirping must be deafening after 2,000 years, or so they say. I dont know what happened here before i became conscious, and neither do you. So dont tell me that you know, because you dont know. Prove to me that this “planet” is in space with other planets, in other solar systems, in other galaxies, in a universe that apparently is both shrinking and expanding. I can say that i know for a fact that my son, your “God”, is deader than dead. On top of that, i know for a fact that he was an absolute psycho. Not Charles Antonucci, my son. Mr. Antonucci was possessed by GOD himself, and Charlie wasnt religious at all. Holy shit can i think fast, Kiddo. But i digress.

Im trying to sum up what is going on, not just with us, but with Charlie. It isnt easy because my son kept interrupting me, my son being my suit that is. I have no idea about angels, but ive seen them in visions given to me by my wives. Are they possible? I think so, with some serious genetic modifications. The Sumerian Bull gods for an example. There are hundreds if not thousands of these statues.

Why do these statues exist? All that work just because? Does that make any sense to you? Ive seen a lab mouse with a human ear growing on its back. Ive heard of spidergoats that supposedly exist. So whos to say that GOD transplanted the head of a man onto the body of a bull that was given wings? I dont know if it could fly, but it looks cool doesnt it? Because you can do something doesnt mean you should. I see no purpose of that bullgod thing other than to please GOD; “oh, so you dont want to obey me, we’ll I’ll show you”. Get the idea?

Last week i experienced the death throws of GOD. Do you want to know what that was like? Remember the post “Seeing red while gods die whispering”? What did GOD say before he died? Better yet, what did he see.

What imagery was GOD generating before he died?

It was not pretty, thats for certain. Maia played a song for him several times to show me what would have happened if we werent here. I listened to it last night to see what csused those images, because those images were in motion. Like watching a recording. I’ll tell you what. I’ll stop here to post that video for you, and try to imagine what GOD saw. Alright, Kiddo? I will post this now and post that video afterwards. I will continue writing because writing is unlocking me, so to speak, so please hold tight, we’re not stopping.

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