With the exception of a quick shower, we’ve been at this since 8 this morning. I can hear how i actually sound when i think now. This is good.

“Simplicity rules”- Charlie

Ive heard Charlie say that many times. Simple and easy are two different things. Easy doesnt always do it. Simple isnt always easy.

If i were to think about all that i have seen in regards to this, i would need to say that there is something going on that i cannot see.

I think that i am going to stop writing for awhile since i seem to be wasting my time. The reason why i chose Charlie’s best friend D is because Maia and CJ have said that he has the balls to approach me. I chose President Donald Trump because of my son claiming he is a “grandson”. Is he? Maia said that President Trump is a good guy. Is he? X. Alright, so, wouldnt he know whats going on? I myself would think so, if this is true.

So now i think that i will wait and see what happens. If you want to reach me in the meanwhile you know where to find me. And no, Kiddo, im not directing this at you by any means, i am simply tired of being lied to. You know who you are.

I’ll write when i feel like it. Maybe i will post some videos until then.

Okay, Kiddo? I’ll tell you what, I’ll write at Facebook. Maybe i will make “Von Wohlfengheiste” public, so your followers can follow us there. No friend requests, no messaging, and no harrassment of Charlie’s friends and family. I guess this is how we will see who cared about Ms. Jacobsen’s son, because i think we’re going public. So to speak of course.

By the way, i added a piece of music that fits my current thinking to a T. Charlie gad good taste in music.

Enjoy your day, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Von

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