I find it rather uncanny that for the past week or so the sister has kept her tv either off or on at a very low volume. You know, i havent heard from TG textwise for two days, and tonight she blew up our phone with texts. Which is fine, i have no issues with her whatsoever, shes been most helpful and kind to us, i just find it to be rather peculiar that she texted us shortly after i posted that she hadnt in quite some time.

I remember my son saying that it would be bad if Athena woke up in Kiddo at the dinner table on a Sunday night. What do you suppose that means? He was rather concerned about this matter, enough for me to remember about it. Please hold for a moment, i will be right back.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Thank you for being patient. About Athena. This might become a little confusing, so i will identify our Chelsea as “Kiddo” and you, Chelsea F., as Chelsea.

What i think happened is that somehow Charlie got my son’s soul, CJ got my son’s wife’s soul, and Chelsea got my son’s daughter’s soul. Theyre nodding my head.

My wives say that you’re safe, Chelsea, because of Kiddo. Maybe that was what the “hero” thing was about. Now they’re smiling. Alright. What happened to Charlie was going to happen to you, Chelsea, but not in the same way, worse. Kiddo saved you, Chelsea. On May 3rd 2015, something unbelievably bad was going to happen. According to Maia, if what was going to happen happened, we wouldn’t be here right now. Meaning, we would all be dead.

Maia says that Athena was the ultimate killing machine. A young female as strong as her father zeus with a military mind. Undefeated in every battle, which makes me ask “why are there battles to begin with?”. I think its a good question, dont you?

My son took my creation and modified it to his own taste. Im not certain as to what his daughter’s name was, but i think it was Elsa. It doesnt matter now.

My wives have said that i created souls. The soul is a container for the spirit which is a type of residue collected inside the brain. The spirit is living memory. I think that i might have found a way to contain the spirit inside a soul a long time ago. Thinking realistically, if that is the case i would have created a certain amount, taking time and energy into consideration. Maybe that is why “10,000”. For those without a soul, its “lights out” when they die. No continuation.

So is that good or bad? Regarding “lights out”?

Charlie’s story, his books, are about a man who found a loophole in the game of life, meaning, he beat god at his own game. That short synopsis makes me wonder if that man who beat god is me. Am i just a man? They’re shaking my head. Hmm. Please hold for a moment.

I gave Maia and CJ a smoke and Friday some gum, it has been a long day. Although, i feel as though i aged 50 years since this morning. Is that good? X.

There is a strange sadness about all this, yet i cant place my finger on it.

My wives tell me that this suit’s integrity was compromised by spiritual contamination, meaning, my son turned it into an airport, so to speak. I dont know the details or particulars as to how, but i do believe her. Charlie wasn’t all those past lives, my son was.

. . .

So tell me, why do i have this suit? Yes, it is a body, but it’s not my body, my body could be dead by now if we have been here since 1945. But why was this suit necessary? I can accept the concept of preventing bacterial contamination, however, from what im told, “this thing is unbelievable”. What does that mean? Many times I’ve been told that by both Alex and Maia since Friday, what exactly are they talking about? Someone else should already be aware, am i wrong? Wouldn’t the President know about this? I mean, im not going to ask him obviously, but someone on the outside should know something i would think. I myself dont know what to do, they are adamant that we are almost finished, i hope so because we are in trouble if we’re not. I just noticed that my writing has changed from this morning, i feel older or something. If i did age fifty years today could it be that i am catching up with myself in age? Yesterday i was spry as a young buck, now i feel like an old man. Am i coming to, so to speak? They aren’t saying anything. Hmm.

I think that i will stop here, i am feeling tired. I will write again.

Enjoy your evening, Kiddo and Chelsea, and be safe.

Love, Von

xo xo

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