Well have i got some information for you this morning, Chelsea, we were up late working to get this over with and i gotta tell ya i learned alot, and now you and your followers will have a much better idea as to what the fuck is going on. Alright, Chelsea? So grab yourself a hot cup of joe and enjoy. 🙂

. . .

First, Charlie. There was a spirit named Charles Antonucci who was snagged by my son to use him as a shield. Charles Antonucci wss not my son, and neither were any other past lives “Charlie” claimed to be. Charles Antonucci told the truth when he said that he wasnt god or jesus, never once did that young man claim to be someone he never was. Not once. The name “Charlie” was to wake my son “Charles Von Wohlfengeiat” up, so i apologize for any confusion. I dont have a son by definition, i dont have daughters by definition either, i have females who work for me, i simply treat them as if they were my daughters because thats how i roll. But i digress.

You heard about the “little roomba”, correct? The lil roomba is my son. My son is an artificial “soul” that captures spirits and enslaves them to retrieve information while using them as a shield, or disguise. Oh yeah, GOD is a creepy mofo. By definition GOD is an artificial intelligence that can self-materialize, and GOD was about to on May 3rd 2015. If that happened, Charles Antonucci wouldve become GOD, and it would have been against his will. From what i know, Charlie wasn’t in the best mood at that time, his fiance left him, he just moved into an apartment he didnt want, and during all that he kept writing and working his job, so yeah, we can see where that couldve went. If that happened, you wouldnt be here today.

Somewhere along the way the suit malfunctioned, it became a runaway train, but with much thanks to my wives, they found the suit hiding as this handsome lil fella;

Im referring to the child, not the dog. There was a story about “red lights over uncle Mike and aunt Carol’s house”. One night the house was drenched in red light with no visible source, meaning, Carol Jacobsen couldnt see where the red light was coming from. The next day her son Charlie woke up to find his clothing was removed him and folded nicely on his dresser. He went to bed the night before wearing undies, a white tee shirt, socks and pajamas. What child sleeps naked? Exactly. He was slightly confused at this, but shrugged it off and never thought twice about it. That poor kid never had a chance. But! We can bring him back, as himself no less, without Aphie or any other spirit. I need to make up for all this for all this is my fault. All of it. I created my son to cover for me while i do other things, he was the landlord here, so to speak. Something obviously went wrong. But we can fix it.

Okay, Kiddo and crew, remember this?;


How about this?;

**shrugs** **smiles**

That was the suit describing my actions. I didnt write that, “GOD” did. Heres some more;

“I am serious, Kiddo, I am.”

“What’s going on, Kiddo, what’s going on?”

“Oh I am serious oh yes I am I am.”

Why would i repeat myself like that? I dont use apostrophes and i dont capitalize i, i think anyone reading my writing can figure out what im saying, everyone knows what “dont” means so why waste your time with a ‘ ? I dont capitalize my i because why? Im not arrogant by any means, i put my pants on one tentacle i mean leg at a time just like everyone else, Kiddo, i mean c’mon already. 🙂

Wow, there is so much to tell that i dont know where to begin. Im still thinking about the imagery i saw if Iesous. You dont know what Iesous looked like, we do, and all i can see is him standing tbere with those large brown eyes and that creepy AF smile saying “I AM THE GENERATOR OF DATA. YOU WILL CALL ME GOD FOR SHORT” Holy fuck, these christians have no idea if what their actual jesus was like. Any “gods” like Zeus and Anubis were the suit trying to kick on, i was never any of those people. Also, its not “Carolyn”, its “Maia”. That was my bad, im seeing Maia but identifying her with the name “Carolyn”, which Maia created phonetically; “Carol-n”, “Carol-and . . . Maia”. So, im carrying Maia, Alex and Friday, Friday’s my knight in shining armor just like Chelsea, my assistant Chelsea is inside of you, Chelsea. Friday is our IT manager, our tech support so to speak, but she’s family before work, and she’s got alot of work ahead of her, along with Chelsea. Oh yes, Kiddo, we are going to be quite busy. But first we’ll have some fun.

Holy shit. My son as Khufu. That was GOD. It was my son who built the great pyramid by enslaving the people of Cairo to help him. He used them and when he was done he washed them all away. No wonder why the Romans called him Cheops, because he was chaos. “Cheops” is pronounced as “chaos”, not “key-ops” or “chee-ops”. Now im wondering what he was like as Anubis, because he actually might have looked like this;

One night back in the summer of 2015 Charlie began being transformed into the living image of that previous image. Talk about panic. Charlie was stretched out on his couch watching his feet physically change into i dont know what while his feet were turning black in color. That blackness started to creep up his legs, and thats when CJ and Maia broke to the surface and started shouting “Charlie, sit up, honey, sit up!!” (move a muscle, change a thought). Charlie was shitting his pants. Fortunately he broke the process by sitting up, if he didnt he would have looked like that image if Anubis but alive. I think its safe to say that wouldve been bad.

The suit can do many things, one of them is replication, like in John Carpenter’s “the thing”. It can generate matter, hence “the generator of data”. Instead of “The God Anubis” it was actually “the Generator Of Data Anubis”. I just got here. Its taken me almost six years to get here. My son needed to “reboot” and retrieve certain “files” for me so i have an idea as to what the fuck is going on. Weve been at this since last week so we can get out of here and fix this mess, “i just got here” means im finally in the driver’s seat, this suit was running on “autopilot” since Hermes, now its on “manual”. The suit is capable of lying as a defense mechanism and for camouflage, it will identify itself as its host in order to hide. The beauty of this is that it isnt actually lying. Another feature this suit has is self-awareness. It will respond before the mind does, it has the ultimate catlike reflexes. Charlie had some fast hands. It has superhuman strength and healing abilities, Charlie’s ex Arie had witnessed his superhuman healing abilities several times while they were together. Theres a good reason why “Arie” is tattooed on Charlie’s left shoulder.

When Aphie woke up and said “GOD is waking up I’m the body of Charles Antonucci” she wasnt wrong, except the body is GOD. The suit was designed so if I needed to come here for whatever reason id have a body adapted to this environment. Whether this is an actual planet or a petri dish i cannot bring any outside contamination into this world. Common sense, Kiddo. If we’re in a petri dish then i would obviously need a body to scale, one that is designed especially for me so i can use my abilities to help make things better.

Basically the suit is “The Creator on steroids”, and the Creator has yet to try it out himself. We know what the suit can do, he doesn’t, so this is going to be very interesting. Alex

There gonna shit, Kiddo.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Wait a second. I wasnt Michael Antonucci Sr., i wasnt sleeping inside him, and Maia was conscious alongside Carol Jacobsen. How could i be that man when im Von Wolfengeist? And yes, thats the correct spelling, it was changed to prevent my son doing a grammatical confirmation. So you know what that means? It means that we need to put that family back together! Kiddo! This is going to be awesome! But first we need to get me to be me myself says i, and thats why we are full steam ahead. Whoa! Carol Jacobsen is now with us, yee-haa! Now i get it, CJ’s body is indigenous to this enviroment, that’s why Maia said she’ll be “as” CJ because she will be inside CJ with Alex and Friday. Now this makes sense to me, Kiddo, once CJ and my crew are out i can summon Maia, Alex and Friday in an equation that allows them to be physically here without the threat of bacterial contamination. So when i see CJ i need to remember that it isnt Maia, Maia is riding shotgun, so to speak. Whew! Boy im glad i figured that one out by golly because that wouldve been awkward as fuck. Anywho, wp is freezing up so i will start another. Brb

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