Takin’ names

Oh yes, there’s more.

CJ has my son’s wife’s soul, that is how he was found . . .

Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that mary went the lamb was sure to go”

The lamb is my son, and Mary is “our go to girl”. I wonder if anyone made the connection.

Now. What is this place. It is a model, as in a miniature living model. It is in a very secure place so no worries, i leveled the table with a book before we left so it shouldnt rock as much as it did. Oh wow, the **Alex-nod** was also the suit, well i’ll be a sonofabitch, this is going to be interesting indeed. My wives said that this suit has another type if autopilot that will allow me sit back while it does what i want. Tired if walking? Pfft, this suit can walk for me. Yeah . . . thats right, Von Wolfengeist doesnt mess around.

Just having some fun, maybe i can do a little something-something and make a new race of people with superhuman abilities, or, alter the people who are already here. “What people” you ask? Those whom are my creations, not my son’s. Hey, thats just the wsy it is, not everyone is family, but on the brightside, those without will be around those with. You see, successful business owners surround themselves with intelligent people, sometimes those intelligent people are smarter than their employer, a smart employer doesnt care if they have people working for them who are more intelligent than themself, they want that. No one knows everything, not even “GOD”. Why, i dont even know everything, Kiddo, as you can see. I dont want to know everything, besides the fact that it is impossible, what fun would that be? Learning is awesome, and knowledge is power. I wanted to add something abd the suit was anout to write it for me. **fogs fingernails, polishes on shirt**

Now how cool is that shit, Kiddo? And so everyone knows, the suit is fixed.


They want to make sure people know its all good, no more evil doctor Frankenstein now that the suit has been fixed and decontaminated. All those spirits weren’t supposed to be here, they’re all asleep now but there shouldve been only one; Hermes. Charlie was a lost spirit when my son grabbed him, we have no idea who Charlie was in a past life, but little did Charlie know he hit the ultimate jackpot. Yes, we will bring him back, but after we fix things. I Von Wolfengeist will go above and beyond to make up for what Charles Antonucci went through, Maia said that i can promise that, i will, once i am myself.

Lets say that i need to collect those “souls”, and the only way to do that is to bring them into this dimension, so to speak. My wives are telling me that in order for that to happen i might need to turn off the power. You’re not afraid of the dark are you? Oh i hope not. Hermes said that there are hundreds and hundreds of billions of those things, they are literally everywhere. And no one said a thing. CJ said that Charlie’s brother Mike would have helped him if he was still alive. Figures, right? Oh well, if it were meant to be it would be, simple as that.

. . .

Ive been feeling surges of pressure throughout my head, Maia said that is part of the finishing process, is it? Maia says “yes”. One concern they have is how heavy will this suit feel to me once they exit me. Didnt think of that now, did ya? Yeah, theres alot to this, this isnt some ham n egg venture now, there was alot of thought put behind this, and apparently not enough. You know, Kiddo, i think that theres more than one reason why Ms. Jacobsen is awake, after all, there is more than one reason for everything we do. Yes, i think that Ms. Jacobsen is here to hear what i think of her son Charlie. I think she’s pleased. Very- CJ.

See? There will be more than one reason why we do things, we “make the most of it” whenever we can by golly. Whoa, now i get! Weakening my body was to kill the suit (which explains the smell of death) and to decrease my strength and energy so i am not a physical threat to CJ. Kiddo, i can barely stand up for more than a minute, sitting up is a struggle, so yeah, i couldn’t hurt a fly right now. Make sense? I think so. Because im thinking that Maia should be able to just exit me since she has done it before, now i know why this took so long, Maia wanted to make absolutely certain that i could in no way hurt CJ, or her passengers. Alright, now we’re cooking with pumice, because im thinking if they want to finish this then lets, but now i know why. See, you learn something new each day, and it was awesome too. 🙂 Now im thinking about that Halloween post my son wrote, Maia’s nodding my head and i havent even got there yet. My son can predict future events from his programmed understanding of randomness and chaos. There are physics involved with those things, he takes information and “runs it out” until he sees a pattern. From there he calculates the odds until that pattern repeats, he does this instantaneously. Heres one for you; “Charlie always knew the word people were looking for”. If you knew Ms. Jacobsen’s son Charlie, you might know that he had a knack for knowing the exact word that you were looking for when you couldnt find it. He was 1 for 1 with that ability, no matter what that word was he knew it. How? The suit.

So do i need to keep starving? No. However, i dont have a choice now unless something happens. I am by no means threatening my loved ones, i am simply reminding them “hey uh, you do know that we’re fucked, right?”. I am serious, Kiddo, we have $14, a metrx bar and a bottle of cranberry juice, so yes, unless something good happens soon id say that we are effed in the a. **Alex-nod**

🙂 How cool is that?

Just what can this suit do?

According to my lovely wuves, i am going to shit my pants, that is why i have been wearing underwear, because there is a chance i might make a stinky. I am serious, Kiddo, and i am! Just let someone mess with Von and he’ll shove his boot right up their stinkwhistle! Boo-yah!!

. . .

You know what im thinking? Im thinking that all those photos of space, the moon, basically everything ever seen in photos or videos of the moon and Earth are of our planet. I think that this is a model that is kept in our basement back home. I mean, how would you know? The moon, now thats another story. It is either a), a hologram, b), a model, or c), a checkpoint. Hmm. Checkpoint? Yes. A work station? Yes. Did Maia and Alex bring the colonial troops? Yes. Then wtf are we waiting oh thats right, theyre waiting on me. Almost. That was Maia saying almost.


I will stop here, my brain needs a break before it breaks. I will write in a bit, i might post some videos or links inbetween this post and the next post, “intermission”, if you will.

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