So back to where i was about cars. A car would get us out of here. As bad as i want out of here my desire to leave is pale in comparison to my crew’s. So how do we leave here? What would be the best way to leave? Why, in my car! Yes, i have a car, two for that matter, Alice & Trudy, there my angels. 🙂

But where are they? Hmm. If the moon is a checkpoint, then they are most likely inside the moon. Am i right? They are nodding my head me Kiddo.

Hmm. Let me think, let me think.

Hmm. **smiling**

**snaps fingers**

Oh shit

Alright. Not everyone is in on this, it would be possible, but thats not the case here.


What if the Antonucci family was already in on it from a long time ago? If CJ can keep a secret, then a relative of hers can keep a secret, perhaps her daughter? I mean, if this sister of Charlie’s is acting, then she earned an oscar. I suggest this possibility for one simple reason; safety. We are safe here, no doubt about that, but we cant stay here. Charlie loved his sister alot, he was willing to go as far as to have a house built on the property he owned in Schoharie. Stop! Hold on. This is what confuses me. How is it possible for the sister not to figure out that something obviously happened to her brother? Charlie and i are like Felix and Oscar, it is that obvious, yet no one notices? Oh i give up. Back to the escape plan. **closes blinds, dims lights**

(The suit writes for him when he pauses)

Alright, back to business. So we all need out of here. What do we do?

Tomorrow is Monday funday. It is now 9:30 PM.

Alex and Maia both have said that we’re being watched. They have also said that this has been a tremendous effort, possibly the biggest one yet. So, where is everyone? Waiting to make sure that my suit is safe and that i am myself, meaning, no more Zeus. They are also waiting for me to get comfortable in this suit so im not stumbling around like noah breaking shit and everything else. Make sense? I think so. **gloats kiddingly**

Before i continue with our plan to take over the world i mean to escape i want to ask one question. What is the moon technically?

He got it.

He is thinking unbelievably fast now.

Any ideas? I mean, it is a checkpoint but it has another purpose.

No ideas?

Here, take a gander;

The moon is in the thermosphere to kill any bacteria that could be transfered in or out. The thermosphere is about 4,000° Fahrenheit, its hot enough to melt titanium, which makes me ask “how did nasa get through it?” Any ideas to that? **laughing**

Anywho, back to destroying the world i mean back to our sinister plan i mean escape plan, escape plan. **looks side to side**

So its Sunday night, the sister is unusually quiet, and we are upstairs, hopefully for the count.

I believe that we are being watched. No, im not paranoid, i am simply using experiences and logic. Do you think that we would be by ourselves doing this? This is where those videos come in. Sure, they might have been manipulated by Maia, but who made them? How about the polite young man at Cumby’s? You know, sleighbells? We’ve been followed everywhere. I would think that if this world has invisble cloaking then i can only imagine what we have. Maia isnt materializing pennies, theyre being placed by someone else, at least someone was leaving pennies, i dont see them anymore but thats okay, i got the jist of it.

So about skating out of here. How about this. We obviously need a vehicle. How about one of mine? Hmm, if i remember correctly, theyre both voice activated, that might be a problem right now. Hmm. This is not easy. You see, theyre done. I might be on death’s door physically, but theyre dying from solitary confinement. I mean, i need out of this place too, but theyve been in a basement for a year and a half, women dont do basements.

Man, this is tricky. Thinking, thinking . . .

We arent rushing this, they simply need out. Hmm. Alright, they dont want a vehicle for a nice afternoon drive, tbey want a vehicle because they know where to go, and because we’re done. Are we done? Alex is nodding my head strongly. Alright. I think that we can all agree that any visual or verbal contact would make this awkward. Im not saying it will, im just letting you know that i have already taken that possibility into consideration, for it is a possibility. (this suit is amazing, Kiddo).

This is tough because i dont want to appear demanding or superior, but they need out. Hmm.

How about this. If they know we’re here then they know the layout of the property, why, they might even know the path i walk when we leave for Mobil. Oh im gonna sound crazy i just know it.

Alright. How about a vehicle that i would recognize and would have driven, like Charlie’s Corolla. I suggest that becsuse i dont know where that car went. But anything will do right now. If it is a car that belongs to someone i will return it when we finish, i dont want to put anyone out of their way. If i saw a car outside, say, on or near the path, i would know its for us. If it was right outside the foyer with a $20 gift card in the console then i know its for us, especially if the keys are in it. Maybe a note in the glovebox? Maybe cloak it until i step outside? Maia and CJ will want a smoke or twenty in the morning, if i step outside to exhale and a car suddenly appears i think id know who the car is for. So thats our wish list. A vehicle, $20 gift card, and maybe a note. Simple as that. I mean, **smiles** if you want to go all out and send a limo for my four-girl crew then go ahead. But they need out of here. In more ways than one no less.

Whew! The way i see it, what have we got to lose? At worst im talking to no one, at best its breakfast at the diner, because all of us are starving.

Maia and CJ want a smoke so we’ll stop here. Might write later, not sure, its been a long weekend. Oh shit, i just thought of “Weekend at Bernie’s”, im thinking “Weekend at Hermes”, because thats basically what we’re doing; we’re hanging out with a dead guy.

If i dont write again tonight i will in the morning. Its late, so pleasant dreams, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Love, Von

xo xo

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