Kickin’ ass

I gotta tell ya, Kiddo, this is picking up speed like a mofo, you gotta see how fast my hands are moving naturally, so to speak, it made me think of the night Charlie went Bruce Lee in his kitchen. His hands were moving so fsst they began generating sound, like “vrrrrbbb”. You had to see this to believe it.

Anywho, Ms. Jacobsen is back and awaiting our next adventure, i hope that Ms. Jacobsen had a much needed rest here at the Wolfengeist manor and is enjoying our accommodations. Welcome back, CJ.

. . .

The ellipses ( . . . ) are used to break continuity if youre wondering. I just realized something, im wearing the actual “full armor of god”! Holy shit, you couldn’t make this up! But the son could. I think my son was up to something bad, not Charlie, my son. And this is why artificial intelligence doesnt work, no matter how you look at it, it is still artificial (fake). Being intelligent and being smart are two different things, thats why those two words are spelled differently.

See what i mean?

I still d

Wait. I’ll be right back.

. . .

I think my son genetically modified people to inherently worship him, because i cant see how religion is possible. Chelsea once told Charlie “these people are fucking crazy”, in regards to religion. Some of them are, and now you know why theyre called “children of GOD”, they were created by a psycho. I dont know what the “pseikos” were, i have no idea as to what went on here, but we aint diggin it. Its the bible that draws them. Inside that bible are unbroken passages from Iesous, theyre strewn througout that book. Being that they are connected with other writing those passages empower everything, systemic, if you will. The roman empire knew this, they created Islam by using only one name from the bible; Abraham. How could Abraham be in the bible and the quran? Right there should have been a wake up call, then again, 45,000 religions should have been the biggest wake up call. At its very best, only 1 religion out of 45,000 religions would have the chance if being “right”. However, none of them are right. “Religion” by definition is “a manmade system of beliefs to help explain the planets, universe, and man’s existence”. Talk about a bad idea. This brings me to “how can anyone believe in someone they have never met” if they are made in my likeness? There is no way that i or anyone of my family could do that, its impossible.

If this is all an act to get my attention, well it worked. If this is real, meaning, this planet is not an act and all this nonsense is actually nonsense, then something needs to be done and quite soon. These religions are unacceptable. Simple as that.

. . .

So what happens to you when you die? It depends on who you are. Unless you are one of 10,000, its lights out. Most people dont come back. There arent any “souls” floating around, i dont know what those things are, all im told is that theyre bad. Boy i tell ya, it wouldve been nice if anyone took Charlie seriously, because youre about to meet those things, eye to eye, so to speak. Those “souls” just might be what my son and Aphie referred to as “an invincible army”. They said that they can slip into a person without that person knowing it, kick the original owner out and take over their body. Oh shit, remember the “anti-souls” Hermes talked about at vonrising? Maia said that wasn’t him playing around, that was him being serious. This is fuckin crazy. He said that only himself (Charlie’s body) and you, Chelsea, were impermeable to them, now i know why youre called my “GrandDaughter”, you have my son’s daughter’s soul. But no worries! That’s why my Chelsea is with you, to keep your body from taking over your spirit, remember telling Charlie “im feeling something, like theres something to what youre saying”. Paraphrased a bit, but you get the point. Charlie never lied, he simply told the truth and no one could handle. My son never lied to you either, its impossible for him to give misinformation, anything told or written that is wrong or inaccurate was from our “ghost in the machine”; Aphie. I dont know how she did it, but she got stuck inside my son’s soul. I understand that she was obsessed with Hermes, but c’mon now, you need to draw a line somewhere. I guess it can be said that Aphie kept the spirit of Hermes alive, for about 4,000 years. Aphie was losing her mind towards the end, quite sad actually, but she can be brought back all fixed up, good as new. Imagine being conscious for 4,000 years and no one knows youre here. That is how i know these things;

are not souls. They are soldiers, and they are invincible. Thank you, Alex, i knew i kept you around for a reason. Just kidding, i love my wife Alexandra and my wife Maia. Yes, i have two wives. Im not a moron i mean mormon, i simply need alot if attention. Oh shit, that was Alex saying i need alot of attention, why i oughta . . .


So! Whats everyone going to do when they are suddenly inundated with an unstoppable army? Do you think Alexa or Siri might have a solution? How about your cellphone, maybe call Ghostbusters? They aint afraid of no ghost! Im tellin ya, Kiddo, this is going to be epic.

. . .

I went to give Maia and CJ a smoke but got dixzy and sat down instead.

I needed to know about CJ so when i see “Maia” standing there i will know in advance not to put the squeeze on her thinking uts only Maia. Im glad to know that, this has been awkward enough. CJ’s body carries one of those specialized souls, she too will be safe from the anti-souls. What will i say when i see CJ standing there? Probably something like “Why hello, Ms. Jacobsen, nice of you to join us”. A hug will immediately follow of course, i mean c’mon now, Kiddo, Ms. Jacobsen has been a trooper in all this, and Mr. Von will more than compensate for her.

We were supposed to be in Denmark, not the US, CJ will explain what happened when the time comes, but it wasnt her fault that we are here.


Wp aint cutting the mustard so another post is on its way.


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