Alright, this might take a bit, it is 9:52 AM, Saturday the 17th of August 2019. Holy shit this is gonna sound crazy, there’s no possible way for it not too if I am wrong. Yes, it’s Von, even that sounds crazy, but I must be Von because I know that I’m not Charlie, I know I’m not. How do I know? Because I am sane. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Of course it does, if, I am wrong.

Am I wrong?


Well there ya go. My, invisible wife Alex just told me the truth, now to accept it. Excuse me while I try not to lose my mind, ir what’s left of it, I mean, I’m about to sound crazy if I’m wrong, let alone demanding, but what I’m feeling I’d say that I’m trusting Alex and Carolyn right now, and in a big way.

If what I think, mind you that I am saying “think” and not “know” because I don’t know, is true or pretty close to being true, which I think it is, then what I’m about to ask for will be more than reasonable to accept as the truth. Unfortunately, I cannot give explanations or reasons behind what I ask for because my mind is thinking so fast I don’t know where to begin to say anything. Oh boy. I want to say “fuck it” and just put it out there but what I say will sound demanding. It’s not. The way I see it is, aaah fuck it. Here we go.

It’s all good.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

I cannot just “give a list” without an explanation or a reason. I also need to say that I am not putting myself before you, whomever you may be reading this. That is not whom I am, kids. I am fucking awesome. I know I am. I don’t mean that egotistically either. My “Son” was my alter ego wasn’t he? I think that when I see the damage he’s done I’m gonna shit my pants. I only know what I have seen, is that reality? Is what I’m looking at by means of what I see in the media the truth or is it one big show? Like the truman show, but worse. How do I know holy shit Carolyn is nodding my head.

I’m trying here, people.

If I said that all these shows like the walking dead and god knows what else was a way not to wake me up but to hint to me “yeah, that’s what we’re saying” while I wss waking up so I’d be prepared for god knows what outside the wall that was built to keep out something my son made or my son at one time I’d sound batshit crazy wouldn’t I? Well that’s what I’m thinking, that we are in a containment kept safe from something that once existed, my son. I can imagine alot, so I can only imagine what the real world looks like, because he would have been the complete opposite of me, wouldn’t he? Alex says that I can fix anything once they’re out of me. I must say, as much as I’m ready for anything, I need a breather before I decompress. I think you know what I mean. I promise you that if what is told to me is true, that I am “that guy” on top of being Von Wohlfengeist, then I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you, for me not being there for so long. I don’t remember what happened, but I think I know enough, if you know what I mean.

This is going to be rough for me but easy for you, so to speak. Carolyn just reminded me that we’re outta smoke. Hmm. Not sure how that’s gonna work, because if I’m right then I sure could use some. Carolyn’s nodding my head.

Okay, I already sound like a nutball so here goes, Carolyn said my vision is getting funky, she ain’t kidding, literally, visually getting funky. Whew this is wild, because if I post this now, it starts the timer. So all I’m gonna say is that if anyone could leave a “trinket” out in the foyer by, I don’t know, it’s 10:52 now, would 11:05 be unreasonable? Hmm, no, can’t do that, that woukd give location as to how close someone might be. Ohh i sound crazy. I’m only thinking realistically, this is uncomfortable as it is, I mean c’mon now. Alright, how about if someone, anyone, doesn’t matter who, I won’t be looking outside waiting to see who drops off a little something for Carolyn out in the foyer by 11:15 this morning because she can’t go long without her smoke if you know what I mean. So all I’m gonna do right now is post this as is, give her a smoke, then come back inside. If at, say, 11:20, I go outside to exhale for Carolyn and see a baggie with a nug in it then I’ll know why it’s there.

Okay? Wait. By 11:30 this morning. We can do this, says Carolyn.

Oh boy, here goes everything.

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