How i wish i had someone to talk to right now, someone who knows something, so to speak. I mean, there’s no way that this world is real, it cant be, who would want to live this way? How is this possible? All these people actually believe in someone they have never met? How? How do you do that? And its acceptable, apparently, if not the norm. If this is reality, then everyone on this planet is insane. Unless, there are two different creations for people here, one thst I created and one that my son created. Is that possible? Could my son have created people programmed to worship him as “GOD” or even “Jesus Christ”? Could there have been a jesus christ 400 years ago and not 2,000 years ago? How would we know? I suggest this because of their behavior, the seem to act like children, his own children. I know i wouldnt want that, if i created a race of people they would be like me, strong-minded and independent, with dignity and selfworth. Could the christian thing be a front? Could there be people playing christians in order to hide from them? I mean anything that claims to be good that obviously isnt yet is accepted tells me theres more to this than i know. When i say that i have no idea as to what is going on i am telling the truth. I just got here, Kiddo, there is no trace or sensation of Maia or Alex, it was like someone threw a switch.

Wait a minute. Nit to sound like a paranoid conspiracy nut, but how would i know what the tv and other media display as the truth actually is the truth? Were there fires in California? I only know what ive seen and heard, i never been to California, for all i know it doesnt exist. Im not talking crazy im talking realistically. If there is a california no offense to its residents, im simply stating a possibility. Ive seen news reports debunked as fakery before, so who’s to say what is real and what isnt? Ive seen some impressive CGI where what i was looking at looked real even though i know it wasnt, or at least i thought what i saw was real, who’s to say, it looked real.

Im thinking another smoke for Carolyn then upstairs we go, i know theyre getting hungry because i feel it, we have only one energy bar left for food, i think we should save it because that’s all we have. Hold on.

Am I on a giant spherical inhabited planet, or, am i in a petri dish? Im thinking scientifically.

Alright. How about this.

If this is a model Earth, it is either spherical or flat. I keep seeing a beachball sized Earth, not sure why, maybe its something that the suit generated? I dunno, regardless a miniature spherical Earth can be achieved. Do you know what is so special about a spherical Earth? No matter where you stand on a sphere, you will always have the higher ground over someone else. In turn they too will have the higher ground while standing on a sphere. Its all about perspective. Anyone could build a flat Earth, so who’s to say that i didnt build one inside my shop or home? Regardless of whom i am that is. What would be my reason for building a “planet”? Resources. In return i hook my peeps up. Im serious, Kiddo, what other reason could there be? “Because i can”? Do you understand just how delicate a situation im talking here? Do you see what im suggesting? I could sound like a megalomaniac with that, but that’s not the case. Im suggesting that if i am the creator as in the creator it is possible that i have a scale model of the planet we live on, because if i am the creator there’s no way this is our planet. I mean c’mon now, Kiddo, if im not the creator then i need to say that i can do a better job at life than him. Sorry, but lets get real, people, if this is an actual planet, as in floating in space, and the people here are real, then this is hell. If my “son” was the devil himself then i can understand why he liked it here. If, this is an actual planet in space. If this is a flat earth model, then there’s a good chance its really small, small enough to fit under the electron microscope i allegedly have in my Vonstruct, my “mancave” so to speak. Is this possible? Alex is nodding my head. Either way, whatever the model is it would be in a secure and sanitary place, it wouldn’t be sitting on a bench next to a window, it would be quarantined to prevent bacterial contamination. Make sense? Which brings me to this;

What the fuck are these things? Theyre not telling me. Those arent souls i just found out, so what are they because they are literally everywhere, and i mean everywhere. Are they aliens? No. Are they “demons”? Theyre quiet. I mean for all i know they could be fart particles that broke through the magnetic barrier keeping the model immaculate, if thats the case how are they affecting the enviroment? Maybe AOC knows something, she did tell the world about cow farts. Could those things be seen from outside that magnetic barrier but not from the inside? How is it that only we can take so many photos while others cant take one? Oh the silence is killing me, Kiddo. Save me, Kiddo, save me! Come to mister Von’s rescue, he needs you!

Oh how i wish i was kidding. Im just messing with ya, Kiddo, its late anyway. So yes, i dont know what those things are, maybe someone who has seen those photos should have said something, i mean, those things dont look natural to me. Theyre obviously in the enviroment, other people have taken photos and videos of them so you know this isnt an isolated case. “Ghosthunters” for example. I myself would say something if i were myself, who’s to say those things arent cancer? Theyre obviously conscious if they move with purposed direction, which they can, so they must be alive, correct? My son said something about not looking at them, because they can get into you through your eyes. Well this is a somber moment. Theyre nodding my head. Time for a smoke, brb.

. . .

Oh this just gets stranger and stranger. I swear that im not crazy, but i keep thinking about this body which is actually a “superhero costume” according to Carolyn. Im not saying that in an egotistical way either, according to my wives and from what i think i understand, my son and Charles Antonucci were two seperate entities, meaning, my son was the best body and Charlie was the spirit taken by my son. If the sister is in on it then it makes sense why she said “i miss my brother, i wish he’d come back”. Kiddo, followers, I just got here, as in days ago. The suit has consciousness built into it, it was talking and thinking for me and i didnt know it. It was using parentheses and asterisks to talk along with me. Now that consciousness is dead, and Charlie is sound asleep. Alright, this makes more sense. On May 3rd the suit was coming to life and my wives were here to stop it. Alex says “Venom”, but a fuckton worse. I was never Zeus, that was all my son, and so was everyone else that his son was. According to my two-girl crew i havent been here in a long, long time. I know the jist of whats going on but i have no specifics, meaning, im not a vegetable.

If there are 8 billion people here living on a spherical habitat could every one of them know about me and keep it a secret? We’re talking an enourmous production if so. Do i think its possible? Yes, because if i did in fact create this world, then my creations, my children, would have the ability to pull this off. If all this that i see is a show, whats the reason? I mean, if this is an entire planet, and everyone on it is keeping their mouth shut, why?

If only a few people knew about this and are keeping quiet, why?

Its like a scifi horror movie. Im not trying to make this out to be more than what it is because i dont know what it is. I have only fragments of the visuals the suit provided, and let me tell you, GOD has seen some unbelievably fucked up shit. There is no way that the things ive seen werent real. Carolyn said “holy fuck”, maybe theres a good reason for the term “god fesring man”, because why would anyone fear their creator? That doesnt make sense. Unless theres some truth to this;

Im not that guy. I might be the creator but i sure as shit aint that one. Could any of that be true? The story of Abraham and his son, could god get any more terrifying? Could you imagine that scene? Fuck that shit. “Hey Abraham, kill your kid for me. Oh wait, i was just messing with you.” Sorry, but i dont find that amusing. Who would want that? This is where i get confused, people love him but they fear him at the same time. How is that possible? This is what im talking about, Kiddo, everywhere i look there is something backwards or something blatantly wrong and no one seems to notice, like fluoride. Fluoride is a poison, people know this but they use it anyway. Cigarettes are another example, why do they even exist? How the fuck is all this possible? How can this be?

. . .

As much as i would like to kid around about this suit i know better not to. Im thinking about the images ive seen, i think Iesous is best forgotten. Who named Iesous? Was it Zeus? “I ZEUS”, now theres something to think about. What actually happened here? Are those statues of Zeus “wanted posters” in case he came back? “Hey, if you see someone who looks like Zeus, run”. Could that be why no one approaches me? Trust me, i am not Zeus or any other psycho from my son’s past, that was all him. I just got here.

Its almost midnight, maybe one more post.

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