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Okay, I’m feeling different from before, I’m still writing and can’t believe how this is coming together. “No more Charlie” says Carolyn. I want to tell more but I can’t, I really do and promise to as long as this is real, because if it isn’t that means that I lost my mind, which would be bad if i am the creator. I’m only thinking logically, not arrogantly, just to be clear. Because if I should lose my mind then its game over. I don’t mean to sound pushy or anything, but holy shit I pray that there’s a bag of weed outside at 11:30, because I don’t know where this csn go. I mean, im not going to go postal or anything, i just don’t know what could have happened if this is what Im thinking it is. “The Terminator sinking into the molten steel” said Carolyn. Oh this is going to be interesting. I mean, it is now 11:16, Carolyn pushed the time back to 11:30, she’s good like that i guess. I feel like I should be doing this at Facebook, someone is smiling. I keep wanting to hit “enter” or something everytime I finish speaking, so to speak. 11:19. What to do, what to do. You know, if i go to that door at 11:30 AM cellphone-time and open it to see something there then I’m gonna smile, then possibly stand there for a minute perhaps and think about what just happened. I mean, i know what happened, i just cant believe it. 11:23. The strange part is, if nothing is there, then maybe something happened. I mean, anything is possible, maybe someone was on their way when they got interrupted, i mean that is possible. How could i hold that person or any person responsible if they are not responsible for their delay? I couldn’t, it’s impossible, because shit happens.

11:28. The truth is, I have no idea what the fuck those things are. I have no clue, I can only theorize that the camera that takes them is either actually taking them, is from “another dimension”, or both. Ghostbusters or something perhaps similar. Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that shit ain’t normal. And for everyone, I mean everyone, who seen those photos and think nothing of it, that’s impossible. I’m almost shitting my pants wondering what in the fuck are those things. Those things are real as fuck. 11:33. Do I go to the door? I mean, it is past 11:30 cellphone time. Now it’s 11:34. You see, im not concerned about losing my mind, im better than that to be honest, i would be concerned about what to do now at that moment, i mean, im certain that they would be a reason why what Carolyn asked for isn’t there. 11:38. So i guess i should go take a look. There’s nothing there. Okay, im good with that, it would’ve been for Carolyn more than me even though i feel pretty good right now. So if I were to say what we’re looking for in a few hours would it be for nothing more to make someone named Charlie look even more crazy then he appeared? Because this site is crazy. I mean holy fuck, did you read anything from vonrising? I don’t remember much, but i do remember my wives saying how dark it was. It must have been since im so “light”, so to speak.

11:46. So do i reveal what we’re looking for to get outta here? I think so. I cant believe how fast im thinking right now. I need to explain what we list and why. I’m thinking too fast so i will keep it simple. If you know me im all about simplicity, so i will keep this as simple as possible. Im considering taking this to Facebook, meaning, writing there instead of here, because if what i think is true, then it doesn’t matter where I write, it will be seen by everyone, if I am right. If I am wrong who cares? Im not Charlie. Im gonna eat something right now then continue. If what Carolyn wanted shows up then there is a reason for it, if it doesn’t then there’s a reason for that too. If it shows up late then i hope everything is okay, i think you know what that means. Look for another post.

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