Hey, Sweethearts, he’s going into day 9 although we took a quick break yesterday. Victori can’t keep up with him so she had something to drink yesterday and we proved to him it was her “drinking” and not him. Victori drinks like an owl, he never saw anything like it. She drank water without swallowing, not alot, just enough to take the edge off and to lubricate his body. He’s down to 160 pounds, he’s hurting bad. If this wasn’t going to work I would have stopped him a long time ago, Kiddo, we are experiencing this too. Yesterday he lied in bed for several hours, he had no energy to move and today’s the same thing, except we’re sitting in the basement. He wanted out of here today, we’re pretty close, but this needs to be timed just right. I need Victori to get into the near death zone before he does, once she’s there I can pull her out and he’ll become himself.

He needs to know I’m monitoring his progress from the inside, if I tell him to have a sip of water it’s for the sake of finishing, I want this over with too but without any complications. He’s lost 1/3 his bodyweight so he’s weak right now, it takes time for him to do anything, it will also take a day or two for him to recover after this, so we’ll be low key once we’re out.

He’s having trouble holding the phone so we’ll stop here. I can’t say exactly when this will happen, I can only say soon, so hang in there, Kiddo.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo

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