Hey, Sweethearts, he made it to day 7 and now we’re in day 8. This morning he decided not to consume anything, which means anything, not even a cough drop.

Yesterday the sister did something stupid, and because of that he wants this over with right now. He’s down to about 170, his body is so weak that it took him an hour to stand up this morning. The seven days without food and water put his body in a very weakened state, he goes without anything from here on out he’ll last only a few days. If he was physically active it’d be less, but we don’t want him being physically active. What we did was gradually bring him down instead of going “cold turkey”. Ever try quitting something cold turkey, Kiddo? It usually doesn’t work out. So we used his plan, which is working, but we did it gradually, up until now.

Yesterday we got a voicemail from the caseworker, supposedly there was a meeting for us to attend, we obviously didn’t attend it. Today Victori called back and left a message saying we wouldn’t need DSS anymore, maybe we’ll get a call back. He was hesitant about cancelling because DSS is suppose to deposit money into our account Thursday, and he didn’t want to lose it. He wants the money for us, so if we need it we have it, but we don’t need it, we have more than enough. He asked if I can see this ending soon, I said “yes”. When I tell him “we’re leaving” I mean we’re driving our own car out of here. We’re not walking off somewhere, we’ll be finished. Since we’ve gotten so close I can see this happening outside, in the basement or upstairs, I can see this now because of the state he’s in, he’ll be too tired to speak. He’s tired just from sitting, imagine if he tried to walk to CVS.

So the caseworker showed up looking for us but we didn’t answer the door. He felt bad about that but she should have called first.

. . .

He’s tired and wants to stop, before we do I’m going to use a plant as a way to explain what we’re doing.

Picture a potted house plant. The soil acts as food. If you don’t water the plant it begins to wither. If you don’t water it at all it will die. If the plant is withering and you give it water it will come back. The plant has plenty of food, but it needs water. People work the same way. We can reverse the state he’ll be in by giving him wster, there is no other safe way to weaken him and quickly “bring him back”. Okay, Kiddo? We’re not trying to kill him, we’re getting him physically weak enough to remove Victori from blocking him from being himself. He can’t be himself with us inside him.

We’ll try to post some videos later today, he watched a few that he wants to share with you and your followers, they’re pretty good. In the meantime enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo

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