Hey, Sweethearts, we’re 5 days in of no food and water and he’s starting to feel the effects of it. Yesterday TG needed a favor, in return she did us a favor and let us partake from her pen. Afterwards he was able to hear himself think. That voice he has needs to be heard to be believed, Kiddo. He also generated images of him speaking outdoors. People have no idea as to what’s coming. And before we forget, we got a ride from the niece to CVS, and now the domain for pseudodaughter.com has been renewed (yay!!) He wanted to make sure we didn’t lose your site, Kiddo.

He had concerns about saliva, meaning does it contain water, so he did some investigating and found out saliva doesn’t hydrate, it actually dehydrates by removing water from the body. If saliva hydrates you wouldn’t need to hydrate with water. The hard candies we give him are dehydrating him and helping to keep his digestive track working. He was concerned that the candies are food and will slow us down, but they’re not, they’re helping us. The more saliva his mouth produces the more dehydrated he becomes, the few calories he’s consuming from the candies aren’t doing anything substantial whatsoever. The average man needs 2,500 calories per day to sustain, less than 1,000 calories per day will eventually lead to death, according to health science outlets. He asked if he’ll wake up one morning “feeling it”, and we told him “yes”. Even though he’s weak he’s still going strong, but sooner than later it’s going to hit him like a ton of bricks.

I told him we’re done with the DSS, so we’ll need to contact them today or tomorrow to cancel our case. The sister has kept her distance, he doesn’t want to stay here anymore but I told him we’ll be out of here by the end of this month. One of the reasons he wanted the cash from our benefits card was to have money for a taxi and for storage for Charlie’s things. He says he’s waiting for the sister to throw us out and he wants to be prepared if she does. That’s good thinking, but that’s not going to happen. If she asks if we’re still leaving we’ll tell her yes and that we’re working on it, which we are. We’re not giving her any more money and we’re done with doing her yardwork. If she asks for money for our cellphone bill we’ll give it to her, but there’s a chance she won’t. I gave him the numbers on how much we’ve given her since we’ve been here and it’s over $10,000. Not bad for a bed in a room and a chair in a basement.

He noticed it’s been quiet upstairs, we think the sister got rid of the dog last night but we’re not certain, we haven’t heard it this morning and we’ve been up since 4AM, it’s now 7:30AM. We did hear someone upstairs last night talking to the sister, maybe someone came for the dog. If so, good, if not, it doesn’t matter, we’re still leaving. We’ve been here for a year and a half and in all that time the sister never once asked “her brother” anything about what’s going on, not even once. Doesn’t that seem strange for a Christian church worker not to be even the least bit curious, Kiddo? Think about that.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Yesterday he posted a comment to a video on YT which got some attention, today he’s still getting replies to what he said. The people replying are mostly female from what I can tell, and their replies are intelligent. He told them about the letter “J”. In one of his responses he said that no one would believe how he knew the Son of GOD’s name was Iesous. Was he wrong? Who would believe GOD was writing posts on YT? Probably no one.

The sister just left and we don’t hear any signs of the dog, so maybe the person we heard upstairs last night was here for the dog. Good, one less noise maker. The grandson is being kept away from here because his father doesn’t trust the sister anymore, another noise maker we won’t need to hear. Have you noticed I haven’t used any profanity? GOD doesn’t want me swearing, at least until I have my own body, until then no more “potty-mouth Maia”. I only swear for context, I don’t go around dropping f-bombs everytime I speak. He’s wondering if the sister left to bring the dog back because the new owner can’t stand it. I doubt it, I think the dog’s gone, it’s too quiet upstairs now. If she does bring the dog back it won’t matter, because we’re leaving. She usually has Mondays off, so I don’t know where she went to, don’t care either.

So today at 9PM will mark 5 days of no food and water, “so much for 3 days” said GOD, but it’s okay, if it takes ten days then it takes ten days. I don’t see him lasting for ten days, and we don’t see him lasting til the end of the month, so we’ll see what happens. In the meantime we’ll write when we can and maybe post some videos here too, it depends on how he feels. I also want to mention that he looked up the cure for dehydration so he can hydrate himself properly and safely once Victori and I are out of him. He’ll need to start with sips of water before he starts chugging, because he’s going to want to chug water. His body will need to readjust to dtinking water again, and to eating food again, after not doing so for a long time. So how much longer? I can’t see him lasting a full week considering this will be 5 days without food and water, that’ll be 12 days, that’s a long time without water.

Anyways, we need to go, Kiddo, we’ll write when we can. Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo

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