Hey, Sweethearts, about two hours ago we had a blowout with the sister over the dog. The niece picked the dog up from the vets, dropped it off at a farm and was brought back to the vets. The vet called the sister and now the dog is back. I blew up and told the sister we’re leaving. I’m done with this nonsense. We went upstairs and got all of Charlie’s things and brought them into the basement, we won’t be going upstairs anymore. He’s ready to walk right now, but we told him to wait. I’ve told him “we’re leaving” about fifty times, we can’t and won’t stay here. Now the dog is tied up outside barking at the neighbor’s horses while the sister watches tv. TG sent us a text asking if we could drive her somewhere tomorrow, he said okay, but if we can’t we can’t. So now we’re in the basement and not going back upstairs. He’s done with DSS and doctors, he says that if we can exit him then soon would be the time. He’s not going to eat or drink anything at all now, he said we have a couple of days tops before he walks. He’s not threatening, he’s only telling us what he plans to do if we don’t exit him soon. He’s also slowed down to a crawl with smoking since he doesn’t like the taste, plus it makes him thirsty, I told him it’s okay. He’s stopped doing alot of things since Friday, because he’s more himself than before. GOD doesn’t smoke.

We took a break and every time I had the chance I told him “we’re leaving”, meaning Victori and I are going to exit him so he can become himself and generate a car so we can leave. He said he has a feeling he’ll be walking out of here, no, that’s not going to happen. His head is starting to hurt, so we’ll stop here. If we don’t write for awhile we will as soon as we can, Kiddo.

Love, Maia and Victori xo xo

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