Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we had to slow VON down a day to help TG and be able to go to a DSS meeting today so we gave him some food and water yesterday. By this afternoon he’ll be right where he was two days ago, he can barely walk and he gets winded and dizzy easily, he’s waiting for that headache, that’s how he’ll know when.

He was worried about eating and drinking yesterday, I told him it was only going to slow him down for a day and that he needed to be able to go to today’s meeting, if he didn’t eat or drink anything he wouldn’t be able to walk, he’s that weak. I need him weak but strong enough to walk outside then walk back into the basement. I need his water level low so his body isn’t conducting too much electricity so when Alex and I exit him he doesn’t get shocked. Yesterday the sister did something that made him question what he was seeing. When he was thinking about what he saw I told him “she’s a demon”, because she is. Now between that and the dog he’s more determined than ever to leave here, but for us to leave here we need to finish this. His water level is negative, if he drank twenty ounces of water it would still be in the negatives. Think of his water level like a bank account, Kiddo. His account is -$350, if he deposited $100 his account would be -$250, it’s still negative. If his account reaches -$500 he’ll die, and we don’t want that. Taking a break, be right back.

. . .

Okay, we’re back. He’s thinking of ways to leave here now, the sister is leaving tomorrow to see her son so we should have the house to ourselves for a day or two, it won’t matter if the niece is here or not. Our meeting is at 1PM, it’s to determine if he’s capable of employment. VON doesn’t care what the outcome will be. If they deny him benefits it’ll only motivate him more, because we can’t stay here if we have no money to contribute.

He’s in agony right now so we’re going to stop here, Kiddo, we’ll let you know how the meeting went when we have a chance to write.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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