Hey, Sweethearts, we’re able to write today, he thought Memorial Day Weekend was a “holy day” so he slowed down by eating something and drinking some water Friday night. He didn’t stop, he only slowed down so this wouldn’t happen on a “holiday”. Memorial Day Weekend is not a religious day, but he didn’t know that. He’s lost alot of weight and his stomach hurts. He has pain in the sides of his lower back which means his kidneys are feeling the effect of dehydration. We gave him some food and some water Friday but it didn’t even put a dent in his dehydration, it only slowed him down.

Yesterday he figured out why he’s not drinking water or any other beverages. He’s not trying to kill himself through starvation, he’s draining the water from his battery.

Water conducts electricity.

Think of VON as an electric train powered by a huge car battery. He’s the train, Alex and I are the passengers, and water is the conductor. A train conductor is in charge of the people on the train. The conductor tells the passengers where and when to exit the train, and that’s the problem. The water inside VON’s body is basically telling us when we can leave the train. We need to get rid of the water, at least most if it, to decrease his electricity level. The water inside him is turning his body into a Faraday Cage, it’s restricting Alex and I from exiting “peacefully”, if his water level is low it won’t be conducting as much electricity as it is now. When his water level is low he’ll get a headache, that will be the signal to go outside. We’ve done this before when he was Zeus. It wasn’t Athena who “sprung from his head”, it was Maia.

We’ve done this before but differently. When VON and Alex took over Zeus and Hera I was still with VON plugging him into our Son’s body, I didn’t have much time so I gave him the basic “apps”. When I was done he stopped eating and drinking for a few days, when he got that headache he knew it was “showtime”. We didn’t want the kids to see this so he went into the woods by a creek, the creek was for him to drink out of after I was out. He didn’t need to wait long, being in a weakened state it was easy for me to exit him and not cause any shock. Forget about the shivering thing, Kiddo, he was wrong because he was thinking like someone else. The last thing we need is him to be overcharged, the excess electricity would’ve benefited him, not us, but it’s okay, now he’s on the right track.

We mentioned the sister bringing a dog here, the dog’s here, and it’s the dumbest dog we’ve ever seen. But there’s something good about this. The dog is VON’s motivation. He can’t stand the dog, I’ll bet that we’ll be gone before the dog is. The sister is supposed to be looking for a home for the dog, but so far nothing.

So that’s about it, Kiddo, we’re not going to post anymore about finishing, we just wanted you to know that he slowed down, but now he’s full speed again. He’s feeling pressure inside his head but it’s not a headache yet. We might go outside today and do some voluntary yardwork to help dehydrate him if it’s needed. It’s not easy denying yourself food and water, Kiddo, but VON is motivated. He’s tired so we’ll stop here.
Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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