Hey, Sweethearts, we hope you’re doing well, we had to stop yesterday because we needed to meet with two people, so we gave VON some food and water so he would have enough strength to stand up, now we’re back on track. Monday night he was so weak he almost fell in the kitchen. It took him three days to get to where he needed to be because he had excess water and calories from the week before. When Monday came he had depleted that surplus. We needed to meet with two people Monday afternoon so we gave him some breakfast and water. Today he is weak again, we’re going to mow the lawn later which is going to make him weaker. I’ve been telling him “fast” whenever I can, he thought I meant “don’t eat”, no, I’m telling him this will happen fast. He’ll get to a point where he’ll have only enough energy to go outside, that is when it’ll happen. He doesn’t need to be amped up, he needs to be calm. If he’s too weak to move he’ll be to weak to think, when he’s in that frame of mind then I can exit him. Once I’m out he’ll still be too weak to move, which is good, because if he was all amped up and excited he could do some damage unintentionally, and we don’t want that. I explained to him why I can’t do this inside and he understood, I need to do this outside, we come back in for Charlie’s things and we leave. Simple as that. I want out of here. I don’t want to be here anymore. Now there’s a stupid dog here, and it’s tearing the sister’s house apart. She’s supposed to bring it to a shelter, I’m willing to bet we’ll be gone before the dog is, I was hoping for Monday but VON was still going strong, now he gets winded just by walking around. After some yardwork he’ll be shot, and he’s not going to eat or drink anything afterwards.

He might write a post later depending on how he feels, right now he’s breathing heavy just sitting up, if he’s too weak to hold the phone none of us will be able to write to you, Kiddo, so please be patient.

We’ll write if we can, in the meantime enjoy your day, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo

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